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English Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum

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What Is Write Through The Bible Junior


Write Through the Bible, Juniorwas designed to help busy parents integrate several subjects into one. Below are a few things your child will focus on through the course of this workbook:

  • Fine motor coordination
  • New vocabulary words

Not only that, but there is virtually no preparation! There arent any involved crafts that take weird supplies. Everything you need for this curriculum you probably already have at home.

Write Through the Bible, Jr. is available in ESV or KJV and in 3 different font types. You can purchase this full year curriculum in paperback on or as a .

Best Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum High School

This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Please note this article is part of a series on the best language arts homeschool curriculums. This article focuses on high school programs. If you are homeschooling a younger student, check out our articles Best Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum Middle School and Best Language Arts Homeschool Curriculum Elementary.

  • Best Traditional: Calvert Homeschool High School Language Arts Courses
  • Best Christian-Based:Lifepac Language Arts, Alpha Omega Publications

If you are homeschooling a high school student, you have many great options when it comes to language arts curriculum. There is a huge variety of curriculums on the market from rigorous classical writing programs to Bible-based literature options. While these programs vary quite a bit in style and content, most allow students at the high school level to work fairly independently.

Reading Goals/objectives For 10th Grade

A comprehensive tenth grade English language arts program will help your student reach these goals and objectives and more.

  • Interpret figurative language to determine the meanings of words and phrases.
  • Use reading strategies to improve comprehension.
  • Compare and contrast how language supports an authors purpose in two different genres.
  • Explain how propaganda reveals theme.
  • Analyze the development of setting through word choice.

Get more detailed information on our homeschool reading curriculum.

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Level 2 Language Arts Course Set

Build confident readers with the Level 2 Language Arts course! Boosts your childs confidence while making homeschool fun and meaningful using this full-year second grade language arts course.

  • Interactive, short, and effective lessons
  • A one-of-a-kind phonics and reading program
  • Lessons inspire a love of good literature, God, family, nature, beautiful art, and strong moral values
  • Combines the following subjects into one easy-to-teach, no prep-time needed course: reading, phonics. writing, spelling, literature, grammar & punctuation, geography, and art
  • A gentle, step-by-step, and frustration-free approach to writing and spelling instruction

The Language Arts Level 2 Course Set includes the Level 2 Course Book and the Reading Booster C Cards and Books Set. The Reading Booster resources teach phonics and reading in a powerful, fun, and sequential way creating strong and enthusiastic readers.

There Are Four Bundles Total In This Series Of Comprehensive High School Ela Titles From 7sisters

  • One Year of High School English/Language Arts
  • A Final Year of High School English/Language Arts
  • Heres Sabrina explaining these new bundles, including this 9th grade bundle

    Wouldnt your high school freshman enjoy a no-busywork ELA credit?

    10-Day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on all 7Sisters curriculum!

    You can trust your homeschooling big sisters at 7SistersHomeschool.com Did you see what Study.com said about us? We made their top 20 list for the BEST BLOGS FOR HOMESCHOOLING HIGH SCHOOL!

    You can view and also download a free suggested syllabus for One Year of High School English/Language Arts.

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    How To Start Homeschooling

    Here at EdPlace we know that choosing to home educate your child is no small undertaking. And yet, deciding to start homeschooling your child at home can be one of the most rewarding decisions youll ever make. So much so that, according to the BBC, the number of children being home schooled in the UK had risen by 40% in the three years prior to 2018!

    Here at EdPlace we like to think were the one-stop shop for all your queries and questions about home education. Well be your helpful hero and your educational guide, with you every step of the way from the moment you need homeschooling resources to the day your child starts their GCSE revision. Well also give you the low down on homeschooling costs, homeschooling curriculums and everything in-between to prepare you for your home education journey.

    Its a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you dont keep your feet, theres no knowing where you might be swept off to. J R R Tolkien

    Were here to help you keep your feet, to be the Gandalf to your Frodo. There are lots of advantages and benefits of homeschooling, so read on to see where the wonderful world of home education might take you and your child!

    Alpha Omega Switched On Schoolhouse

    Alpha Omega continues to offer its Bible-based homeschool English curriculum with an emphasis on the creationist viewpoint with this program, but everything is based on computer learning. Extensive lessons are presented through computer software, so children are given interactive, fun lessons followed by a series of exercises for comprehension. Testing is completed through the computer program, so parents do not have to spend time grading or planning lessons. If you are a parent that doesnt think they have time to homeschool, this curriculum might just change your mind.

    If you have several kids you can easily reuse the software to save money or resell it when you are through to another homeschooling family. Sometimes members of homeschooling groups swap materials among many families to make homeschooling more economical.

    The Switched on Schoolhouse programs are purchased as computer software, so an internet connection is not required for use. If you do have internet access, your child can take excursions to program-approved sites for further learning. This is perfect for Christian homeschool families who want a computerized system that is easy to follow which keeps to their religious views. Learn more about Switched on Schoolhouse

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    Why The Weird Name

    We always want you to make 7Sisters curriculum fit YOUR homeschool, rather than trying to fit your homeschool into our curriculum.

