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Center For Speech And Language

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So Much About Myself In A Short Time Already

Caregiver Profile: Kara Larson, MS, CCC-SLP | Boston Children’s Hospital

I have a much better understanding of my sensory profile as well as what things I need to do to self-regulate, and how to communicate those needs to others. These things, combined with an increased awareness of when I’m heading towards overload and shutdown or meltdown, have already helped me to avoid getting to that point as often as I used to.We have also worked on multiple different options for me to be able to communicate when I am unable to speak, which makes what was before a very unsafe situation feel a lot more manageable and safe.


I’ve Been Taking My 8yr Old Son Here For Over 5 Months And It Has Been A Wonderful Experience

They are professional, the office is clean and top-notch. We have been seeing Lucy for speech, because my son was missing some sounds. She has helped him come such a long ways with such ease. They learn a lot through games and fun ideas. She’s always so welcoming to him when we arrive and he really likes his sessions.


The Center For Speech And Language

Offers therapy and treatments for speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders, including problems due to stroke and head trauma/injuries. Our staff is ASHA-certified and state-licensed for speech and language pathology. We will treat you and your family member with the compassion and respect you deserve.

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Do You Have A Child That Struggles With Speech

Individual Speech Therapy

Children can receive weekly individualized attention from our highly trained staff, so they get exactly what they need to improve their skills and become successful communicators. Let us show you why so many families choose the Center for Speech and Language as their trusted partner in helping children reach their full potential!

Speech Therapy For Adult

Speech &  Language

Choosing to improve communication skills in speech therapy can change the path of recovery. Persons suffering from oral cancer, stroke, memory loss, stuttering or Parkinsons Disease can benefit from speech therapy. Adults, may feel less confident and embarrassed when they lack the capacity to communicate accurately. The Center for Speech and Language staff understands the value of communication in preserving a person’s quality of life.

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Center For Speech And Language Pathology Llc

In our life cycle, each means of achievement and advancement depend often on the value of a person’s speech and language skills.

Still, are you aware that one in six persons in America endures some type of speech and language impairment?

Unsolved, communication disorders can adversely affect the emotional, academic, vocational and social qualities of one’s life.

Maximizing Communication And Participation Through Evidence

Providing excellent evidence-based speech-language services and occupational therapy to children and adults. We are a group of highly experienced speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists working as a collaborative team. We are now offering services in 2 new and bright multi-room locations: Westshore and Victoria, as well as community sessions in home, daycares, and private schools.

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Evaluations And Therapy Are Available In The Following Areas:

  • Changes in speech clarity that occur as a result of a stroke or head injury.
  • A language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, frequently caused by a stroke or other brain damage.
  • A total lack of voice.
  • Methods of communication other than speech, such as through the use of an electronic device. Use of AAC can help to give the patient more control and diminish frustration.
  • Cognitive Retraining Following Head Injury:
  • The objective of a cognitive rehabilitation program is to recover a persons capacity to process, construe and respond to environmental ideas, and additionally form procedures and strategies to compensate for functions which are essential in social, familial, occupational, and educational relationships.
  • Fluency Disorders/Stuttering:
  • A speech disorder described by repetition or prolongation of words, syllables, or sounds.
  • Using words to communicate a message, including the ordering of the words, vocabulary, and the practical use of the message.

Center For Language Speech And Hearing

The Future of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

The Center for Language, Speech, and Hearing offers a comprehensive range of clinical services for individuals with communication disorders, differences, or delays. Speech, language, and hearing services provided by the center include both diagnostic evaluations and treatment sessions and are available to individuals of all ages. The center accepts referrals from physicians, health care providers, educators, and related professionals, as well as from parents and guardians self-referrals are also accepted.

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What Can I Expect On My First Appointment

During an individuals first visit to the Marshall Speech and Hearing clinic, a speech-language clinician will perform an extensive evaluation of the clients speech, language, and overall communication skills. This evaluation will be conducted under the supervision of a certified speech-language pathologist. Clients for this clinic can expect to spend around one to three hours at the Marshall Speech and Hearing Center during their first visit. Recommendations may include individualized or small group visits one or two times a week for forty-five to sixty-minute sessions.

Speak Out And Loud Crowd

The Stanley Center for Speech and Language Disorders is providing a two-part therapy program to help those with Parkinson’s disease regain and maintain their speaking abilities. This speech therapy program was developed by Parkinson Voice Project in Richardson, Texas, and is being provided in our clinic at no charge to our Parkinson’s community.

SPEAK OUT!® This program typically consists of 12 speech therapy sessions and daily home practice, emphasizing speaking with intent and converting speech from an automatic function to an intentional act. Upon graduation from SPEAK OUT!, patients transition to the LOUD Crowd.

