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Father Of The Groom Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

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Ideas For Your Father Of The Groom Speech

Best Father of the Groom Toast – Rehearsal Dinner, Denver, CO

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Some things to mention may be:

  • His childhood: nicknames, school reports, memorable moments, unusual injuries, hobbies, what he wanted to be when he grew up.
  • Your family: how he used to get on with his siblings, if hes the first or last to marry, what his mum thinks of her little boy all grown up, did you ever imagine hed marry.
  • The couple: how have you interacted with the couple, what happened when he first brought his new partner home, how hes changed since meeting them, your wishes for their future.
  • His friends: you may have known them as kids too so whats it like to see them all grown up.
  • Grandchildren: if they already have kids, definitely say how proud you are of the them and the couple as parents and if they are planning them, say how excited you are to become grandparents.

Father Of The Groom Example Speech #2

Hello, my name is Lin and I am the father of the groom. Id like to start by thanking the Sheng family for hosting this beautiful rehearsal dinner and truly making us all feel so welcome tonight.

My husband and I could not be more proud to be standing here on the cusp of Taylor and Corys wedding day. Cory, having you as a son has been the greatest blessing. Being able to raise you and see the man you have become has meant so much to your dad and me. We could not be more proud of you!

The only thing any parent wants is for their child to be happy, to have purpose and to find love. Cory, I am thrilled that you have found all of that and more in Taylor. Taylor is the most kind and warm human and we are so excited to officially welcome them into our family.

I still remember when you first introduced us to Taylor. Cory, you were so nervous! But right away, we could tell that Taylor was someone special. The way you two lit up around was another was so wonderful to see. We knew after that first dinner that wed be seeing your wedding one day and here we are!

Taylor and Cory, as we look forward to your beautiful wedding day this weekend, I want you to remember one thing: Choose one another. Every day when you wake up, choose each other. Choose your relationship. Choose your life together. Do that and youll never spend a day wanting.

And so, lets all raise our glasses to Cory and Taylor, and a love that chooses us every single day!

Examples Of Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

The rehearsal dinner is usually hosted by the groom’s parents, and the groom’s father is expected to give a short speech at some point during the gathering. However, another family member or friend can host the dinner, so the content of the speech will vary a bit according to that person’s relationship to the happy couple. The following examples can be modified with your own names and the circumstances tweaked to make them your own.

If you need help downloading the printable speeches, check out these helpful tips.

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How To Give A Father Of The Groom Speech

Public speaking isn’t typically a favorite pastime, so don’t feel like you’re alone if it isn’t yours. But it’s an honor to be part of this special moment, so if you’re asked to share some words of wisdom for your son and your future son-in-law or daughter-in-law, of course you want to crush it.

Below, we’ve included some guidance in the form of some father of the groom speech examples, as well as some clever jokes you can incorporate into your toast.

Should The Father Of The Groom Make A Speech

Rehearsal dinner speech by father of the groom

If you want to. Usually, the best man is supposed to make the speech, but if you want to say something you are more than welcome to. Just make sure that the couple knows that you want to make a speech so that they could include it in the program.

The father of the groom is usually an overlooked role by most guests. But the father of the groom does a lot of work for the wedding. For example, the father of the groom could help order the tux, hosts the rehearsal dinner and so much more.

The best part of being the father of the groom is being able to say some remarks at the wedding reception and give a toast to the couple. If you need some tips on what to say during your toast we have some awesome ways you could do it.

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A Father Of The Groom Speech Template

Looking for some father of the groom speech examples? We’ve got a few that just might give you the inspiration you need in order to finish writing your wedding toast for the happy couple.

Traditional: Welcome! My name is and I’m ‘s father. I’d like to start by welcoming each and every one of you, and to say thank you for sharing in this most special day. From the first time I saw my son with , I knew they shared something very special.

I know that because . I’m reminded of all the times my son as a child, and how much I hoped he would grow up to find the perfect partner. And in , I see that perfect partner.

So today, I’m welcoming into our family with open arms. I’m truly excited for what the future holds for you, son, and for your . I know you two will share a happy life together.