    You can use any ELA bundle in the year that seems the best fit for your student.

    Our introductory level writing guides are in the One Year bundle, with intermediate level guides in the Another Year bundle and so forth.

    But if your student is a strong writer in 9th grade, and you want to use one of the more rigorous levels of writing, you should feel free to do so!

    Which books will my student read and analyze with THIS one-year curriculum bundle?

  • Recommended Resources for Supplemental Grammar and Vocabulary Learning
  • Kid Lit Public Speaking Experience
  • Spoken Word Poetry Public Speaking Experience
  • Parents Manual Intro and How to Use This Bundle
  • Chart for Determining the Level of Rigor for our year of High School ELA
  • Suggested Schedule for the Year
  • Recommendations for HOW MANY BOOKS TOTAL your student should read this year
  • There are as many different ways to earn that big, complicated ELA credit as there are homeschool families, but this curriculum bundle will make it easy for you to:

    • cover everything you need to cover in a year
    • tweak the assignments if they dont fit your needs perfectly
    • steer clear of busywork or overkill that might make your student come to hate ELA
    • grade your teens work with confidence
    • adjust the level of rigor to fit your childs level of competence
    • stay on track and record your teens progress as the year unfolds

    My Top English Homeschool Curriculum Picks

    LANGUAGE ARTS: How to Use Multiple Curriculum for Homeschool Language Arts

    Hi everyone! Today Im sharing our top homeschool curriculum picks for English! These are all things that we have used in the past and enjoyed. Hopefully they will help you get started when researching the best curriculum for your family.

    Want more info? Stop by my English Curriculum Forum where I shared some of my favorite resources and my community piped in with their favorites too!

    And dont forget to check out our COAH Community where we all share and discuss our favorite curriculum too!

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    Building Christian English 2 Preparing To Build

    In keeping with its subtitle, this book lays the groundwork by providing substantial work in both composition and grammar. Coverage is very broad and comprehensive for a second-grade text. Composition work includes basic sentence structure up through paragraph development and writing poetry. Grammar includes parts of speech and usage. Other chapters work on alphabetical order, dictionary use, synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. Diagramming is not introduced until the third grade.

    Building Christian English 3 Beginning Wisely

    This level introduces nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs as well as noun usage as subjects and direct objects. Diagramming is taught along with each part of speech. Dictionary work, capitalization, punctuation, and oral communication are also taught. At this level, the teachers manual states that the worksheets, oral reviews, and written quizzes are not required for the course.

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    Learning Language Arts Through Literature

    This program teaches your child everything they need to learn about literature, writing, grammar, spelling, and language development. The program allows children to learn and apply their knowledge through active lessons that include real literary passages and writing assignments. Your child will not be presented endless worksheets that require basic filling in of blanks.

    Note that the amount of information presented in this homeschool language arts curriculum can be overwhelming to some children, and even to some parents. This is an ideal program for parents who understand and love language arts, and who want to be actively involved in teaching this subject. Learn more about Learning Language Arts through Literature

    Best English Homeschool Curriculum For High School


    This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

    The high school years are an important time for English instruction. Students must acquire the writing, grammar, and reading skills necessary for the more advanced writing requirements that will be required of them at the college level or in the workplace. High school is also a time when many students are able to understand and appreciate some of the greatest works of literature in the English language, especially when these works are presented in an approachable way.

    Our picks for the best english homeschool curriculum for high school:

    Our recommendations for the best homeschool English curriculums for high school are listed above. For more information on each of these programs, read below.

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    Rabbit Trails Language Arts Curriculum


    The Rabbit Trails language arts curriculum is a fun choice for elementary-age kiddos. This curriculum follows a Charlotte Mason approach. It combines high-quality childrens classic literature with lessons. I love that this program uses great books to get kids interested in a variety of subjects.

    The idea behind the Rabbit Trails language arts curriculum is that you focus on one book for two weeks. That book is the core behind all of the related interactive lessons and activities. There are copy work assignments, language arts activities, crafts, and related books to accompany each title.

    Rabbit Trails is a great choice if you are looking for a general language arts curriculum that you can use with the entire family at one time. Teaching all of the kids together is a great way to create fun family memories while also saving time.

    Elementary, Middle, and High School

    WriteShop is a writing curriculum with a level for every grade from kindergarten through high school.

    Primary = kindergarten 3rd grade

    High School = WriteShop I and II

    The Primary and Junior levels each follow a similar structure. Each unit helps students work through the 4 stages of the writing process brainstorming, first draft, editing and revising, and the final draft.

    There are a total of 10 units for each level, so my family has always studied one unit per month. The teachers guide lists a suggested schedule, but you can of course create a schedule that works for your family.

    How We Improve Your Child’s Writing

    Fun, engaging games that increase vocabulary and improve spelling

    Puzzles and challenges that develop grammar and structure skills

    Inspiring prompts and story creation lessons that spark imaginations

    “The first writing activity my child ASKS to do!”

    “My 10 year old actually trades screen-time that could be used for video games for Night Zookeeper! It has been a huge asset to our homeschool routine.”

