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Best Text To Speech Voices

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The Top 5 Female English Ai

Best Text To Speech Voices FREE [2022]

With Typecast AI, you can start a new project, enter the text you wish, and select from various characters.

Characters can be chosen for each sentence, and you control the speed of each characters speech and the length of the pause between sentences.

Typecast allows you to adjust the pronunciation of words by adjusting the spelling and spacing between words.

Once youre done, you can download or share the audio. Here are the top 5 Typecast AI-Generated voices and why.

What Is A Video Without A Good Voice Over

That tells the actual story. With Murf text to speech software, you can now create convincing and realistic sounding voice overs in a matter of minutes, save money and time. Use the AI-powered tool to seamlessly convert text to natural sounding speech.Eliminate the complex, strenuous, and time-consuming process of hiring a voice over artist, renting out a studio, and investing in expensive recording equipment and editing software, ultimately, saving valuable time, money, and resources. In three simple steps, generate a studio-quality, professional-sounding voice over from scratch.Murf Studio changes the way you create and edit voice overs. Choose from a wide range of 120+ natural sounding voices in 20+ languages and accents across age, gender, emotions, and tonalities. From product and explainer videos, ads and promotional videos, and eLearning course modules to audiobooks, YouTube videos, and Podcasts. Murf’s comprehensive library of natural sounding voices covers a myriad of use cases.The feature-rich text to voice platform is laden with all the tools you need for efficient voiceover production, including the ability to sync voiceovers with images, videos, and background music, taking away the need to integrate a third-party tool. Murf also offers voice cloning as a service. You can create custom voice that suits your brand positioning by signing for a custom voice demo.

Corporate Onboarding Voiceover Generator

Corporate onboarding voiceover generator is quite a mouthful, but these tools will help you improve your employee engagement and learning experience.

Are you onboarding new employees? Then you know this process can either be swift and efficient or a never-ending nightmare. Nevertheless, the key to successful onboarding is to have accessible learning materials and tutorials in one place.

While you can use, e.g., YouTube videos for corporate training, its better to create your own training videos and custom video content in general. And the best part is that there are excellent text to speech tools to help you in this endeavor.

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Text To Speech Applications List:

Play.ht enables users to create excellent voiceovers with more than two hundred texts to speech Artificial Intelligence voices from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM.

This tts is available in more than fifty languages to transcribe from text to audio.


  • More than two hundred and fifty natural texts to speech voice features are a part of play.ht.
  • Multi voice support and unlimited revision
  • Podcast hosting
  • Email Subscription

Getting started

Play.ht is simple to use the app. It requires users to download the chrome extension for play. Ht.

Users can go to the drafts page and click on the publish with audio button and listen to your article.


  • Bloggers on the medium can convert their articles into podcasts instantly.
  • Voice overs are helpful to create audibles for existing articles. Audio versions of newsletters are useful for marketing purposes.


The Blogger plan costs $90 per year and converts up to one lakh twenty thousand words into audio per year.

The publication plan costs $240 per year and converts up to three lakh sixty thousand words into audio per year.

The Business plan costs $640 per year and converts up to twelve lakh words into audio per year.

Advantages Of Using A Voiceover Generator

Best Speech to Text Voice Notes Dictate Translate

High-quality e-learning requires adequate tools. Great voice generators and speech software can improve your employees learning experience. Text to speech voice generators can easily be used to:

  • Assist content creators

  • Make professional podcasts

  • Turn any text into an audio file

Artificial intelligence peaks everyones interest. With all the AI videos and AI voices, some people might think were living in 3022. But truth be told, AI is not the future but the present of speech synthesis and even video editing.

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How To Choose The Right Text

Still confused about finding the right text to speech software? Find out more about it in this advice section.

Character Limit

When searching for a TTS software for reading, you have to take the character limit into consideration. This means that if a software is under 200 characters, dont expect to be reading your favorite novel out loud. So we suggest that you decide how much characters you need for your software and then make a purchase based on that.

Notevibes has over 5,000 characters for free. So thats enough for a few paragraphs. There are options that have this level of usage but expect to pay more if you want to have over 1,000,000 characters to write.

As we said earlier, its all dependent on your needs. If youre a commercial business needing a voice to speak for your organization, then youll want a high credit limit. But for personal usage, you can get something a lot cheaper.

Voice Speed

Voice speed is the level of how fast the TTS software relays your reading. This means that for slower readers, youll want something that can give you control over the speed. Try using MWS Reader if you need voice control and Oddcast has features that can even let you optimize the reverb, speech, and pitch of the voices!


