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How To Translate From English To Indonesian

How to translate Indonesian to English ?

If you’re having trouble translating your text from one language to another using translationly, then you can follow these steps to translate your text perfectly.

To translate your text, first of all, you’ve to choose the “English as input language” and “Indonesian as output language” in translationly. You can also check our supported languages for translation here.

Once you’ve chosen the “input” and “output” language, enter your text to be translated in the first box, or the input box .

Once you have entered the text which is to be translated in the input box, click on the “Translate” button, and you’ll get the output of translated text in your preferred language.

How Long Does It Take To Translate Indonesian Video To English

The actual translation process is quick and easy. Simply upload the video file which you wish to translate, and your completed translation is created lightning fast. However, its important to keep in mind that the exact transcription time will depend on the quality and duration of the video file you upload to our system.

Translate English To Indonesian Language Professionally

Most of the time, to translate articles into English is way more difficult than to translate the English texts into Bahasa Indonesia. That makes the rate is slightly higher to translate English to Indonesian language with skills and professionalism. The translators have to be very fluent and well-experienced in picking the best idiomatic expressions and other languages English structure.

With the natural English, the translation products will be more flawless. Indonesia English document translation agency is experienced in handling various legal documents, manuals, books, and articles to translate into English.

Translate Indonesia English

Translation agency in Indonesia is experienced in handling both legal documents and academic texts at the same time. Indonesia certified translation charges clients with affordable rates of translation.

To be a professional translator is not a mere transferring word in different languages. Those who are bilingual are not automatically translators or interpreters. There are many requirements to fulfill before becoming a professional translator. Whether the translators want to do the jobs as freelancers or full timers, the skills are required. The translators have to own the ability to comprehend the context that creates meaning. In the target language, the translation should explain the meaning rather than to describe the words.

Translate Indonesia English

1.Listening Comprehension


3.Cultural Knowledge

5.Time Management

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The Key To Your Success In The Indonesian Market

Lying in a strategic location in relation to the giant economies of China and India, combined with a young and burgeoning population, Indonesia is an emerging market that brings about major opportunities for foreign businesses investing in the ASEAN region. Using professional Indonesian translation services is highly recommended if foreign companies want to make a splash in this potential market. The reasons are

Indonesian People Have Low English Proficiency

Indonesia is classified as having a low level of English proficiency. As a result, if your content is only available in English, you will undoubtedly miss out on a large number of audiences in the Indonesian market.

Indonesian Culture is Rich and Complex

With roughly 1300 ethnic groups, Indonesia is among the most ethnically diverse societies. Without taking Indonesian factors into consideration when translating your business documents, you might cause some misunderstandings or offend the locals.

What Should You Consider When Translating Your Content Into Indonesian

Fast English to Indonesia Translation up to 1500 words for $8

8. What are some signifcant features of the Indonesian language you should know?


  • Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia, is the national and official language across all of Indonesia, which has one of the worlds largest populations of nearly 240 million people and is also the worlds most populous Muslim-majority country.
  • Most Indonesian citizens speak Indonesian fluently, either as their first or second language, thus making it one of the most widely used languages in the world.
  • The Indonesian vocabulary is filled with words borrowed from a number of languages including Sanskrit, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, and many others.


  • Standard Indonesian is made up of the Latin alphabet. It is usually phonetically consistent. Indonesian has a lot in common with Malay dialects, as it is technically a dialect of Malay.
  • Generally, punctuation conventions in Indonesian are identical to those of English, except for the case of a series of adjectives, which are normally punctuated with commas in English but not in Indonesian.
  • In written and spoken Indonesian, the order of words is constantly moved around in order to place a certain emphasis on certain words. For example:The weather was warm yesterday Cuacanya hangat kemarinYesterday the weather was warm Kemarin cuacanya hangat
  • The emphasis would be on yesterday in the former sentence and warm weather in the latter.

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Can We Download This Translation Service

Not. You cant download it. At a moment you can only use our Indonesian translation online on this page. However, you can install the chrome extension tool called Lingvanex Translator and Dictionary Chrome Extension. Or use our translation applications links to these applications are on the page. Once this translation tool is installed, you can highlight and right-click section of text and click on Translate icon to translate. This way you can translate not only from English to Indonesian, but also between any 36 languages supported by the application. Also, you can translate web page from English into Indonesian by clicking on the Translate icon on the browser toolbar.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An English

The cost of hiring an English-to-Indonesian translator will depend on any given translators specialization, experience, and other factors. Every translator sets their per-word rates by themself, enabling a market-based pricing system. As a rule of thumb, Smartcats per-word rates for English-to-Indonesian translation start at $0.05 per word, and can go as high as $0.20 per word for highly specialized translators or types of content.

