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Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website

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Franksocialmediacom Website Made For Fun On Mike Lindells Frankspeech

What happened to Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech Platform? is a website made for fun by a comedy group. The website is made for making fun of Mike, In a sarcastic way.

Mike Lindell, we grabbed the domain . Hope thats okay!

The Good Liars

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See Whats New On Frankspeech

FrankSpeech is a great source for a conservative viewpoint. With content added daily, and great shows like The Lindell Report and others, you should visit often. If you want some thought-provoking articles on the latest news cycle make sure to read all the Frank Thoughts articles and the FS Media articles. These articles will give

Frank Speech App Now Available

The new Frank Speech App is now available on iOS, Android, and other streaming platforms. You can now get the best of Frank Speech content on your preferred devices. However, what devices are Frank Speech is available on? Furthermore. what about the prospect of mobile apps when it comes to the best conservative apps? Streaming

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The Cause For A New Mike Lindell Website

Mike wondered why he could see almost the same type of post being shown without any problem when it came from someone with a liberal view. Why were his posts being targeted? Why were his posts being scrutinized so much by the guardians of these huge sites? Were they trying to stifle the voice of those with a conservative perspective? Everything seemed to point that way.

Mike also noticed how they treated the posts of high-ranking people like President Trump. He noticed that the President could barely get anything to go through on these sites while people who opposed President Trump were allowed to post anything they wanted without any problem. Yes, something was going on, and Mike didnt like it. Mike didnt like that conservatives were being blocked every time they turned around. Yet the liberals didnt seem to have any of these problems.

So what could be done to straighten out this situation? There was only one real solution that Mike Lindell could think of. Thats right..he could launch his own social media website where conservatives were free to express their views.

Lindell Made The Frank Launch Party Announcement On The Podcast Bannon’s War Room Hosted By Steve Bannon A Former Top Adviser To President Donald Trump Wednesday April 28

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Launches Static

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he’ll launch his new social media site and podcast platform, dubbed Frank , at a rally at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, S.D., on May 10.

Lindell made the announcement Wednesday, April 28, on the podcast “Bannon’s War Room ” hosted by Steve Bannon, a former top adviser to President Donald Trump .

“That’s going to be the grand, grand opening to the world,” Lindell said. “I just want to get the awareness of the Frank speech, for our free speech to get out there so they can’t suppress us anymore.”

Asked by Bannon why he picked the Corn Palace , a corn-coated tourist attraction and event facility in the town of about 16,000, Lindell said he had been there before, was “very familiar” with South Dakota and was a big supporter of Kristi Noem , the state’s Republican governor, and her pandemic decision to reject any statewide mask mandates or shutdowns.

“I love what the governor, Kristi Noem, has done there,” he said.

Lindell, a friend and ardent supporter of Trump, has been developing Frank after he was banned from Twitter in January after he continued to spread conspiracy theories and baseless claims that Trump won the 2020 election.


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What Is Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website

Mike Lindell is the CEO of MyPillow. He was previously banned from Twitter and other social media sites for spreading false information about Trump supporters. Site founder Mike Lindell claims the site promotes freedom of speech.

The cyber symposium was the primary announcing and streaming event used by the site owner to announce the new social network. The site owner claimed that the new social media site was unlike any other. Users are free to speak whatever they want. Frank Speech Mike Lindell users, however, claim that the website was primarily a single channel communication media where the owner and associates posted information. This includes election fraud and CoVid-19 frauds. This social media platform does collect data and has malware. Its interesting. It has also censored all posts that were critical of the President or slanderous towards him.

Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website Read More Details

Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website Read Details! > > The below blog contains every single updated details about an internet site thats claiming to become a freedom of expression platform.Whats Frank Speech? Could it be available for everybody?

In recent occasions, Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Chief executive officer, has produced another headline after offering U . s . States citizens the very first peek at their own social networking funnel. So in situation youre still asking about Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website, then this is actually the right placed you came.