The number of supported languages will come to mind when searching for a good TTS software. If you need something simple, go for Text 2 Speech, as it has language options in both English and Hindi.

Comprehensive Privacy And Security

  • The Speech service, part of Azure Cognitive Services, is certified by SOC, FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and ISO.
  • Your data remains yours. Your text data isn’t stored during data processing or audio voice generation.
  • View and delete your custom voice data and synthesized speech models at any time. Your data is encrypted while its in storage.
  • Backed by Azure infrastructure, the Speech service offers enterprise-grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability.

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What Is Text To Speech Software

As the name suggests, Text To Speech software is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence to convert text into natural-sounding speech. This way you can Listen to your eBooks or any other piece of writing without having to read it yourself.

The best part about this Text-to-Speech software is that some are online and available for free, that is you can access it with any device. And some even come with additional features like the sound studio to merge and enhance audio results, custom pronunciation, playback speed, etc.

So basically, you can feed any text document to this software and they will read it out loud for you!

Text to speech apps is a great way to create voiceovers for your videos and presentations. They can also be used as an educational tool, where students can input their texts and hear them spoken back in a voice that sounds like a real person.

  • Teachers can use this software to help students with reading difficulties or learning disabilities.
  • Students can use them to practice pronunciation while theyre learning a new language or as part of a project such as a narration or presentation where they have to read from prepared notes rather than speaking off the cuff.
  • Businesses and other organizations can use text-to-speech software for their own presentations, including sales pitches and training videos for employees who arent available at all times .
  • Why Use Text To Speech

    Murf AI Premium Plan for FREE || Best Text to Speech Software With Natural Voices

    Theres a variety of circumstances where TTS can help keep students engaged and learning. For instance:

    • Recorded presentations let you create the experience of attending a lecture
    • Audio versions of course texts make it easier to access course material for students who are visually impaired or struggle with reading comprehension
    • Audiobook versions of self-published eBooks open up a new revenue streampeople who would never read a 300-page book about your subject might be willing to buy something they could listen to on the drive to work
    • Video adds flavor to your course, giving your students a break from course materials and quizzes
    • Repurposing blog content by turning articles into a narration that you can use in voiceovers, and videos
    • Accessibility for the visually impaired text to speech is a great way to accommodate those who can hear better than they can see

    In all these instances, TTS saves you the time it would take to record an audio track in person. In fact, once youve got a TTS tool set up the way you want it, your only major time investment is writing the material.

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    What Male Voices Are Available In Voxbox

    1) Steven

    If you are looking for a British English voice, there are 8 voices to choose from, but I would recommend Steven, his voice is also used in voiceover for Broadcast and News reports, video games, podcasts


    Maybe you would be interested in Hindi English, there are 4 voices to choose from, and I would recommend Raghav’s voice cause his breath, pause, and speed are perfect.


    If you are looking for an American English voice, there are 13 voices to choose from, but most people choose David, his voice is also used in voiceover for news reports, English training, and marketing.


    If you are looking for a Korea voice, there are 4 voices to choose from, Chin-hwa is a good voice to used in voiceover for Broadcast and News reports, audiobooks and podcasts.

    5) Sinzo Abe

    If you are looking for a Japanese real people voice, there are 4 voice to choose from, and Sinzo Abe’s voice used to be in news report, anime flime, even intresting audiobooks.

    Reasons To Choose Playht

    Heres why play.ht can be the best text-to-speech tool for your needs…

    Were laser focused on your needs and are entirely driven by user feedback. Check out our public roadmap here.

    We have a culture where we share everything before releasing it in our group.

    Weve been recognized by some the best tech communities and featured on on the most trusted sources on the internet such as the Harvard University and Product Hunt to name a few.

    With play.ht, you can listen to your text without using up your word credit as many times as you want, no limits. The only platform to do so.

    With our Zapier integration coming soon, you can integrate play.ht across 1000s of applications.

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    Google Cloud Text To Speech

    As with any other important technology, Google has its own version. Googles text to speech app is a part of Speech Services, and it is designed to improve the accessibility of devices. The mobile app is developed by Google and Android, and the screen reader is free to use.

    Needless to say, the quality of Googles TTS is more than good, and it is one of the simplest ways to use this type of app if you own an Android-based device. However, you only get a limited number of free text characters you can convert to audio per month. Afterwards, youll need to pay.

    What Is Podcast Marketing

    Top 10 Best Voice to Text Apps for iOS (2018)

    Podcasting helps companies to tell captive stories about their brands anywhere, anytime. Digital audio files of spoken words can be called podcasts.

    However, this podcast content needs to be fun, quirky and filled with quick information.