    “Ive never seen a child more excited to write!”

    “The first writing activity my child ASKS to do!”

    “My 10 year old actually trades screen-time that could be used for video games for Night Zookeeper! It has been a huge asset to our homeschool routine.”

    “Ive never seen a child more excited to write!”

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    Top Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Options

    Before selecting a homeschool language arts curriculum, you have to study your options. You have to consider the expense of each option, but more importantly, you have to consider what each program will teach your child. There are many different options out there. The growing popularity of homeschooling has made it possible to have all these options.

    Your ability to follow and teach the material as a parent and teacher is critical as well. The ideal program will teach your child everything they need to learn for their grade level and some of the stuff they want to learn while matching the personalities you and your child bring to the plate.

    It is important to remember that you can change curriculums over the years if one isnt working for you and your child. Some parents find that one series is better for their students in grade school but want something with more depth or a different structure. This is a very common thing to do over the course of a childs education.

    That sounds like a tall order, but do not feel discouraged. There are some excellent choices out there, and the following list will introduce you to some of the best options.

    Grammar Goals/objectives For 10th Grade

    How I Choose Language Arts Curriculum || How to Homeschool || Homeschool Language Arts

    More advanced grammar concepts will be incorporated into a students writing during tenth grade. The grammar goals and objectives a tenth grade language arts curriculum should meet, include:

    • Using clauses to convey meaning and add variety to writing.
    • Correcting common sentence errors.

    For more information, please visit our homeschool grammar page.

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    What Does Secular Mean

    Before moving further, lets make sure were on the same page with this. To qualify as secular, a curriculum cannot allow religion to influence the content. This means there is not scripture in the curriculum. There are no religious stories being taught as fact or religious rules being taught.

    Best Classical Christian Approach

    Memoria Press Language Arts Programs

    If you are interested in a language arts program that is thoroughly Classical Christian in its approach, consider the many wonderful offerings published by Memoria Press. A leader in Classical Christian curriculum, Memoria Press does not publish a specific language arts course rather, its language arts programs are divided into more specific categories, such as literature and poetry, penmanship, phonics and spelling, and writing and English grammar. To give your child a complete and engaging Classical Christian language arts education, purchase the grade-appropriate program in each category.

    Memoria Presss literature and poetry curriculum consists of classic literature used alongside teacher and student guides. The guides provide step-by-step lessons and exercises that help students understand the vocabulary, themes, and historical contexts of the literature selections. These guides are excellent at teaching the importance of the stories that the children are reading, and parents and children alike love the literature selections, which range from Frog and Toad Are Friends to Little House in the Big Woods to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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    A Final Year Of High School English/language Arts

    The High School English/Language Arts credit is complex so many pieces to put together. Sometimes, its good to have everything all in one place. You have found your all-in-one-place curriculum right here with A Final Year of High School English/Language Arts and with your homeschooling big sisters commitment to no-busywork!

    Your PDF curriculum is ready for immediate download after purchase. This full-year, adaptable, no busy-work English/Language Arts curriculum for your high school student provides:

    ~ Reading with literary analysis,

    ~ writing instruction ,

    ~ vocabulary,

    ~ a suggested schedule and

    ~ tools to help with grading!

    The literature & writing guides included in this downloadable text will inform and inspire your homeschooling high schoolers without boring or burdening them with busywork.

    Literature guides contain brief background information, important literature terms and themes, vocabulary and analysis questions NEVER enough to kill your teens enjoyment of the book.

    Writing guides contain concise daily lessons that teach four different types of writing skills important for high school students to master . The lessons contain brief information, instruction, and assignments. Rubrics for grading are included.

    Both the literature guides and the writing guides are good for self-instruction, as well as family or co-op classes.

    Heres what each 7Sisters High School English/Language Arts one-year bundle includes:

    Resources For Homeschooling Language Arts

  • Celebrate a Book
  • Here’s the truth: I am NOT a fun homeschooling mom. I mean, I’ve tried, but, it’s just not my strong suit. Celebrate a Book gathers ALL the amazing and creative ideas you need to celebrate a variety of books. It’s all planned out for you with tips, links, and more!

    Once you finish your book, you can celebrate with games, decorations, food, and family or your book club. It’s simple! Just choose from Mary’s list of books and then purchase the guide. She even has a FREE guide available and a FREE book planning guide.

  • Literary Adventures for Kids
  • Reading literature is an important part of homeschooling. That said, it can get boring just giving out reading assignments with dry comprehension questions or same-old-same-old book reports. Enter: Literary Adventures for Kids! This program has courses geared for young ones all the way up through high school age.

    The online platform is easy-to-use and engages the reader with rabbit trails, activities, discussion questions, and an option to throw a book-theme party at the end. You can do these courses as a family or a group. We’ve personally used several classes and I love all the topics covered beyond just reading the book.

  • The Language Theater
  • Looking for an engaging book to teach grammar? Check out The Language Theater! The whimsical drawings and easy-to-follow descriptions are great for kids who need catchy graphics and simple, to-the-point explanations.

  • Spectrum workbooks
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