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Church Speeches For All Occasions

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Inviting Visitors Into Your Community

Welcome & Occasion, Sis. Robin Simmons

Fortunately, creating an inviting atmosphere for church attendees isnt typically a very challenging task. When asked, 68% of churchgoers responded that they felt they were part of a group of people who are united in their beliefs and who take care of each other in practical ways.

With that said, its still important to remember that youre also inviting the visitors to join in your service. You dont know which of these have attended churches in the past, who has had bad experiences doing so, and which individuals have never stepped foot in a church before in their lives.

This is why having a thoughtful, pre-designed church welcome speech is important. It enables you to speak to all and sundry without rambling on, forgetting important information, or even in a worst-case scenario accidentally saying something confidential, insulting, or inappropriate.

Sample Church Welcome Speech

Greetings everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning God has given to us!

It has been a week since I have seen you all, although there are some churchgoers of whom are in attendance now in which I had the opportunity to spend the past three days with because of the outreach activity and seminar. It was an eventful and fulfilling activity as we gave out clothes as well as food to the Greenhorn community. There were around 50 families and a total of 300 individuals in which were beneficiaries of the outreach activity. We hope we left a smile on their faces as we are planning to organize another outreach activity within the next few months.

We are thankful to the Lord for giving us another successful activity, giving out provisions and enjoyment to less fortunate communities. But we are also thankful to the God almighty for bringing us new individuals to our church today. May we call out the Jones family as well as the Smith family, and may we please give them a round of applause!

The Joneses and Smiths are on a vacation in our beautiful city for two weeks and were invited by one of our senior pastors, Rev. James, who is a close family friend of the Smiths. Rev. James is actually the godfather of Jon Jones, son of Andre Jones who is the high school classmate of Andre back in the day. I think there is no need to mention what year Andre and Rev. James both graduated.

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Welcome To Church Speech #2

Hi! My name is and were really glad that you decided to join us this morning. If this is your first time at , we want to let you know how excited we are that youre here. I hope that our casual environment will help you feel comfortable. I also want to let you know that . Lastly, please take a moment and fill out the comment card that can be found . Wed love to get to know a little bit more about you, and how we can serve or pray for you.

Lets ask God to bless our time together.

Church Speeches For All Occasions: Pause For Effect

Pin on cricut

The pacing of your speech matters as much as your pacing on the platform. As you write your sermon, you’ll feel those moments when you want to make sure the congregation “gets it.” During those striking moments, don’t be afraid of a little radio silence. Pause for effect when you want certain points to linger. We tend to increase the speed of our speech when we’re hyped up on a certain topic. And that’s okay, too.

Just be sure to keep things varied and dynamic. And don’t be afraid to pause when you want a point to stick in people’s minds.

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Adapt To The Occasion

Not all content is appropriate for all occasions. If you are asked to deliver a speech commemorating the first anniversary of a school shooting, then obviously using humor and telling jokes wouldnt be appropriate. But some decisions about adapting to the occasion are less obvious. Consider the following examples:

  • You are the maid of honor giving a toast at the wedding of your younger sister.
  • You are receiving a Most Valuable Player award in your favorite sport.
  • You are a sales representative speaking to a group of clients after a mistake has been discovered.
  • You are a cancer survivor speaking at a high school student assembly.
  • You are giving an after-dinner speech to the members of your fraternity.

How might you adapt your message and speaking style to successfully convey your message to these various audiences?

Remember that being a competent speaker is about being both personally effective and socially appropriate. Different occasions will call for different levels of social appropriateness. One of the biggest mistakes entertaining speakers can make is to deliver one generic speech to different groups without adapting the speech to the specific occasion. In fact, professional speakers always make sure that their speeches are tailored for different occasions by getting information about the occasion from their hosts. When we tailor speeches for special occasions, people are more likely to remember those speeches than if we give a generic speech.

Church Speeches For All Occasions: Accentuate The Positive

You want to stay positive, encouraging and hopeful instead of using finger-pointing and a condemning tone. When addressing audiences, there comes a time when church leaders need to bring the flock back home. Maybe there’s discord or dissension within the church family. Whatever the case may be, for the most part, one of the best practices for church leaders is to stay positive and hopeful. Remind people they can change or they can embrace Jesus instead of making whatever is going on seem like an uphill battle.

