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Fathers Wedding Speech To Daughter

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What Makes A Good Father Of The Bride Speech

The Most Amazing Father of the Bride Speech EVER!

The father of the bride toast typically kicks off all of the wedding speeches. And since youre the first, youre going to want it to be engaging so that you can captivate the crowds attention. The key to writing a good or great father of the bride speech is to just speak from the heart.

Of course, you should put some thought into it beforehand and have it written down so that you dont forget any essential parts. But your real memories and raw emotions are what need to be shared.

A Father Of The Bride Speech Template

As the father of the bride, your wedding speech should highlight your unwavering love and support for your daughter as she begins this exciting chapter with her new spouse. “Use this writing opportunity to express your love for your daughter and the special bond that you share now and will always share,” Goldberg says. “Let her know that even though she is starting a new life, you will always be there for her.”

Here’s how the father of the bride speech should flow:

Welcome the guests. Falcon recommends opening up the speech by thanking everyone for attending the special day on behalf of the newly married couple.

Take a trip down memory lane. Both Goldberg and Falcon advise incorporating memorable moments from years past into your speech to paint a picture of your daughter, what makes her special, and how she’s evolved into a beautiful bride. If you’re stuck on what to mention, Falcon recommends writing about how it felt when you first found out you were having a little girl, what moments you most enjoyed with her, and the times you felt especially proud of your daughter.

Don’t forget her spouse. “Make sure you include the person she has chosen to marry in your speech,” Goldberg says. Falcon adds: How did you feel when your daughter first met her now-spouse? How has your affection grown for her partner over time? Afterward, Falcon recommends that you “share a few words about how he will be a great husband and partner.”

Complete Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

To give you some quick inspiration, heres a warm and witty Father of the Bride speech I wrote for an imaginary couple, Sarah and Scott.

If youre in the market for a very short blink and youll miss it Father of the Bride speech, the Confetti website has an example.

If youre hungry for more examples, the Hitched website also has a handy database of sample speeches uploaded by its readers.

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A Witty And Warm Welcome

Thereâs no harm in using your family history as a source of anecdotes, just make sure the stories cover topics everyone can identify with. This template covers the obvious stereotypes of a lazy daughter, a battle-axe wife, and a son-in-law who likes to ogle a lady or two. Just make sure any juicy tales you tell have been OKâd by the missus, unless you fancy spending the night in A& E retrieving a champagne bottle from your backside.

Ladies and gentleman, thank you. I’m not particularly keen on making speeches, but I’ve been married to Carol for twenty-four years now and as I rarely get a word in edgeways, Iâll finally discover if my voice still works over more than one sentence.

Really Long Stories That Arent Very Important To The Event

Pin on Wedding

We know. You have a lot of stories prepared up your sleeve. However, not all of them are wedding speech-worthy. It would be best if you just choose the cutest, or the funniest, or the most tear-jerking story out of your extensive pile. The others could wait until the next family dinner. You may also like tribute speech examples.

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The Devoted Dad Speech

As father of the bride speech examples go, this amazing poem from Tom is truly up there. Its not easy to write a wedding speech thats funny, touching and rhymes, but he achieves just that.

We recommend you put the subtitles on in this video to truly appreciate his wonderful words.

Our favourite moments are Toms beautiful dedication to his wife and the mother of the bride. You can find this around five minutes in, and his general advice for newlywed couples at the nine-minute mark.

For a father of the bride speech example that tugs on the heartstrings, this couples wedding video captured this wonderful moment.

For more wedding speech inspiration, check out our round-up of the best wedding speeches ever.

Father Of The Bride Speech: Dos And Donts

  • Include a brilliant anecdote. Brainstorm with your wife and family members and fish out a gem from the best memories.
  • Practice makes perfect. Rehearse your speech repeatedly before a mirror or audience.
  • Speak slowly and allow time for laughs.
  • Use cue cards or a prompt, but dont read your speech. Instead, just look at them for reference points.
  • You must hold on to your emotions during the speech. Otherwise, all that guests will be able to hear is some gibberish.
  • Cut out the clichéd jokes but be funny. Serve unique humor with funny takes on personal memories.