    Unlike videos and podcasts need far more gripping content for the listeners to stay tuned in.

    Recording at least three to four episodes before the launch, maintaining an outreach list of bloggers, product users, and social media followers before the podcast launch.

    It would be helpful since iTunes requires up to three days after submission to show it on their lists are useful tips to ensure you have a maximum outreach.

    Weekly, fortnightly, and monthly podcast episodes are great, depending upon the content relevance, time, and energy.

    Twenty to sixty minutes is an ideal length of a podcast episode.

    Using guests, preferable with a high audience, social media promotion, convert it into a video and post on , transcribe, and run a content as a part of the podcast are some of the good ways to promote your podcasts.

    Podcast marketing enables brands to build better engagement with their existing customers and help them attract potential leads.

    The feedback received from one episode can also be the topic for the next one. Answering customer queries from the previous episode help to build trust.

    Benefits of podcast marketing

    • Enables brands to build a connection with their audience

    Why should companies leverage podcast marketing?

    Crime Junkie

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    Convert Text To Speech In Mp3 Format

    From video games to commercials to podcasts to training videos, we encounter voiceovers everywhere. When it comes to creating a video with a voiceover, there are several critical aspects to be kept in mind. While the quality of the video is one of them, the audio is equally important because it helps to deliver the message as intended and forms the basis of what will capture the attention of the audience. When creating audio content like audiobooks or podcasts or audio ads like Spotify ads or Radio ads, voiceover becomes a core aspect to deliver the story. In other words, a professional voiceover can give a much-needed boost to usual and ordinary content.

    This is where text to speech plays its part. Text to speech software simplifies the process of converting text files to audio, making content readily accessible to everyone. The converted audio file can be downloaded in the form of a .mp3, .wav, .wma, or .flac files.

    mp3 is one of the most popular and preferred file formats because of its compact file size, compatibility with digital media players, and good sound quality. To convert your text to professional-sounding text to speech mp3 with natural voices, all you have to do is download the rendered voiceover file in mp3 by choosing the â.mp3â option. And, tada! You have your tts in mp3 format ready.

    Standard Tts Vs Neural Tts

    Before diving into the world of text to speech, its important to know the difference between standard and neural TTS tools.

    • Standard TTS is the older approach. When you think of artificial, stiff sounding TTS, youre thinking of this. But standard TTS has the benefit of being cheaper than neural TTS. Plus, a lot of the software available today lets you make adjustments to standard output, so you can change the length of pauses, the speed of speech, and how words are pronounced.
    • Neural TTS draws on neural network technology, or AI, to generate more natural-sounding speech. In essence, a computer program is fed thousands of hours of human speech, accompanied by text, and learns how to imitate a human reading something aloud. Dont let that creep you out, though. Even if its more expensive than standard TTS, neural TTS can create some truly lifelikeand listenableaudio.

    To date, the only way to get free neural TTS services is to sign up for a trial for a paid service.

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    Indian Accent Text To Speech

    Text to speech Indian accent voices make it easy to create online lectures, audio guides and voice over for the Indian audience.Narakeet uses the best Indian voice generators, and our Indian accent text to speech sounds natural and lifelike, so it will help you engage your listeners.

    Text to speech online MP3 Indian voice is easy to make with Narakeet. Simply upload your script as a Word document, and get an Indian voice over in a few moments. Use Narakeet as an Indian text to speech video maker and produce videos from Powerpoint files.

    How Do I Convert Text

    5 Best Free Text to Speech Software with Natural Voices | 2022 [Free TTS]

    To make text to speech MP3 with natural voices, use the Narakeet text-to-audio tool, and click on the plus button next to the voice selector. A set of additional options will show, including the file format. Select the MP3 format from the drop-down and enter the script for the audio, then click the Create Audio button. Narakeet text to voice generator will create your text to audio mp3, and you will be able to download it in a few seconds.

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    T2s: Text To Voice/read Aloud

    T2S is another interesting app, and it is quite easy to use. You can open text files, including PDF and ePub, and the app will read the highlighted content to you. You should know that this is a mobile version of the app, and it only works on Android.

    If you are an iOS user, you wont be able to use it, which can be quite limiting for many people.

    Top 16 Best Text To Speech Software

    An extensive list of popular Text to Speech Software with features, pricing, and comparison. Select the best text-to-speech software from here:

    Text to speech is a specialized speech synthesis application that reads digital and written aloud. The application has several use cases and is used by everyone, right from professionals and students to small children and adults.

    Text to speech tools is extremely helpful for the visually impaired and people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. The software also assists people in learning to speak a new language and helps them overcome language barriers.

    What You Will Learn:

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