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Free Ceus For Speech Therapists

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Free Professional Development Courses For Speech Language Pathologists

How to easily earn Speech Pathology CEUs

Professional development is a requirement for all Speech-Language Pathologists and can often add up quickly! We wanted to compile a little list of the many FREE continuing education courses you can easily access to get those hours you need while saving you time and money!

Here are 5 Ways to Access Free Professional Development:

1. Play Based Speech Therapy Course Free Webinar – we have put together a 1 hour free webinar you can access anytime just by clicking this link:

2. SpeechPathology.Com provides you with the opportunity to take a free SLP continuing education course and earn free CEUs! Check out over 450 evidence-based courses from top-tier presenters to find something that interests you:

3. SpeechTherapyPD.Com has both free and paid courses using evidence based techniques: Search “free course” to access free professional development. Login is required.

4. Child Apraxia Treatment course. This course will be available for ASHA CEUs starting April 1, 2021 until March 31, 2023 and is designed for speech-language pathologists seeking education about evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of CAS :

Be sure to let us know if you check any of these courses out!

Want More Free Speech Therapy Ideas And Materials

Be sure to check out the following topics for more ideas!

Jo Grantham

Monday 19th of September 2022

Good morning. Thanks for this information. It is very helpful. On Friday, September 16, 2022, I began watching the webinar/video from Stephen Sacks – /r/ and s/s Remediation. I was unable to finish it Friday therefore, I left it up on my computer to finish this morning . I am unable to open this site currently. Could you help me with this matter? Thanks so much.Jo Grantham

Jo Grantham

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

@Melissa Berg,Thanks. I had to shut down my computer and restart. Now the link is there. Have a great day.Jo

Melissa Berg

Monday 19th of September 2022

Hi Jo,I’m happy you like these resources! I just clicked on the link and it took me directly to the page. I would try again, or it also looks like they have an email address so reaching out to their customer support might be your next best step.

So Many Speech Pathology Ceu Option Why Choose Us

You have so many options for SLP CEUs these days and there are some really great researchers and professionals in our field sharing what they know. But we have a very unique approach to providing speech pathology CEUs that has kept people coming back for 20 years.

When we set out to build an ASHA continuing education library, we wanted to solve a big problem we saw for speech therapists:

  • Some great researchers put together courses for online slp ceus, but we werent sure how to apply their findings to our caseloads.
  • Some great therapists were sharing their ideas, but were they backed up by research?
  • Many of the ideas, research findings, and materials presented were awesome, but they didnt work with diverse or bilingual kids.
  • SLPS need CEUs for less than what most people were charging.

Its nobodys fault! Clinic and school SLPs are busy and the opportunities to research and present are limited. University researchers sometimes have limited access to subjects to apply their research. But at the end of the day, SLPs still need evidence-based, functional strategies to evaluate and treat.

Thats where we come in.

So our speech pathology CEUs are a good fit for you if you work with diverse kids, if you are a visual learner and want to see how we get the results we do, if you want therapy suggestions backed up by evidence, if you need therapy materials to get started, and if you are limited in time or budget.

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Slp Summit July 26 29 2021

Free practical continuing education delivered by SLPs. SLP Summit offers 8 one-hour webinars available live or on-demand for a limited time. The specific webinar lineup has not yet been announced, but the following topics were listed on the website: caseload management, stuttering, family-centered intervention, dynamic assessment, service delivery, AAC, anti-ableist practice, narrative intervention. The webinars are available for free with certificates. ASHA reporting is usually available for an affordable price.

Click here to sign up for updates as more information is released.

Really What Are You Even Waiting For

Free CEUs for Speech Therapists

Registration is currently closed. Stay tuned for details on the next Summit!


Yes! Check out the course details for more information.


Yes. These courses are being offered through an ASHA approved CEU provider, brIQht Ideas. For more information, .


If you choose not to pay for ASHA reporting through brIQht Ideas, these courses can still be counted towards your Certificate Maintenance Hours. Here is supporting information provided by ASHA. Completing your compliance information is a simple affirmation of achievement and you will not need to list the course titles or information. Here is a copy of the form you will complete when you are ready to report your Certificate Maintenance interval.


Yes! You will be able to print a certificate for each course after you complete a brief quiz.


Eight courses are being offered, equaling 8 Certification Maintenance Hours or .8 Continuing Education Units .


Please do! Send them to to sign up! The more the merrier!



Yes! Just be sure that every individual SLP registers for the class and completes the quiz so s/he can receive credit for the course and a certificate.


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Free Courses For Asha Ceus

If you are new to Bilinguistics, start with one of our free courses for ASHA CEUs. We know from years of offering speech pathology CEUs online that most people who take a course with us come back and take many more. Or, they get all their CEUs for less by joining our SLP Impact Community.