  • Leave the big jokes to the best man and stick with short quips or one-liners.
  • Avoid anything too embarrassing. Now is not the time to discuss ex-boyfriends or crude and inside jokes.
  • You may not adore the groom much, but dont include anything negative about him in the speech.
  • While you may be tempted to make a joke about how you lost your life saving on organizing the wedding, do not talk about money. It will only make guests uncomfortable.

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A Punchy Playful Piece

The best way to keep an audience on side is to temper your praise with a zinger right at the end. This speech shows how to butter up the groom and then slap the cocky so-and-so down with a sassy observation, and just when everyone thought you were so nice! This works better with men though, NEVER insult the bride. Unless youâre a masochist.

Donât the bride and groom look happy today? Now Iâm sure youâve noticed the resemblance here between our handsome groom and the dashing father of the bride. Girls always seem to marry men like their fathers. Which is why you always see the brideâs mother bawling her eyes out.

Faq’s About Fathers Wedding Toast

The Father of The Bride – Emotional Speech

What do you say in a wedding toast?

  • Congratulate the couple. Express how happy you are that the two of them are getting married and what it means to you to witness it.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Raise your glass for a toast.

What does toasting symbolize?

Toasting is thought to come from sacrificial libations in which a sacred liquid was offered to the gods in exchange for a wish, or a prayer for health. It was Greek and Roman tradition to leave an offering to the gods, including alcoholic beverages, during celebrations and commonly after a death.

What is the traditional wedding toast?

Is it OK to read a wedding toast?

The debate over whether it’s OK to read your wedding speech ends here. Since not everyone is great at public speaking, experts say it’s fine to bring notes with you, so long as you’re familiar with your script. The important part is to show your love for the couple.

What should be avoided in delivering a wedding toast?

  • Don’t make an embarrassing joke about the bride or groom.
  • Don’t bring up bride or groom’s exes.
  • Don’t make more than three jokes at the bride or groom’s expense.
  • Don’t hate on anyone.

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Father Of The Groom Ii

Its great to see all of these familiar faces in the crowd. My friends, family members, and people I dont even knowall here to celebrate this special day with my son and with his beautiful bride. < Point to bride.>

I can still remember it like it was only yesterday: . At that moment, I felt like I was the proudest father in the world. I really understand what it meant to love your child and to want to do anything you can for him.

Fast forward to . I can still remember that day. Watching my son leave our house and head off to college.

Today, he stands before youa college graduate, a successful professional, and, now a married man, who is starting a family. His new wife is a beautiful, mature, intelligent, and all-around amazing woman. I couldnt be happier for them both. They deserve each other.

So, lets raise a glass to them. To the bride and groom: may you have a wonderful, joyous marriage filled with love and with partnership. Cheers!

Show Your Support Of The New Couple

Next you want to give praise and support for your daughter and her spouse. Regardless of whether you fully approve of her spouse, you need to be supportive of your daughterâs choice. After all, this is her life, not yours. If sheâs happy, you should be happy for her.

If youâve been saving up a special present, this point in the speech might be the ideal time to share it with the new couple. Whether itâs money toward a down payment, a family heirloom you want to pass on, or an item you handcrafted in the wee hours this past month , that present will mean a great deal to two people starting their lives together.

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How To End Father Of The Bride Speech


Please stand with me and raise your glass to toast the happy couple. has been the light of my life, and today I hand her over to . I know he will love and cherish her every bit as much as I do. Here is a toast to a happy and healthy life full of endless love and laughter!

Please join me in a toast to . , you have become like a son to me, and I am entrusting to you. Cherish every moment you have together. Let us all wish the happy couple a lifetime of joy!

When was only 13, she told me she wanted to marry . I watched them grow from carefree teenagers to loving and caring adults. Let us offer a toast to many years of wedded bliss!

When first showed up at our door, I couldnt have known he would be the one to steal my babys heart. But here we are today, and I couldnt be happier for them. Let us raise our glass to and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Please join me as I raise my glass to the beautiful, kind, and loving couple. , we welcome you to our family and look forward to many years of holiday dinners, family vacations, and late-night phone calls. Cheers to !

We understand you must be all jittery about the father of the speech. However, you must follow the dos and donts mentioned in the next section, and you will be set for a heart-warming speech.

