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Elevator Speech Examples For Students

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Elevator Speech For Arts Policy

What is an Elevator Pitch? Examples for Students and Job Seekers

Hello, my name is Sammy Sagehen, and I am a senior Public Policy Analysis major at Pomona College. As a musician and a student of politics, I would like to explore the overlap of my interests and pursue a career in arts policy. I have interned at a number of nonprofit and government arts organizations, including the Lincoln Center Festival, Americans for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, and I am currently writing my senior thesis about the nonimmigrant artist visa process. I will be in New York City this summer, and I would like to connect with you to learn more about your work at Carnegie Hall. Would you have time to meet for a brief informational interview in August?

Business Management Elevator Speech

Hi, my name is Brad. I am currently a sophomore student attending XYZ University in Wallapallooza, Maparaza. In college, I plan on majoring in business, specifically in the area of finance. This summer I did an internship with the Groundhog Hedge Fund Group and I hope to work in my collegeâs credit union when I return to school this fall. Ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in numbers and I feel certain that this is something I want to do in my future career. Next summer Iâm hoping to get another internship learning more about how the international financial market operates. I also want a career working with people since I enjoy assisting others with their finances and I had a blast this year preparing a presentation as a team with a group of other students for my business management introductory course.â

Be Prepared To Pitch Anywhere

Go out into the world, elevator pitch in hand. After all, you never know when opportunity will come knocking on your door. Once you know what you want to say, memorize your elevator pitch so you can deliver it at any time, adjusting as needed for the particular situation. To further hone your elevator pitch, think of it like a one minute persuasive speech. With that in mind, you may find it helpful to review some persuasive writing examples.

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A Sample Elevator Speech Outline

This model suggestion plan assists you to avoid creating a sales pitch. It must be from your mouth and supporting body language gestures, and about your skills and abilities. Use each idea to write one short powerful sentence.

The 10 speech topics I will explicate right now in the next paragraphs are primers to write a carefully planned and prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words.

Remember: tweak till it fits your personality and decisive nature.

ABOUT YOU1. Smile to your counterpart, and open with a statement or question that grabs attention: a hook that prompt your listener to ask questions.2. Tell who you are: describe you and your company.3. Tell what you do and show enthusiasm.

WHAT DO YOU OFFER4. Tell what problems have solved or contributions you have made.5. Offer a vivid example.6. Tell why you are interested in your listener.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS7. Tell what very special service, product or solutions you can offer him or her.8. What are the advantages of working with you? In what do you differ from competative companies?

HOW DO YOU DO IT9. Give a concrete example or tell a short story, show your uniqueness and provide illustrations on how you work.

10. What is the most wanted response? Do you want a business card, a referral or an corporate appointment for a presentation after your elevator speech?


These are other points, questions and business subjects you could ask:

Describe Your Specialty: Whats Unique About Your Offering

16+ Info Penting Elevator Pitch Examples For Students

The Kiss, 2016, by Carolyn Rogers. Platinum/palladium photograph, 7 x 5. Copyright ©2016 Carolyn Rogers. Used by permission of the artist.

Donna Matrazzo is a writer who breathes life into potentially dense and complicated subjects. Heres how she describes her specialty:

Hi, Im Donna Matrazzo. My business is The Writing Works and Im a science and history writer. My specialty is compelling stories on complex topics — taking highly technical, obtuse, or vast amounts of material and translating that into pieces that are not only understandable to laypeople, but also entertaining and inspiring.

Carolyn Rogers description of her process is thorough, and she manages to make it both poetic and intriguing. Notice how she ends her speech with a call to action in the form of an invitation to her next show and a promise to follow-up.

Before the Wind, 2018, by Sean Carney. Minwax wood stain on wood, 18 x 24. Copyright ©2018 Sean Carney. Used by permission of the artist.

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Tips To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

In addition to creating the perfect elevator pitch, you should also work on sprucing up your delivery. Theres nothing worse than sitting through a boring speech, so make sure yours is anything but. From posture to tone, theres a lot you can practice to make sure you look professional and knowledgeable. Consider these four tips when trying to nail a successful elevator pitch.

Basic Elevator Pitch Template #2

Between and , is a challenge no one should have to face alone.

I help through a combination of , , and . Not only , but , so you can .

Over have with my , and you can too.

Real estate example using this template

Between bidding wars and market fluctuations, navigating the home buying process is a headache.