In this particular content, you will be aware some & necessary details relating to this site. So, be around us up until the finish.

Whos Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell, also known as Michael-James Lindell, famous using the name My Pillow Guy all around the USA, including Canada, may be the America-based entrepreneur, a business person along with a conspiracy theorist. He is among the famous brands and also the founder & Chief executive officer of My Pillow, Corporation. Besides as being a effective entrepreneur, and from various sources, we discover that hes an immediate supporter people former president Mr Donal Trump.

Whats the Frank Speech Mike Lindell Website?

Based on Mike Lindells declaration, its been show up that in the last four years, and Mike has worked secretly to produce his community media platform. The portals tagline is fairly inquisitive it shows The Voice of Freedom Of Expression.

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No matter which side of the aisle you are on, act now to remove voting machines! The voting machines throughout the country have been proven to be hackable. With such large security risks in these machines, the only safe way to conduct an election is through hand-counted paper ballots. There have been cases both for

They Tried They Failed

Mike Lindell Launches Frank Speech Social Media and It’s Hilarious

So their attempts to shut down the broadcast network failed. What do they do next? They do what most immature people do. They act like small children and begin attacking on another level. Just as children without many coping skills begin to call out names and try to make fun of others, so too do these people. They create websites just to slam People must think that they will really get Mike this time. They will . They will make fun of the fact that they attempted to shut down the site from the beginning. These individuals will try to make fun of conservatives or anyone with a different opinion. They really do to show just how small and immature thinking they really are.

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Mypillow Ceo Mike Lindell Launches Social Media Platform Frank

Held rally at Mitchell Corn Palace Monday

MITCHELL, S.D. – Mike Lindell held a rally at the Corn Palace in Mitchell Monday to officially launch his new social media platform Frank.

When you leave here tonight, were going to fill peoples fears with hope, Lindell said.

The name for the site comes from the phrase being frank with someone.

They dont use the word so much anymore but it was very unique. Its frank speech. You might not want to hear what were saying, but were going to say it, Lindell said.

The rally saw roughly 1,000 guests who were lined up around the Corn Palace hours prior to the beginning of the rally.

Lindell came up with the idea for Frank after he was removed from several mainstream social media platforms.

I said we have to come up with something to get our voices back, Lindell said.

At launch, Frank will not look much like a social media platform. It instead will look more like a broadcast location. Lindell says that over time users will be able to create profiles and have their own posts. He hopes it will run similarly to a combination of Twitter and YouTube.

You would have never thought this day would come in our country and the world. Where youre going to communism, where theres only one narrative out there, Lindell said.

When asked why he selected Mitchell as the location for the rally, Lindell said it was because of how Governor Kristi Noem handled the pandemic.

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Lindells Comments About Frank Speech

Mike Lindell will launch a new free speech platform that he thinks will put YouTube and Twitter out of business. But it turns out it will limit what users can say by stopping them from, among other things, taking the Lords name in vain.

Everyone is going to be able to talk freely,said Mike Lindell about the platform called Frank, which is set to roll out on 19 April, in an interview with the conservative host Graham Ledger on the Ledger Report podcast. When you come over now, you are going to be able to speak out and have opinions.

You dont get to use the four swear words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or Gods name in vain,Lindell explained in a video on the Frank landing page.

In an attempt to differentiate itself from other anything goes conservative-leaning social networking platforms, Lindell, a Christian, has laid out the type of speech his users will not be able to freely use, including profanity, sexual content, and profane language.

Why In The News


Lindell, a creatively-minded political theorist, was banned from Twitter earlier this year. This was because of his persistent lies about how Trump won the 2020 election. He met with the former president in January, urging him to consider martial law to defend that claim. Mike recently said hes hired private investigators to look into why Fox News wont book him anymore. He has framed the social media venture as a mix between Twitter and YouTube.

Youre going to have your own YouTube channel, only thats your Twitter handle, he said.

