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Free Continuing Education For Speech Pathologists

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Continuing Education Audit System

How to easily earn Speech Pathology CEUs

The Department selects a random sample of license renewals each month for auditing. If selected for an audit, the licensee will be notified when they receive their renewal notice. The licensee will then be required to submit copies of certificates, transcripts or other documentation to verify the licensee’s attendance, participation and completion of continuing education requirements. Licenses will not be renewed until continuing education requirements have been met.

Really What Are You Even Waiting For

Registration is currently closed. Stay tuned for details on the next Summit!


Yes! Check out the course details for more information.


Yes. These courses are being offered through an ASHA approved CEU provider, brIQht Ideas. For more information, .


If you choose not to pay for ASHA reporting through brIQht Ideas, these courses can still be counted towards your Certificate Maintenance Hours. Here is supporting information provided by ASHA. Completing your compliance information is a simple affirmation of achievement and you will not need to list the course titles or information. Here is a copy of the form you will complete when you are ready to report your Certificate Maintenance interval.


Yes! You will be able to print a certificate for each course after you complete a brief quiz.


Eight courses are being offered, equaling 8 Certification Maintenance Hours or .8 Continuing Education Units .


Please do! Send them to to sign up! The more the merrier!



Yes! Just be sure that every individual SLP registers for the class and completes the quiz so s/he can receive credit for the course and a certificate.


More About Our Continuing Education Offerings

Carrie Clark, CCC-SLPSpeech and Language Kids

How I Started Creating Trainings

In case youre new to my site, Im Carrie! Or Ms. Carrie as my students call me. Or Scary as that one kid called me, because he couldnt get that Mi part.

Ive worked as a speech-language pathologist in the schools as well as in my own private practice and I love puzzles. Yes, I love jigsaw puzzles as well, but my favorite kind of puzzle is a good speech therapy one. I love taking a student under my wing, looking at all the data, digging through the research, and creating a detailed plan for how to help that child. The only problem is that I never actually had time to do all of that while I was working for the schools.

With a big case load and no planning time, I felt like I was always flying by the seat of my pants. But when I did have time to put together a step-by-step plan for teaching a specific skill, I felt so much more confident and calm. Our sessions went better and my students made faster progress.

So I thought

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Want More Free Speech Therapy Ideas And Materials

Be sure to check out the following topics for more ideas!

Jo Grantham

Monday 19th of September 2022

Good morning. Thanks for this information. It is very helpful. On Friday, September 16, 2022, I began watching the webinar/video from Stephen Sacks – /r/ and s/s Remediation. I was unable to finish it Friday therefore, I left it up on my computer to finish this morning . I am unable to open this site currently. Could you help me with this matter? Thanks so much.Jo Grantham

Jo Grantham

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

@Melissa Berg,Thanks. I had to shut down my computer and restart. Now the link is there. Have a great day.Jo

Melissa Berg

Monday 19th of September 2022

Hi Jo,I’m happy you like these resources! I just clicked on the link and it took me directly to the page. I would try again, or it also looks like they have an email address so reaching out to their customer support might be your next best step.

What Counts As A Pdh

Speech Language Pathology Continuing Education Courses

This graphic above shows you some examples of the types of professional development activities that ASHA says you can use to count toward your 30-hour requirement. As you can see, ASHA CEUs are one way but not the only way! You can also count the in-services that your employer puts on and any teacher or business workshops that you go to that relate to working with your clients or running your business.

And best of all, it means that you can count the online webinars and courses from The SLP Solution even though were not an ASHA-Approved CE provider! Youll also find that most online courses that ARENT ASHA CEUs are going to be cheaper than true ASHA CEUs. Thats because it costs A LOT of money to keep up with ASHAs standards and procedures.

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Will My State/other Licensing Board Accept Pdhs

This will vary from state to state and between licensing boards. Some states require a certain percentage of your hours to be certified CEUs while others will accept the same things that ASHA will accept. Please be familiar with your state or licensing boards rules on what counts toward your certification maintenance.

Specific Licensing Board Requriements:

  • If you are outside of the United States, youll need to check with your local licensing agency for their specific requirements.

What Is A Professional Development Hour

PDH is the term that ASHA uses to describe any type of professional development hour that counts toward your certification. In order for a professional development activity to count toward your 30 hours required by ASHA, it must meet the following rules:

  • You must be the learner
  • It must be related to the science or contemporary practice of speech-language pathology, audiology, or the speech/language/hearing sciences
  • It must result in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, or the enhancement of current knowledge and skills necessary for independent practice in any practice setting and area of practice
  • You must determine that the professional development activity is appropriate, relevant, and meaningful to any practice setting and area of practice
  • Your attendance can be documented by a third party such as an employer, educational institution, or sponsoring organization.