Father Of The Bride I

Emotional Father of the Bride Speech Quotes and Toasts

Before I say anything else, I want to thank you all for being here. I know it means a lot to the bride and the groom. And it means a lot to me, too. It is wonderful seeing all of my friends and family members in the same roomand celebrating such a special event.

I suspect that most of you know me. If not, Im , the father of the bride. And Ill be telling you a little more about my little princess and her new husband.

Let me start with my daughter. Shes truly an angel. A kinder, more loving, more caring individual would be hard to come by. When I think back on her childhood, its hard for me to come back to this day and to realize that shes getting married. That shes growing up.

It seems just like the other day that .

A short while later, she was out the door and ready for college. I can still remember the day we dropped her off at school. .

And it wasnt that much later that she introduced us to . After hearing about him for monthsabout how great, and smart, and a good influence he waswe finally got to meet him when he came to dinner.

Id be lying if I told you everything went smoothly from the start. For him, I think it was difficult to be thrown into the situation. .

And sure, I was protective of my daughter at first. I love her and I want the best for her. And if wasnt the best, then he just wasnt good enough.

To welcome to the family. And please take good care of my daughter.

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Top Tips To Polish Your Speech

The right length of a father of the bride speech is somewhere from 5 to 7 minutes. Anything longer than that and youd lose 80% of your audiences attention, because even adults only have the attention span of an infant especially when theres food dying to be eaten and selfies waiting to be taken. So keep it at a minimum. You may also see wedding speech examples.

Also, its only natural that you have some pretty personal things that you want to say to your little girl, especially today since shes officially a grown woman who is about to start creating her own life. But not everything you want to say should be heard by an entire crowd. You may also like special occasion speech examples.

Showing your appreciation and support of your daughters marriage and general life choices can be part of your speech, but for more personal things, itd be best to write it down for your daughter to read in private. Some things just have to be kept within the family. And it gives you the chance to write your daughter an official letter.

Another important thing to remember when you actually deliver your speech is to not print an entire copy of it. Its not a pretty sight. As an alternative, you can bring cue cards that you can use as a reference when you forget where you are in your speech .

Short Father Of The Bride Toasts

1.) Let your love last forever, and be longer than the last sunset.

2.) One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.

3.) True love stands by each others side on good days and stands closer on bad days.

4.) Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.

5.) Marriage should be a duet when one sings, the other claps.

6.) May you see each other through the dark days and make all the rest a little brighter.

7.) May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold. And at the end of all your rainbows may you find a pot of gold.

8.) Please raise your glass to a long, happy and healthy future for .

9.) May your hearts be warm and happy with the lilt of loud laughter every day in every way, and forever and ever after.

Get inspiration from these movie quotes for your wedding speech.

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Send The Happy Couple Your Best Wishes

The next step is to express your happiness and pride in your daughter and her new husband. Your daughter deserves your unconditional love and acceptance, regardless of how you feel about her future husband. It’s not your life she’s living, after all. You should be glad for her if she is.

At this point in the speech, you may want to give the newlyweds any unique gifts you’ve been saving up. The couple will appreciate any gift you give them, whether it’s money towards a down payment, a family treasure you’d like to pass on, or something you made in the small hours of the night this past month .

Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette

Best Father of the bride wedding speech ever!


  • Dont get tied down with traditional speech etiquette. Your job is simply to welcome the guests, pay a heartfelt tribute to your daughter and welcome your son-in-law to the family.
  • Dont feel you need to go posh. As long as youre polite and loving, no one cares if you address them as ladies and gentlemen .


  • The biggest trap fathers fall into is thinking they need to thank people. Actually, thats the grooms job.
  • Do NOT get sucked into thanking your friends or family members whove travelled far. Its not your day and, quite frankly, too many thank yous becomes boring. Remember the bridesmaids will be thanked by the groom so keep your gratitude succinct .
  • That said, it pays to mention your daughters new in-laws and even if youre separated, you should acknowledge the role the brides mother has had in her upbringing.


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Your Desire To Bond With Your In

As weve mentioned above, these people are going to be a part of your family now.

Which means that this is not going to be the last event that youd all attend. There are a lot of issues stemming up from in-laws who just cant get along. Keep that from happening to you by starting your relationship with them with the best foot forward. And theres nothing like a speech, witnessed by more than a handful of people, to show your genuine intentions in wanting to get to know them. You may also like acceptance speech examples.

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