Why do we offer free SLP courses for ASHA CEUs?

We are convinced that once you see how easy it is to get needed information, templates, speech therapy training videos, and speech therapy materials, all in 60 minutes, you will consider our other courses. So let me tell you about our free ASHA CEUs, then take a course, and head back into our speech continuing education library to find exactly what you need to help you do your job better today!

Navigating Ethical Predicaments cuts to the heart of some really difficult issues for SLPs. We have an always-increasing amount of work with limited time and resources. Sometimes, despite the best intentions, we are asked to make compromises we may not be comfortable with. Secondly, training programs in our field have not kept pace with the increased diversity of our caseloads. What do we do when we are expected to treat or diagnose a child we might not yet have experience with? This free CEU course begins the conversation to help sort it out.

Why Do Clinicians Love Interactive Metronome

Here, at the facility, we usually co-treat patients with PTs and OTs. Once I started implementing the coaching program, not only were patients seeing improvement in their cognitive skills, but in their balance also. The PTs started noticing the additional gains and it has been really successful.

Kristen Scheirman, SLPCentre for Neuro Skills, Irving, TX

Having a modality that allows a therapist to address musculoskeletal, proprioceptive, oculomotor, vestibular and cognitive/communicative systems in one exercise while performing functional activities, is very helpful.

Heather Barr, SLPHealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of York, York, PA

IM is an invaluable therapy tool that can assist all disciples of therapy in so many ways. I cannot say enough about the benefits it brings to a clinical setting and would encourage anyone who works with any array of impairment to look seriously into this amazing therapy tool.

Lucy Gross-Barlow, M. Ed., CCC-SLPSpeech/Language Pathologist/Owner

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Speech Therapy Ceus Free

Speech therapy continuing education credits, or CEUs, are used by many different healthcare professionals to show the completion of their continuing education requirements. Speech therapists use these credits to show that they have learned the new skills required for their job. When you spend time in continuing education classes, you have to get a certificate of completion with these credits on it. This certificate will prove to your employer that you have completed your required education time.

CEUs, or Continuing Education Units, are a way to measure the professional education that a speech therapist receives over the course of their career. The goal is to ensure that speech therapists stay up-to-date on the latest research and techniques in the field.

Speech-Language Pathologists are required by many states to obtain Continuing Education Units in order to maintain licenses. Its important to note that CEUs are not the same as continuing education , which is a general term for any post-secondary training that a professional undergoes.

A CEU is a unit of credit equal to 10 hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. That sounds fancy, but what it means is that each time you complete a course or other form of training, you get one CEU for every 10 hours of training time.

Free Courses Free Ceus Whats Not To Love

The Speech Therapy Solution Membership: CEUS And EBP At Your Fingertips

These informative courses are FREE and will challenge you to think about the effectiveness & efficiency of the services you provide to your clients. You will learn the importance of addressing underlying deficits in timing & rhythm to improve neural efficiency in order to accelerate and exceed expected outcomes.

Treat Core Timing Skills for Better Speech Language Treatment OutcomesHow incorporating Interactive Metronome® into SLP practice improves timing & synchronization of critical neural networks for speech, language, and cognitivecommunicative abilities.

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Top Ten Free Ceus For Slps

  • Super Duper Inc. Super Duper has offered free CEUs for SLPs for many years. They offer both live and recorded online sessions. Registration on the site is required .
  • Mayer-Johnson The brilliant company behind Boardmaker offers both live and recorded online trainings on their website. Just a warning: some trainings do not provide ASHA-approved CEUs. When you click on Recorded Training be sure to look at the far right column to confirm ASHA-approved CEUs. Log in required to view courses:
  • Relias Academy Most of the classes here require payment, but occasionally you can find a free class. Click speech therapist and your state. You must register:
  • Interactive Metronome Interactive Metronome is an online auditory/visual software program. It helps people with communication disorders learn how to increase neural efficiency by improving their timing of physical movements. They offer lots of free courses, but many of them are for people who are already IM certified. However, there are still plenty that are free to anyone. Registration required:
  • SATPAC SATPAC is a function approach to articulation therapy. They offer one free online course related to learning SATPAC:
  • Speech Language Pathologists & Audiolotists Love Im

    Speech Pathologists and Audiologists specialize in communication and swallowing disorders, but the effect these conditions have on individuals goes well beyond trouble expressing words.

    What is really needed is a tool that will help address these problems at their core, deep in the nervous system. IM is just that tool.

    Without Interactive Metronome, pediatric clients may be left struggling to keep up with their peers, and adults may lose their independence and safety in a rapidly accelerating world that is getting more complex by the day.