Oh and, by the way, it will also put both companies out of business, he said.

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Mypillow Ceo Promotes Frank Speech Website At Corn Palace

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell held a free rally Monday at Mitchells Corn Palace to promote his new website,

About 1,000 people showed up for the event. Some traveled hours to attend.

The rally featured guest speakers, including 1980s Saturday Night Live star Joe Piscopo. Attendees were given a free copy of Lindells autobiography, What Are The Odds, and his docu-movie, Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and the Theft of America.

Lindell started Frank Speech after he was kicked off Twitter and other platforms. He was banned for spreading conspiracy theories and baseless claims that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

And thats where we came up with, about, I don’t know, six eight weeks ago now I said so we’ve got to come up with a platform to bring the broadcasters over where we can put our voice out and not just me, but all of them — all the ones that are kicked out of YouTube, the radio stations, the TV, the podcasts, they’re all coming over to

Lindell is a recovered crack addict from Minnesota whos made a fortune selling pillows. He has considered running for political office and is an outspoken supporter of former President Trump.

Frank Speech is advertised as a social-media site, but it currently does not operate that way. Its a one-way communication platform where Lindell and a handful of others circulate information, including allegations of voter fraud and criticism of COVID-19 vaccines.

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Mypillow Guy Rolls Out Platform To Support Free Speech

A crowd of 1,650 was at the Corn Palace on Monday night for the Frank Rally, which was set to be the rollout of conservative personality Mike Lindells much-hyped social media platform.

Lindell, famous for creating the MyPillow company and for his baseless claims that the 2020 U.S. Presidential election was fraudulent, was rolling out Frank, which he said would promise free speech and fight back against cancel culture.

Lindell spoke for nearly 90 minutes, serving as the crescendo for the crowd in attendance after seeing a number of conservative personalities for the prior two hours.

Lindell said he will be using the web platform — which he had described as a mixture of YouTube and Twitter — to dump evidence to back up his claims about the election over the next 5-6 weeks, with the intent of changing minds and influencing Americans.

He says his evidence shows that China corrupted election machines and changed the voting results in the election, denying Donald Trump from winning by 14 million votes. Lindells goal, he said, is for regular citizens to put significant pressure on the U.S. Supreme Court to look at the evidence. He said if that happens, Trump will be back in office as president by August.

They will have to protect our country and its going to be a 9-0 vote to pull the election down, Lindell said, adding that evil is overplaying its hand in politics in this country.

GALLERY: Mike Lindell rally at the Corn Palace

Mike Lindells New Free Speech Network Wont Let You Use The Lords Name In Vain

Frank Speech Down – MyPillow Mike Pays Millions for Broken Site

The MyPillow CEO with a fierce allegiance to Trump thinks it will put Twitter and YouTube out of business but will ban swearing and blasphemy

Mike Lindell, the man best known for his internet pillow company My Pillow, as well as for his fierce allegiance to Donald Trump, is set to launch a new free speech platform this week that he thinks will put and Twitter out of business. But it turns out it will limit what users can say by stopping them from, among other things, taking the Lords name in vain.

Everyone is going to be able to talk freely, said Mike Lindell about the platform, called Frank, which is set to roll out on 19 April, in an interview with the conservative host Graham Ledger on the Ledger Report podcast. When you come over now you are going to be able to speak out and have opinions.

You dont get to use the four swear words: the c-word, the n-word, the f-word, or Gods name in vain, Lindell explained in a video on the Frank landing page.

In an attempt to differentiate itself from other anything goes conservative-leaning social networking platforms, Lindell, a Christian, has laid out the type of speech his users will not be able to freely use, including profanity, sexual content, and blasphemous language.

Youre going to have your own like YouTube channel, only thats your handle, hes said.

Oh and, by the way, it will also put both companies out of business he said.

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This Was Not The Opening Day That Lindell Wished For Lets Hope And Pray They Are Up And Running Asap

UPDATE 10:46 ET The website is back up.

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