Brief: Thank you everyone for coming today. , I love you with all of my heart, and always will. You’ve turned into a fine young man, and seeing you so happy with makes this day perfect. I wish you many happy days ahead, no matter where life takes you.Sentimental: Hello, and thank you for coming. It means so much that each and every one of you has come to share in special day today, and I only wish that could be here as well. , seeing you with your is nothing short of heartwarming. I wish you both the best of everything in your new life together.

Who Does The Father Of The Groom Thank In His Speech

When it comes to doling out your appreciation to different people in your father of the groom toast, it’s customary to thank your son’s new spouse’s parents and family members, especially if they’ve traveled a long way to attend the celebration. Then, thank your new daughter or son for making your child so very happy. After that, it’s really up to you who you’d like to thank.

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Sample Rehearsal Dinner Toasts Story Ideas


Below are sample story ideas you could use when giving your best man speech, father of the groom speech, or other.

  • The couples engagement story
  • A funny story about a parent or siblings first impression of the bride or groom
  • The story of how the couple met
  • A double date you went on with the couple and what happened
  • The story of how you met your own partner. You could end this with something sentimental like, I hope the two of you are as blessed in marriage as I have been

Father Of The Groom Or Parent Speech

Father of groom rehearsal dinner speech

Good evening everyone. For those of you that don’t already know me, I’m Ron Miller, this is my wife Gina, and we’re the parents of the groom. We’d like to thank everyone for joining us on the eve of Jack and Carol’s wedding.

As I look at these two beautiful people tonight, I think back to when Jack first introduced us to Carol two years ago. She was kind of quiet and shy, and I wasn’t sure she’d last long with a rowdy family like ours. Once we got to know her, though, we could see why Jack fell in love with her and why they fit together so well. Now, it’s hard to imagine our family without her, and after tomorrow, she’ll officially become a Miller. Carol, we love you, and we couldn’t be happier that you’re marrying our son. Jack, your mother and I are very proud of you, and we love you.

I don’t want to hold up the rest of the celebration, so let me wind this up with just a bit of advice for Jack and Carol. Every morning when you each wake up, make a promise to yourselves that today you will be the very best spouses you can be. Put each other’s happiness before your own, and try to perform at least one act of kindness for each other everyday. If you can do that, everything else will fall into place. Congratulations to the two of you, and may your marriage be blessed.

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Toasting With A Partner

You may also be asked to give your toast with another person, like the grooms mother. If this is your plan, youll need to be mindful to write your toast in a format that works for both of you. This is an opportunity to be extra funny you can implement cute banter into the speech!

For example, you may both tell an embarrassing story about the groom from your own perspectives. You may also joke about what you thought when you first met the bride. Toasting with a partner is a great opportunity, especially because it takes some of the pressure off of you.

What About The Mother Of The Groom Or The Brides Parents Who Should Speak At The Rehearsal Dinner

While this post is all about father of the groom wedding speeches, a lot of our advice and samples below will apply to all parents of the couple getting married. And, of course, not all weddings have brides or grooms , so a father of the groom may not even exist!

Traditionally, only the men of the family would speak at weddings. Speeches were done by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. But these days, anyone who is special to the couple can be invited to say a few words! Theres no reason why only the men get to speak.

Typically, a rehearsal dinner speech is given by whoever is hosting the event . Sometimes one side of the family will take on the responsibility and cost of hosting the rehearsal dinner, so it would be customary for someone from that side of the family to give a speech.

The wedding couple may also ask a few other people to speak at their rehearsal dinner, such as members of the wedding party or other family members. This is typically done so were not leaving all of the speeches for the reception. Couples will break up the speeches some happening at the rehearsal dinner and some happening at the wedding reception so everyone gets a chance to speak and no one event becomes hours and hours of speeches.

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Father Of The Groom Rehearsal Dinner Speech Dos & Donts

DO check in with the couple and ensure they want you to give a speech. Dont just rush the stage or grab the mic! Check in with the couple ahead of time or wait until they ask you to give a speech.

DONT talk forever. Keep it short! A good speech is 2-3 minutes long and never more than 5 minutes. Again, check in with the couple. Odds are they will have the night scheduled out and a specific time they want you to aim for.

DO remember to mention your sons partner. Even though you are the father of the groom, you shouldnt just talk about the groom. Remember, this event is about two people. So include both members of the couple in your speech.