LOUD Crowd® The LOUD Crowd is a maintenance program for Parkinsons patients to continue practicing the exercises learned in the SPEAK OUT! program and to provide support and encouragement for each other.

LOUD Crowd and SPEAK OUT! sessions are offered face-to-face or via teletherapy.

For more information on SPEAK OUT! or LOUD Crowd please visit the Parkinson Voice Project.

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About The Center For Speech Language And Hearing Disorders

The Lebanon Valley College Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders is a free clinic available to children and adults with communication and swallowing disorders. Evaluations and interventions are provided by graduate student clinicians who are supervised by highly trained clinical educators with years of clinical experience. The speech-language pathology faculty and clinical educators work closely with graduate student clinicians to create treatment plans that use evidence-based practices.

Jennifer H Wilson Mcd Ccc

Speech &  Language

Jennifer, the Director for The Center for Speech & Language, holds a Master of Science in Communication Disorders degree from Auburn University. She has over 30 years experience as a speech pathologist in both educational and medical settings. Jennifer has specific interest in childhood articulation disorders, tongue thrust, as well as, rehabilitation following strokes and head injuries.

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What Can Students Expect

The LVC Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders provides graduate speech-language pathology students opportunities to evaluate and treat individuals under the direct supervision of ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists and an audiologist. With assistance from the clinical educators, SLP students will select and administer appropriate diagnostic tools, determine realistic and appropriate plans of treatment, and provide intervention services to clients in our center. Clinical educators will provide supervision to the SLP students as required by CFCC guidelines.

Speech Pathologists In New Jersey

Full service speech therapy private practice in Princeton and Madison, New Jersey. Also offering pediatric occupational therapy, child psychology, and executive functioning.

Since 1989,our speech-language pathologists and learning specialists have helped childrenand young adults throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania with speech,language, learning, social, and communication difficulties.

In our fast-paced world, well-developed listening, learning, and speaking skills are essential. Parents turn to our full-service speech therapy centers in both Princeton and Madison New Jersey because research has shown that effective speech, language, and social communication therapy and academic support at the right time can greatly improve a childs chances of success in school and in life.

PSLLC is NJs leading center for speech, language, social, and learning services. Whether its improving comprehension skills or working with an individual with social difficulties, ADHD, or an executive function disorder, PSLLC uses the most effective, research-based methods for the most rapid improvement.

At PSLLC we offer speech pathology services plus a variety of treatments and programs highlighted by service excellence and quality of care. We provide a service to our clients that is custom designed for each individuals needs. We also provide an experience that is positive, enriching, and most importantly effective.

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Monmouth Universitys Center For Speech And Language Disorders

Monmouth Universitys Center for Speech and Language Disorders is providing rehabilitation services to the neighboring community.

Therapy is provided weekly throughout the semester by a Monmouth University graduate speech-language pathology student clinician under the direct supervision of a NJ licensed Speech-Language Pathologist who is certified by ASHA . The Center offers both group and individual treatment.

The Center does not currently accept medical insurance. Referrals are accepted from school personnel and physicians, however they are not required. A registration fee is required each semester

For more information please call 732-263-5487 or e-mail .

Inpatient Speech Therapy Services At Umass Memorial Medical Center

Speech and Language Development in Early Childhood

A variety of disorders affecting both adults and children can benefit from speech therapy, including:

  • Receptive and expressive language disorders
  • Dysphagia/feeding problems caused by cancer or varying neurological problems
  • Pediatric Feeding Clinic specializes in treating young children – also available as outpatient care
  • Skull and facial deformities through our Craniofacial Anomalies Clinicalso available as outpatient care

Speech therapists, in partnership with your physician and coordinated care team, will:

  • Provide diagnostic services to you or your child with communication and swallowing disorders
  • Focus treatment to maximize your functional independence and safety level
  • Make recommendations for a discharge plan including communication needs, diet and compensation techniques to optimize function and safety with eating

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All The Ladies Here Are Amazing Great Communication Easy To Find Lots Of Parking

Carla helped us out to find funding where I didnt think I would qualify for. She answered all my questions and was very informative. My son loved working with Yvette. She was silly and made him laugh. She would get on the floor and make learning fun. She had patience when he was having an off day. Very flexible with our busy schedule. Definitely recommend this place.


More Convenient For You & Your Family

Therapy at home is also more convenient for you and your family. You dont have to plan extra time to get to and from an office, deal with traffic, take your other children with you, or figure out coverage. You can get other things done while your child is in a session with us.

We also do Zoom therapy sessions for families who need virtual therapy. We go to your childs school when necessary to work with teachers and support staff. Regardless, we believe strongly that bringing therapy to where your child is at is better for your child and your family.