Edit document Indonesian to English now in a moment

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How Do You Hire An English

To hire an English-to-Indonesian translator, you need to post a project on Smartcat and search for a translator who is the right fit for your project. You can also browse our database of translators and find one that matches your needs using filters such as specialization, experience, and availability. Once you have found a translator that matches your needs, you just click on the Invite button, and Smartcat sends an invitation to their email. Once they accept it, Smartcat automatically assigns them to your English-to-Indonesian translation project, which they can do right on Smartcat.

What Is An English

Indonesian English Translator

English-to-Indonesian translators translate written documents, such as marketing materials, legal contracts, medical reports and academic papers. They also translate audio or video content from English to Indonesian. Translators must be able to understand the source language and the target language, as well as the subject matter of the document they are translating.

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Problems Faced By A Language Translator When Translating From English To Indonesian Or Indonesian To Englishlanguage Structure

The fact that Indonesian belongs to the Austronesian language family and English to the Germanic language family means that there are many inconsistencies between the two languages when it comes to a comparison of syntax, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

One of the more obvious ones is that English often has many different words that convey different meanings whereas, in Indonesian, the context of the phrase is more important. Indonesian is also a language that is constantly growing. It has borrowed words from other languages such as Sanskrit, Arabic, and even Portuguese. English also has many borrowed words from many other languages. These language origins complicate the structure of each language

Paste Or Type English And Instantly Get English To Indonesian Translation Online

You need an online machine translator to quickly translate English to Indonesian. We hope that ourEnglish to Indonesian translator can simplify your process of translation of English text, messages, words, or phrases.If you type English phrase “Hello my friend!” in input text box and click Translate Button than it is translated to Indonesian as “Halo temanku!”.You can use our English translator to translate a whole English sentence to Indonesian or just a single word, you can also use English to Indonesian translation online tool as a personalEnglish dictionary tool to get the meaning of Indonesian words. You can either type your English text or copy and paste your textin the above box and hit the translate button and you will instantly get Indonesian translation right away.

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Fast And Fully Automatic English Translation

Free online high-quality English to Indonesian translation is available at your fingertips with a robust Translator. Translate English texts easily, enhance communication with Indonesian clients. We are actively working to expand the range of supported languages. Currently, you can translate documents between 20+ language pairs.

Tips When Translating Indonesian To English

Best Indonesian English Translator
Pay attention to differences between the two languages

English and Indonesian belong to two different language families and have had very different histories. This means that there are quite a few differences in grammar and language structure between the two languages that need to be considered when you translate Indonesian to English.

For instance, verbs in Indonesian do not have the category of tense, while it is very prominent in the English language. For correct Indonesian to English translation of a sentence, a lot of attention must be paid to other tense markers and the context. On the other hand, there is a complex system of verb affixes in Indonesian to render nuances of meaning that do not always have exact English equivalents.

Cultural differences are important

In Indonesian to English translation, it is important to understand the authors intent as fully as possible. Without it, you wont be able to render the meaning of a sentence, let alone a full text, in English correctly.

Understanding cultural differences is an important aspect of grasping the authors intent. Indonesian values and traditions differ a lot from those of the western world, from appropriate small talk to religious values. To be able to translate Indonesian to English properly, it is important to get acquainted with Indonesian culture.

Do not use machine translation

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Translate Documents From English To Indonesian Online For Free

‘English to Indonesian’ is a free online document translation service. It is quick, reliable and easy to use. Translate PDF and Word document to Indonesian online with our Translator. Discover the possibilities of machine translation and use it in your daily activities to translate English documents, web pages and other materials on the Internet to other languages.

Translator preserves the layout of your English Word and PDF documents. It captures the original English content and then re-inserts strings, translated to Indonesian, into precise positions.

The following file formats are supported as input: DOC, PDF, DOCX, DOCM, XLSX, XLS, PPTX, PPT, TXT.

Why Choose Translated Right

Some of Indonesian to English translation we have handled:

Employee handbook

Translated Right managed to translate our website into 3 different languages with great quality and speed. Their service is recommended!

All we need to do is to submit our documents online and their team took care the rest. It is really fast and convenient, we will come back again.

The document translation was done with such a great quality that it was contextualised to our industry needs. Thank you for the amazing work!

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Indonesian To English Translation

QUESTIONS on Indonesian to English Translation?


Translated Right provides Indonesian to English translation at excellent quality with quick turnaround time. With a team of native speakers and certified linguists, Translated Right is trusted by thousands of individuals and corporations to translate a wide range of documents. We provide a wide range of translation services.