DONT bring up anything embarrassing. Theres a fine line between funny and cringe-worthy. A story about your son wearing a cape to school? Funny! A story about your sons ex-girlfriend or how he dealt with your divorce? Not funny.

DO write your speech down. This isnt one of those times were you should wing it. Take the time to plan what youre going to say and write your speech in advance.

DONT leave the other parent out. If youre the one giving the speech, dont forget to mention your co-parent or spouse and share sentiments from both of you.

DO practice. You dont have to memorize your speech but you should be comfortable and familiar with it. Take time to practice at home in front of the mirror before the rehearsal dinner.

Tip #: Use A Professional Speech Writer

20 Best Father Of The Groom Speech/Toast Examples

Are you still overwhelmed and stuck? Maybe its time to turn to a professional wedding speech writer for help.

At Wedding Words, I work with the parents of the bride and groom to write custom speeches that capture their unique story. I know I can help you write a memorable and impactful father of the groom speech.

Get in touch to see how we could work together.

Not a father of the groom? Be sure to check out our tips for father of the bride speeches, mother of the groom speeches, and mother of the bride speeches too.

Complete the form below to get started!

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Father Of The Groom Speech Guide With Examples

Congratulations your son is getting married and you are speaking at his wedding and going to present a Father of the Groom Speech. Obviously you are proud and want to convey a heart felt speech to not just him but also everyone attending.

We decided to write a how-to guide for a Father Of The Groom Speech. This is because there are many examples with no guide on how to structure them. If there is a guide, then its just bullet points but mostly its just videos of other speeches. So we decided to dedicate this page on a solid guide that will help you give the best speech on your sons wedding day.

A good idea is to check out our Wedding Speech Handy Hints page as a general rule of thumb on speeches . The only tip from that apart from below is to keep in mind that your speech should be between 4-6 minutes). At the end of the guide, I will give out tips specific to anyone doing a Father Of The Groom Speech.

Mother Of The Groom The Rules


Writing your mother of the groom speech is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Its your chance to dig out the old photos, memory boxes and school reports and get properly nostalgic. Indulge!

But as well as a trip down memory lane, use this time to dig up the evidence. How do the childhood artefacts relate to the man he is today? Were their early indications hed be an engineer? Or were his teachers completely wrong about him?

Hell love the surprising insights you can reveal, as will the guests!


Yes, there will be so much to say about your son but dont forget the other half of the happy couple!

Whereas a father-of-the-bride may make fun of the groom in their speech, its not as common for anyone to make fun of the bride on her big day. Avoid this at all costs unless youre sure theyre up for a laugh and wont be offended. And if you have any doubt, dont. Your sons worked very hard to get this wife and, if you scare her off, another one may not be around for a while.

If its a same-sex marriage your new son-in-law may be up for a little more ribbing. Completely sexist but weve generally found this to still be the case.


All wedding speeches should contain an element of humour, not just the best mans.

Remember the adage its funny because its true. Pinpoint the things that make your son unique. What are his quirks? His guilty pleasures? What is he obsessed by?

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Beautiful Quotes For Rehearsal Dinner Toasts

This quote is a lovely way to acknowledge the way that your soon-to-be daughter-in-law is truly the perfect match for your son.

This quote from famous romance novelist Nicholas Sparks is a nice way to impart some lovely wisdom from your long life of relationships.

This is a cute little nod to the intimacy of fatherhood be sure to reference your sons favorite cereal growing up to really get the point across!

Reference Americas favorite funnyman, Will Ferrell, by nodding to the old internet struggles of your sons childhood hes not wrong, either!

Turns Out Dad Needs To Do More Than Simply Complain About How Much This All Costing Him

Father of The Groom Speech – Rehearsal Dinner – 9/2/2021

It’s not just the father of the bride that has all responsibilities on the wedding day, there’s plenty for the father of the groom to take care too. From hosting the rehearsal dinner to greeting guests, the father of the groom should make sure all these boxes are checked as they get ready for their son’s big day.

It may feel like the father of the bride gets more of the spotlight on the big day. Traditionally walking the bride down the aisle and giving a father of the bride speech. However, the father of the groom role is also a significant one.

If you are the father of the groom and want to know how you can give a helping hand on the big day and during the run-up, take a look at some key father of the groom duties that will really help the happy couple.

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