Good news!! The webinars on The SLP Solution meet these requirements! Huzzah!

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What If I Could Create These Step

And thusthe Speech and Language Kids website was born!

Since then, Ive spent my time creating this amazing resource where I can dig through the research to find the best practices and map them out into step-by-step plans that you can grab and run with in therapy. I know you dont have time to do that with everything else you have to do, so Ive done the work for you.

So Why Do You Need To Be At The Slp Summit

Continuing Education Courses for Teachers & SLPs


You need this! In just four days, youll walk away with practical strategies and resources that you can use right away. Our attendees say that they walk away with a renewed energy and excitement to get out there and be the amazing SLP that you are!


Its totally free and you can join us in your pajamas! No flight to book, suitcase to pack, or hotel to purchase! Its a win-win-win-win situation! We know that traveling and shelling out big bucks for a conference isnt always doable, so we decided to bring the magic to you!


Youll be invited to join our Facebook group, connecting you with thousands of SLPs just like you. If you join us live, you can chat in real time with SLPs from all around the world. Have a question? Need a resource? Weve got you covered!

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Thousands Of Slps Just Like You Improve Lives With Medbridge

The information in MedBridge courses is evidence-based, insightful, and almost immediately applicable in my sessions. When I finish a course, it feels as though I’ve actually learned something.

Michelle Anne Los, MS, CCC-SLP

I love MedBridge because the education offered is current, there is a wide variety of topics from which to choose, and it’s SUPER convenient! Thank you for offering such comprehensive continuing education choices!

Carla Brown, MSP, CCC-SLP SLP Services, Inc.

MedBridge has provided me with access to courses and knowledge I never would have explored on my own! It has been a wonderful resource to refer to as I navigate the medical world as a new graduate.

Andrea Braica, MS CCC-SLP

Staying Current In Your Field

Participating in our speech therapy CEU membership/program allows you to take advantage of numerous speech pathologist CEU course options that will not only improve your skill set but will also help provide quality care to your clients and patients who have complex needs. Whether you are looking to change your clinical setting, need a brush up on a specific technique or want to learn about the latest changes to medicare coding and billing, completing our speech pathology CEU courses will allow you to stay current in the field.

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Are Ceus Different From Pdhs

CEUs are a type of PDHs. ASHA requires 30 Professional Development Hours . ASHA Continuing Education Units will fulfill that because they have already been registered with ASHA. The benefit of going through a CEU provider is that they can submit your participation directly to your CE registry for you.

However, you dont have to use CEUs for your hours. Any other continuing education activity you do will be considered a PDH but ASHA will allow you to get all 30 of your hours as PDH if you prefer. You simply have to check a box that says you did them at the end of your maintenance interval. You also need to hold onto your certificates in case you get audited.

Why Join Speechpathologycom

Free CEUs for SLPs offers speech pathology CEU courses that are convenient and affordable, without sacrificing quality. We partner with leading experts and clinicians to deliver speech pathologist CEU courses on a wide variety of topics. Our speech therapy CEU curriculum is designed by a distinguished team of licensed speech-language pathologists. Our educational and instructional design experts ensure our courses meet speech pathology CEU licensing and certification standards. Your membership includes transcript management as well as CEU reporting to ASHA upon the completion of each course.

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Free Courses For Asha Ceus

If you are new to Bilinguistics, start with one of our free courses for ASHA CEUs. We know from years of offering speech pathology CEUs online that most people who take a course with us come back and take many more. Or, they get all their CEUs for less by joining our SLP Impact Community.

Why do we offer free SLP courses for ASHA CEUs?

We are convinced that once you see how easy it is to get needed information, templates, speech therapy training videos, and speech therapy materials, all in 60 minutes, you will consider our other courses. So let me tell you about our free ASHA CEUs, then take a course, and head back into our speech continuing education library to find exactly what you need to help you do your job better today!

Navigating Ethical Predicaments cuts to the heart of some really difficult issues for SLPs. We have an always-increasing amount of work with limited time and resources. Sometimes, despite the best intentions, we are asked to make compromises we may not be comfortable with. Secondly, training programs in our field have not kept pace with the increased diversity of our caseloads. What do we do when we are expected to treat or diagnose a child we might not yet have experience with? This free CEU course begins the conversation to help sort it out.

Unbelievable Deal: Unlimited Ceus With Asha Reporting From Speechtheraoypdcom

If you need to get a lot of high-quality CEUs with ASHA reporting this summer, make sure you check out has over 1148.5 hours of courses with new live and interactive courses being added weekly. Enjoy automatic CEU reporting and a huge variety of courses presented in different formats for a super reasonable yearly cost.