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Speech Therapy For Children And Teenagers

Since 1977, The Center for Speech and Language has been a prominent provider of speech therapy for children in North Alabama & Tennessee. Our highly skilled and trained speech language pathologists have made a huge impact on the lives of our patients.

Our dedication and care for children has been the foundation of what makes us a trusted provider to our community. Our SLPs use personalized strategies for each childs specific challenge. When therapy improves a childs ability to speak more clearly, the child feels less frustrated and more confident a talking to others.

Pediatric Therapy Where Your Child Is

Metrowest Speech and Language Center, Natick, MA

The Center for Speech & Language Development is a unique private practice because we see children in their home, school, daycare, or wherever they may be on a regular basis in the Chicagoland area. We believe it leads to better outcomes. For example, if your child struggles with the S sound, we can target the sound using a combination of their possessions as well as ours during the session to encourage the most amount of success. By doing this, your child associates the sound with a possession they already like and use. And, since theres no drive time home, when a session is finished you and your child can practice using those same possessions right away. Every little bit helps with carryover and having therapy stick better.

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Ups Store Training Lab

Program Highlights

  • Young adults must be enrolled in our Employment Readiness Workplace Social Skills Program in order to participate
  • Services provided include printing, copying, packaging, laminating, and shredding.
  • Services are free of charge to the public
  • Student interns work for tips
  • Evidence Based Practices facilitating noticeable improvements in students year after year.
  • Social Skills classes are weekly for 2 hours throughout the year
  • Students work with world renowned vocal coaches and choreographers daily
  • Weekly field trips include visits to network TV sets and theatrical experiences

Aboutsuffolk Center For Speech

At Suffolk Center for Speech and Myofunctional Therapy, we recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence. We believe that everyone has the right to better communication in order to improve their quality of life.

Our mission is to provide exemplary speech/language and feeding services for each of our patients by our highly qualified clinicians, making a positive difference in the lives of our patients so that they may achieve their highest potential.

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For Suny Cortland Students In The Communication Disorders And Sciences Major

The Center for Speech, Language and Hearing Disorders is the campus training site for graduate student clinical experiences at SUNY Cortland. Graduate students may also have the opportunity to provide community-based services. Clinical experiences begin the first semester of graduate school and this hands-on learning is invaluable for externships and future career goals.

Diversity Equity And Inclusion Task Force Mission

Childhood Speech and Language Delays

The mission of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force of the Ph.D. Program in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences is to promote our continued commitment to foster a responsive environment that engages, respects, and supports individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We value all genders, sexual identities, races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, abilities, beliefs, viewpoints, and their intersectionality. We strive to ensure that all members of our community are presented with equitable opportunities to flourish academically and professionally.

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About Speech And Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathology team provides services to NIH patients with oral motor, speech, language, voice, cognitive, and swallowing language and other cognitive impairments. Goals are directed towards optimizing function and enhancing quality of life.

Clinical tests are performed to assess the effects of patients’ impairments on functional communication or swallowing in order to determine the best course of clinical management and effect positive outcomes. Specialized studies are conducted to objectively assess physiological function of the oropharynx, and to assess and treat language and communicative discourse abilities in neurologically impaired populations. Infants and children with various genetic or developmental conditions are assessed to establish accurate diagnosis and to provide clinical recommendations to local programs.

Staff members serve in both collaborative and independent clinical research capacities. Research is conducted in swallowing, voice and language and discourse functions. Research studies use brain mapping procedures, on-line cognitive measures and video-fluoroscopic imaging along with computerized voice analysis and stroboscopy to assist in understanding changes caused by medical, neurological or genetic conditions.

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What Is Language Therapy

Language therapy can target both spoken and written language. Language focuses on vocabulary, sentence structure, and word structure. This could be a child working on developing words, a child working on developing appropriate sentence structure, or an adult working on regaining communication following a stroke.

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I Have High Praise For The Staff At Victoria Speech And Language

My SLP and OT are both lovely, professional, highly qualified, punctual and they have a genuine interest in helping our son reach his full potential. It is always a pleasure to attend his sessions. The front desk staff are warm and helpful. Carla is energetic, organized, friendly and always available if we have questions.


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In an early January game against Clayton State, Detrek Browning waited calmly behind the three-point line while teammate Brandon Parker battled for a loose ball in the lane. Eventually, Parker swatted the ball towards Browning, who gathered it in, paused to set himself and casually flipped in a three-pointer that etched his name into a prominent place in the FMU record books. With that relatively unremarkable basket, Browning became something quite remarkable the leading career scorer in the schools almost 50-year-old history.

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FMU Basketball standout Detrek Browning

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