Translate English To Indonesian

Indonesian English Translator

CCJK has over 2,000 elite translators and language linguists all over the world and can translate any other languages to Indonesian you want. Our English to Indonesian Translation team consisting of a number of and elite Indonesian language translators and talented engineers translate English to Indonesian with high quality.

Each translator specializes in a different field such as legal, financial, or medical. To ensure our translators keep abreast of the language, all our Indonesian translators live in-county and translate English to Indonesian. Our database of Indonesian translators enables us to guarantee translators translate English to Indonesian on a fast turnaround even on large documents with short deadlines. All of the Indonesian translators who apply to work for us pass our stringent quality checks. Besides, our engineering team is fully trained to handle the technical details of your project, regardless of format.

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Why Should I Use A Professional Video Translation Service Like Sonix

When you need audio transferred from Indonesian to English, translation can be difficult to translate Indonesian video into written English, especially when there are idioms or expressions of speech in the original language. To ensure that youre able to create an accurate translation of the spoken word, its important that you know how to analyze, decode, and translate the audio. Using professional services like Sonix allows you to better understand the voice that is being translated and thus create better-quality content. It also guarantees that the translation will be correct and preserve the integrity of the original audio.

Benefits Of Working With Us

35 languages and 74 language pairs.

Translate from English to French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi and other languages and vice versa, and from French to German or Italian and vice versa.

Use our apps from Anywhere

They work from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin, software installation or hardware resources required for you.

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What Are The Benefits Of Translating Indonesian Video To English

Audio translation can be used to translate from Indonesian to English, as well as from any other language to English. Translating audio can allow you to learn languages by listening and not having to read. Essentially, you are hearing the native speakers speak the language instead of just reading it. This is an important benefit of translating Indonesian video to English if you do not have a good grasp on the written form of a language but want a better understanding of it.

How Does English To Indonesian Text Translation Works

English to Indonesian Transcript Certificate Certified Translation ...

Our translation service use Lingvanex translator machine engine to translate the text you have typed in English. Whenever you type a word, phrase or sentence in english we send API request to Lingvanex engine for a translation. In return, they translation service Lingvanex send back a response with a translated text in Indonesian. Lingvanex uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence , big data, web APIs, cloud computing, etc. to deliver higher quality translations. You can check the quality of the translation from English to Indonesian right now.

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English To Indonesian Translation Online

Free online English toIndonesian translation site to easily TranslateEnglish text into Indonesian . You can translate words,sentences and paragraphs from English to Indonesian easily and fast!

We use powerful Google API’s in this English toIndonesian translation tool. You can type your English text,words or sentences in the first text box and click on the ‘Translate’button to translate the entered text into Indonesian.

The translation from English to Indonesian takes a fractionof a second and in one request you can translate upto 1000 words. English and Indonesian languages are spoken bymany people around the world. Our English to Indonesiantranslator helps you in learning or understanding basic textof these languages when you are an expert in one and learning theother. Translation APIs provide near perfect English to Indonesiantranslation, however these translations are not meant to be used forany mission critical things like – legal, medical…etc. English toIndonesian Translator will give you a near perfect idea on the textwhich is being translated especially it’s perfect in translatingcommonly used sentences/words like Greetings, travel, shopping,numbers, relations…etc.

If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, please contact us

Bonus: Indonesian Learning Apps

Price: Free / Prices vary by app

There comes a point where just learning the language makes the most sense. There are a variety of apps that teach Indonesian, including apps like Mondly, Memrise, and others. These apps include dictionaries, translations, phrasebooks, and more. You also get the benefit of having all the lessons and practice that you could ever need. These apps are generally more expensive. However, they also contain vastly more content. We have Memrise linked up at the button. However, Mondly, Language Drops, and Duolingo also work well.

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The English Language Is From The Indo

The English language is spoken by about 1.5 billion people in the world. It is the most commonly spoken language in the world.It has more than 1,000,000 words!The English language originated in England. It is not known exactly when it originated, but it is thought to have been around the 5th century.

Following Are Notable Features Of Free Indonesian To English Converter

Video Content for Live Motivation (Indonesian to English Translation) Part 1

Free of cost translation

We do not charge any fee to our users for this service, unlike some other platforms that charge in dollars.

Easy to use

We believe in user satisfaction so we have been trying our best to make this platform user-friendly.

Copy and download converted text

Text can be copied by clicking on the copy button and it can be downloaded as .txt and .doc file.

One click text send

A send button is provided in the mobile version to send the text to any social media.

One click language switch

Out of these, Google translates Indonesian to English sentences most accurately

Are Google, Microsoft, Bing, Baidu translator free?

How does Indonesian < -> English translator works?

Is Google translator is accurate?

Can I type in English with Indonesian Keyboard?

Can I download translated text?

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