Check out all that has to offer by clicking here.

Let me know if you check out any of these CEU opportunities! Thanks for reading!

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What Are Asha Ceus

To maintain the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence , a speech-language pathologist must earn 3.0 Continuing Education Units over three years. To convert that to hours of professional development, 0.1 CEU is one hour of Certification Maintenance Hours. I calculate it as 10 hours per year and I earn them during the summer when I have a break. Additionally keep in mind that ASHA is now requiring an ethics CEU so keep that in mind as you shop for CEUs

What Is The Slp Summit

Why study speech pathology?

The SLP Summit is a 4-day virtual event with 8 speakers who are in the trenches. We know youre busy and need practical tips and strategies that you can implement today.

Over these 4 days, well be bringing you amazing SLPs who will be sharing their best tips and tricks. Well cover these highly requested topics:

to be announced

Want to learn about a different topic in a future SLP Summit? Let us know! We invite speakers based on your feedback!

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Free Courses Free Ceus Whats Not To Love

These informative courses are FREE and will challenge you to think about the effectiveness & efficiency of the services you provide to your clients. You will learn the importance of addressing underlying deficits in timing & rhythm to improve neural efficiency in order to accelerate and exceed expected outcomes.

Treat Core Timing Skills for Better Speech Language Treatment OutcomesHow incorporating Interactive Metronome® into SLP practice improves timing & synchronization of critical neural networks for speech, language, and cognitivecommunicative abilities.

So Many Speech Pathology Ceu Option Why Choose Us

You have so many options for SLP CEUs these days and there are some really great researchers and professionals in our field sharing what they know. But we have a very unique approach to providing speech pathology CEUs that has kept people coming back for 20 years.

When we set out to build an ASHA continuing education library, we wanted to solve a big problem we saw for speech therapists:

  • Some great researchers put together courses for online slp ceus, but we werent sure how to apply their findings to our caseloads.
  • Some great therapists were sharing their ideas, but were they backed up by research?
  • Many of the ideas, research findings, and materials presented were awesome, but they didnt work with diverse or bilingual kids.
  • SLPS need CEUs for less than what most people were charging.

Its nobodys fault! Clinic and school SLPs are busy and the opportunities to research and present are limited. University researchers sometimes have limited access to subjects to apply their research. But at the end of the day, SLPs still need evidence-based, functional strategies to evaluate and treat.

Thats where we come in.

So our speech pathology CEUs are a good fit for you if you work with diverse kids, if you are a visual learner and want to see how we get the results we do, if you want therapy suggestions backed up by evidence, if you need therapy materials to get started, and if you are limited in time or budget.

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How To I Report My Pdhs To Asha

Hold onto any certificates you get for completing our webinars. We do not keep records of these for you. At the end of your compliance cycle, youll follow the directions on the following link to submit your hours. You literally just have to check a box and type your name. Thats it! ASHA doesnt need you to submit the actual certificates unless you get audited. So save these certficates in a safe place in case you do get audited and then click the button on the ASHA website once you get all 30 that says you did it.

Want to See this in Action?

Check out this video I took when I submitted my hours for ASHA in 2019:

Services For Medical Speech Pathologists

Continuing Education (CE) for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy ...

3 min read

Are you a medical SLP who needs a few more continuing education hours? Maybe youre just a few hours away from an ACE Award from ASHA. No matter the count, we know its important to keep up with the latest information in our field. Were lifelong learners. We owe it to our patients to make sure were delivering the best treatments and thinking about therapy the right way.

So thats why I truly believe in these services and want to share them with you. They each cater to a different learning style, and you dont even have to leave home.

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Free Professional Development Courses For Speech Language Pathologists

Professional development is a requirement for all Speech-Language Pathologists and can often add up quickly! We wanted to compile a little list of the many FREE continuing education courses you can easily access to get those hours you need while saving you time and money!

Here are 5 Ways to Access Free Professional Development:

1. Play Based Speech Therapy Course Free Webinar – we have put together a 1 hour free webinar you can access anytime just by clicking this link:

2. SpeechPathology.Com provides you with the opportunity to take a free SLP continuing education course and earn free CEUs! Check out over 450 evidence-based courses from top-tier presenters to find something that interests you:

3. SpeechTherapyPD.Com has both free and paid courses using evidence based techniques: Search “free course” to access free professional development. Login is required.

4. Child Apraxia Treatment course. This course will be available for ASHA CEUs starting April 1, 2021 until March 31, 2023 and is designed for speech-language pathologists seeking education about evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of CAS :

Be sure to let us know if you check any of these courses out!

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