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    Free Speech Therapy Ceus Online

    Therapy is an ever-evolving profession, and its important to keep up with the latest research and techniques so you can provide your patients with the best possible care.

    The great news is that continuing education doesnt have to be a pain in the neck. Free Speech Therapy CEUs Online is here to help! We offer free online courses you can take from anywhere, any time you like.

    The Internet is a great resource for many things, including free speech therapy CEUs. If you are looking for free speech therapy CEUs to complete your continuing education hours, you may be in luck. Many websites offer these courses online and they are often designed by licensed professionals.

    You can find some of these courses online by doing a search on Google or another search engine. You can also ask around among friends and family members who have completed their continuing education requirements. They may be able to recommend a website that offers free speech therapy CEUs for your particular needs.

    If you do not know anyone personally who has received training in this area, it may be a good idea to start with an Internet search. There are several reputable companies that provide training in this area and they often have websites that allow you to sign up for classes and receive the required training material at no cost. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may be able to locate someone who does through a referral from someone else.

    When Do You Earn Ceus

    FREE CEUs!

    In order to maintain your ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence, you must earn 3.0 CEUs, which equals 30 hours of professional development hours, every three years. These hours may be earned at any time during your three-year maintenance cycle and can be earned through a variety of ways .*

    Many SLP state licenses also require license holders to partake in professional development activities, which may have different names other than continuing education units. They are essentially the same thing, and you can earn hours for state licenses and ASHA CCC together .

    *Many states require SLPs to renew their licenses more often than three years . They *usually* do not exceed ASHA requirements but they may need to be completed more regularly throughout the three-year maintenance cycle. For example, Colorado requires 10 hours every year, and Florida requires 20 hours every two years. Therefore, while ASHA may accept 30 hours completed in one year, other states may not.

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    Free 28 Page Word Lists Set

    Your freebies are on their way! Make sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see them!

    About Me

    Welcome! I’m Jennifer Bradley. I created this blog to help SLPs regain their time and sanity, help their students with engaging therapy plans and go home at the end of the day proud of what they accomplished.

    Building The Client Side Code Again

    If you want to go fast, run ./gradlew to build and run everything.

    If you want to have more control, so you can debug your issue more easily, you should follow the following steps:

  • Install npm dependencies with the command npm install
  • Build the client with the command npm run webpack:build or npm start
  • Start the server with ./gradlew or using your IDE
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    Demand The Best Out Of The Time You Spend Earning Continuing Education We Do

    Speech language pathologists need ASHA CEUs that are fast, affordable, dive into the research but still show how to apply ideas to a caseload, contain the materials needed to get up and running right away, and have training videos to be able to see exactly what to do.

    Welcome to our speech continuing education library.

    So Why Do You Need To Be At The Slp Summit

    ASHA CEUs: Treatment for Cognitive Disorders following TBI | Kristin King, Ph.D., CCC-SLP


    You need this! In just four days, youll walk away with practical strategies and resources that you can use right away. Our attendees say that they walk away with a renewed energy and excitement to get out there and be the amazing SLP that you are!


    Its totally free and you can join us in your pajamas! No flight to book, suitcase to pack, or hotel to purchase! Its a win-win-win-win situation! We know that traveling and shelling out big bucks for a conference isnt always doable, so we decided to bring the magic to you!


    Youll be invited to join our Facebook group, connecting you with thousands of SLPs just like you. If you join us live, you can chat in real time with SLPs from all around the world. Have a question? Need a resource? Weve got you covered!

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    Power Up Slp Literacy Conference August 5

    The Lavi Institute is offering 1.4 live ASHA CEUs or 14 professional development hours sharing the latest EBP clinical tools from the fields leading experts in literacy. The conference videos are available to watch for free. To receive ASHA reporting you would need to sign up for the Lavi Institute CEU Hub , which includes 40 additional pre-recorded webinars available for ASHA CEU Reporting.

    Check the conference out here.

    What Is The Slp Summit

    The SLP Summit is a 4-day virtual event with 8 speakers who are in the trenches. We know youre busy and need practical tips and strategies that you can implement today.

    Over these 4 days, well be bringing you amazing SLPs who will be sharing their best tips and tricks. Well cover these highly requested topics:

    to be announced

    Want to learn about a different topic in a future SLP Summit? Let us know! We invite speakers based on your feedback!

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    Strategies For Creating A Culturally

    Because America is growing more diverse, cultural awareness has become more vital for day-to-day success. This course will discuss four strategies to help participants develop a mindset that will facilitate a culturally-sensitive environment both personally and professionally, regardless of work setting.

    This course meets the requirement for cultural competency training for Oregon licensees, but is relevant to professionals in all states.

    Course created on September 11, 2020

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