I help first-time homebuyers achieve their dream of homeownership through a combination of education, financial counseling, and proprietary tools that grant access to off-market listings. Not only do I meet with each client personally to make sure we cover all of your questions and goals, but I also share regular updates with new listings, price changes, and recent sales so you can gain an understanding of market trends.

Over 90 first-time home buyers have gained the confidence to make this all-important decision with my help, and you can, too. Schedule a consult call today to find out how.

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Template : Mutual Understanding

âWilliam Koch, I believe, is someone to whom we both have a connection. Heâs one of our clients. By using our technology, his organization reduced the time it takes to build new software in half. Since your businesses are of a comparable magnitude, the outcomes will probably be the same. Interested in learning more about what we were able to do on his behalf?â

Template 1: Attention Grabber

Sample Elevator Speeches

âHave you ever been told to âwhip up a short report before the day endsâ? You say yes, but your heart sinks because you know it wonât be fast. As marketing professionals, my companyâs founders had to deal with this issue repeatedly. So they built a program that consolidates data and generates reports in under 30 seconds.â

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State Your Companys Mission

Have a clear understanding of what your company does. What’s the company’s mission and goals for its product or service? Include a section in your pitch where you introduce the company. The more you know about the business, the easier it will be to cater your pitch to the person you’re talking to.

For example, “I’m a sales rep at Better Than the Rest Cable. We help hotels across the U.S. pair with the perfect cable provider and plan for their region and needs.

This is a succinct description of what the company does without getting into the weeds. If you were to be cut off after these two sentences, the prospect would still know exactly who you are and what your company does.

Elevator Pitching: What Comes Next

Did you manage to spark the curiosity in your potential employer with your elevator pitch? Congratulations! You made them want to contact you again. Now, its time for the second round. This is what you can expect to happen next on different occasions:

LinkedIn If your pitch was noticed on LinkedIn, you should expect the potential employer to study your profile and send a connection request. Also, they could check out your website or portfolio or message you with some offers.
Formal Meeting If you presented your elevator pitch to someone during a networking event, the next step would be to arrange an actual job interview. If you succeed, people will want to talk to you and know the details of your professional skills.
Website or Blog Did you post your pitch on a website? You can expect the visitors to fill out the contact form, give you a call, or send you an e-mail.
Informal Meeting Was your elevator pitch actually delivered in an elevator? The next step would be to meet in a more formal atmosphere to discuss the further steps of the potential cooperation.

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Uses Of An Elevator Pitch

Of course, an elevator pitch will also come in handy outside the elevator. It is needed for:

  • Career Fairs. A career fair is perfect for demonstrating your potential to a future employer. Keep in mind that the competition among job seekers is incredibly high during these events. So, make sure your pitch is flawless, outstanding, and dynamic!
  • Internal Networking Events. Never underestimate the power of networking! Make friends with your college peers and get to know your professors. The more people you meet, the more career opportunities you obtain.
  • External Networking Events. Are you interested in gaining new connections outside of your educational institution? There are plenty of events devoted to students professional growth. Stay tuned in, keep track of activities, and make sure you dont miss the opportunity to expand your network.
  • Job Interviews. Usually, job interviews start with this phrase: Tell me about yourself. It is the perfect moment to use your elevator pitch! Impress an HR manager within the first few seconds of the interview and increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Your CV. It usually has an about section. You can put your elevator pitch there. It will grab an employers attention and boost your chances of being invited to a job interview.
  • Online Profiles. Do you have a or similar job search websites? You should consider adding your pitch there. This will make the recruiters interested in your professional skills and motivate them to contact you.

Why Is An Elevator Pitch Important

Image result for elevator speech for job seekers examples

An elevator pitch is important because it allows you to sell yourself in such a way that you can land the right opportunities for your dream career path. Elevator pitches bring your key skills to the spotlight and persuade key decision-makers to take interest in your professional capabilities.

At a professional networking event, you can get the 30-60 seconds you need to share your elevator pitch. Business owners are often looking for fresh talent at career fairs and expos. An impressive elevator pitch could be a game-changer in launching your career by leaving a lasting impression with key people. It can help you land a project, internship, job, or volunteering role.

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Writing An Elevator Pitch: A Step

Writing an elevator pitch can be pretty intimidating at first. Talking about yourself is challenging, and fitting everything into a one-minute speech seems impossible.