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Statement of Occasion for Church Anniversary of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ

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A List Of Occasion Speech For The Program

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Cover Unique Service Elements

Pin on church

Another worthwhile aspect to include is any particularly important service elements that should be highlighted before the service begins. A few common ones that come to mind include:

Pointing out where visitors can direct prayer requests and other information.

Outlining how visitors can expect the music or sermon to go.

Providing a brief breakdown for visitors on how your junior church program works.

Explaining any less-common elements that visitors should be aware of, like prophetic words, laying on of hands, or speaking in tongues.

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Who Typically Visits A Church

People visit churches for a variety of different reasons. For instance:

  • A visitor might be considering attending church for the first time.
  • Guests might be looking for a new church due to a move or some other life event.
  • Newcomers might simply be visiting from another church.
  • A guest might be on vacation in the area.
  • A visitor might have been invited to the event by a relative who is already an attendee.
  • Newcomers might be a guest speaker or church leaders from another congregation.
  • Still other visitors might be folks who have a home in a nearby location and are curious for more information about your church.

There are a million reasons that someone might attend your church. Im taking the time to list out so many of them here to make one crucial point:

You cant address every visitors reason for being there at the same time.

This is why a church welcome speech is so essential. It needs to speak to your congregation as a whole, including visitors and regular attendees. It needs to invite each and every one of them to come in and engage with your community.

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What Is The Purpose Of The Entertaining Or Special Occasion Speech

Entertaining speeches are almost always special occasion speeches, both of which are designed to captivate an audiences attention and regale or amuse them while delivering a message. Like more traditional informative or persuasive speeches, entertaining speeches communicate a clear message, but the speaking manner used in an entertaining speech is typically different. Entertaining speeches are often delivered on special occasions, such as for a wedding toast, an awards banquet acceptance speech, or a conference motivational speech, which is why they are sometimes referred to as special-occasion speeches. However, they can also be given on more mundane occasions, where their purpose is primarily to amuse audience members or arouse them emotionally in some way. Remember, when we use the word entertain, we are referring not just to humor but also to drama. An entertaining speechs goal is to stir the audiences emotions.

Of all the speech types we come in contact with during our lives, the bulk probably fall into the entertainment category. If you spend just one evening watching a major awards show, such as the Grammys, the Tonys, or the Oscars, youll see dozens of acceptance speeches. While some acceptance speeches are good and others terrible, they all belong in the speaking-to-entertain category.

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A Poem Every Church Needs To Hear

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Avoid The Temptation To Overwhelm With Information

Resist the urge to get sucked down the rabbit hole of treating your welcome speech as an information dump that overwhelms visitors. You obviously want to include basic information for people like the church name or where the bathrooms are, but only include the stuff that is most important. Speak slowly and only say what is absolutely necessary. The rest can follow later on in the service.

Church Speeches For All Occasions: Pray

We saved the best for last. The number one tip for an effective church speech… prayer!

Ask the Lord what He wants you to say. Ask Him to guide you to the right scriptures and tell the right stories. Then, when you’ve crafted something you feel good about, return to the Lord again and ask him to bless your words. Pray that it’ll touch people and that the Word will get into their hearts.

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Church Speeches For All Occasions: Be Authentic

This sounds rather obvious, right? But it can happen from time to time when trying to deliver a speech that resonates… people feel they must act or sound differently.

Sure! You don’t want to stand on the platform speaking in slang or being too informal. But you want to maintain an air of authenticity. Speak as closely as you can to the way you’d normally talk. Don’t use phrases like “utilize your prayer journal daily” when you can say “write in your prayer journal every day.” People can often sniff out someone who’s being disingenuous. Be sure to keep the audience in mind and speak to them as you would a friend in another setting.

It’s Not The Title But The Person That Matters

occasion speeches for church events

One thing that is always the same, regardless of who is talking, is that people are chosen who are confident, comfortable in front of a crowd, and can be trusted to stay on track with the message.

The last thing that you want to do is ask a kid from your youth group to give one of your welcome speeches only to find that theyre including curse words or spouting some random piece of half-baked theology.

However, you choose to select your candidate, make sure theyre an individual that you can trust to come through with a quality delivery on a weekly basis, from covering all of the necessary stuff to simply remembering to give their name.

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