However, coming up with an effective elevator pitch is a task that any student can handle. This process is similar to writing a standard academic essay and follows the same familiar steps introduction, body, conclusion. Below, you will find a detailed outline for your pitch.

Making An Elevator Pitch



  • An elevator pitch is a quick explanation of your background and experience.
  • A strong elevator pitch summarizes who you are, your skills, and your goals.
  • A career expert shares tips for how different job hunters can make an elevator pitch.

If you’re job hunting, and someone asks you to tell them about yourself or what your goals are, the last thing you want to do is wing it. That’s when your elevator pitch comes in.

What is an elevator pitch? An elevator pitch is a very quick explanation of your background and experience. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Example : Emotionally Driven

While this type of pitch may be more difficult to create, you have a better chance of winning over your audience if you can make your pitch emotionally driven. Its also more likely theyll be willing to share the experience with someone else down the road. Its important to keep the emotions on the lighter side to prevent the conversation from steering too dark. Here is an example to inspire your own speech.

  • It may seem like any other tool, but when you look closely it really is helping teams connect. And not just that, but its helping cultivate teams that actually enjoy working together on new projects. Thats something thats hard to come by, but something everyone is looking for.

What To Include In Your Elevator Speech

Elevator Pitch Examples for Students

Elevator speeches are tricky because you have to communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time. And, no, speaking faster does not solve this problem! Instead, you need to craft an interesting and compelling narrative that leaves your audience asking to learn more about your business.

Heres a quick overview of what your speech should cover.

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How To Hook Your Target Audience With An Elevator Pitch

During an elevator pitch, you know that you have little time and one way of increasing your time is by prompting your target to ask more questions.

Now, when your target gets to ask, you have successfully hooked them and sparked their curiosity to know more.

A hook is a statement solely to get attention, therefore use it as your first sentence in your message, making it about your aims, your audience, and your approach.

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A Foolproof Elevator Pitch Template

Now that you know the basic components of a pitch, the next step is creating your very own elevator pitch. This template can work for just about any situation, from a job interview to pitching a small business or startup. Thats because we analyzed some of the most famous templates from industry expertsfrom Harvard research to Guy Kawasakis art of pitchingto create a foolproof template that will work in any situation.

Plug your information into our elevator pitch template to draft a quick speech. While you wont necessarily recite it word for word, its a great model to keep in mind in case you find yourself in a position where youre not prepared with a personalized pitch.

Whether youre looking for a pitch template for a job interview or for pitching your business, this template is a foolproof example for any situation you might find yourself in.

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Pay Attention To The Nonverbals

Your body language is an essential component of an elevator pitch. A positive attitude and nonverbal communication will make you look confident and comfortable, which will strengthen your presentation, according to Jason Whitney, an associate director at the Career and Professional Development Center at SNHU.

Its not just what you say its the energy with which you approach folks, he said.

There are several tips Whitney and Chapman recommend when meeting and giving your elevator pitch to a potential employer:

  • Dont cross your arms
  • Dont stand too close
  • Dont smoke beforehand
  • Maintain eye contact, and dont forget to blink
  • Offer a strong, firm handshake

In addition to these tips, make sure you look approachable. Even if youre nervous, try your best to relax because your nonverbal communication skills may convey your emotions without you even realizing it.

Elevator Speech For Transportation Industry Application


Hello, My name is Nichole Jackson. I am currently a senior at Boys and Girls High School. I am looking for an entry-level position in the transportation industry. I am very outgoing, able to work independently and work well in situations where I am under pressure, as demonstrated in my last job as a cashier at a busy store. As a cashier, I was able to accurately handle money and interact positively with a lot of different people. I am fluent in Spanish and have good attendance at school, which shows that I am dedicated. I am looking to pursue a career in the transportation and would like to start as a Ticket Agent. I know that my skills and experience will make me a great candidate for the job.

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Elevator Speech For A Career Fair

Hi, Iâm Amelia Malkin. I am a Junior Business Administration major in the Tepper School of Business completing a track in Finance. Last summer I interned with PNC Financial Services as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst in the Derivatives Product Group. Iâm now interested in pursuing a summer internship position with Citi in Sales and Trading where I can utilize my communication skills and solid quantitative abilities. My experience as a student-athlete at Carnegie Mellon has helped me to develop a strong teamwork ethic, time management skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure and these abilities will help me to be successful in a financial services career. Can you describe some common projects an intern would get to work on in the Sales and Trading division?

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