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Best Speech Pathology Grad Schools

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What Are The Admission Requirements

Speech Pathology Career Profile

Admission requirements may make students question how to prepare for graduate school. Although requirements vary, many programs ask applicants for the same basic information. For example, prospective students almost always need to have a bachelor’s degree.

Some programs may be selective about coursework and require applicants to have majored in certain subjects or completed certain courses in communicative disorders. Other programs accept applicants from any academic background.

Institutions almost always ask potential enrollees to submit admission essays and resumes. Some schools require students to submit GRE scores and possess a certain GPA or higher.

How Much Can I Make With A Masters In Speech Pathology

With a masters in speech pathology from a best speech pathology school, you can expect to earn a median salary of $80,480 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This salary averages out to be $36.69 per hour.

Where you work and your geographic location also matters.

For example, speech pathologists who work in nursing and residential care facilities earn an average of $95K, and those who work for state, local, and private schools earn $71K.

The salary of a speech pathologist who work for hospitals and doctors offices fall in the middle of that range.

What Is A Masters In Speech Pathology

If youre reading this page, theres a good chance youve already completed a bachelors degree in speech pathology. There, you learned the fundamentals on which the speech therapy profession sits.

With a masters degree, youll supplement your fundamental knowledge with more nuanced theories and detailed descriptions of communication disorders.

Most masters programs are two years, although speech pathology students can take longer to finish the required credits. In those two years, graduate students take intensive classes and supplement their knowledge with clinical experience. Some classes that will prepare students are:

  • Assessment & Treatment of Pediatric Dysphagia
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Seminar
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

While every masters program has different requirements, applying students should have the following materials and degrees:

  • A bachelors degree in speech therapy or a similar major.
  • A background check
  • A 3.0 or higher GPA, although some schools will look for a 2.5 or higher GPA
  • Up to three letters of recommendation
  • An updated resume
  • A purpose statement

Some masters programs may accept you if you have a different bachelors degree, but you must take prerequisite classes before your masters program technically begins.

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University Of Texas At Austin

Master of Science in Speech-Language and Hearing Studies

Austin, Texas

UT Austin students can enroll in a Master of Science in Speech-Language and Hearing Studies. The speech language pathology program provides students with the skills needed for ASHA certification. A total of 57 credit hours are required, and students can finish the program in five semesters if taken full-time. The university also offers this degree in a bilingual specialization. Some of the courses in the speech pathology program include:

  • Preschool Language Disorders

Master of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Tucson, Arizona

The University of Arizona offers a Master of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences degree. This masters is a great option for students to advance their knowledge of communication issues. And its designed to teach the skills needed for a career as a speech pathologist.

A total of 36 credit hours are needed to complete this speech pathology program. It is an on-campus program that will take at least two years to finish. Clinical training takes place at various clinical practicum sites in the community. Plus, students will also gain hands-on skills at the UA Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic.


  • CAA Accreditation in Audiology and SLP

Tuition: $12,106

Misrepresentation Of Academic Credentials

Speech Language Pathology School: 10 Tips for Surviving Grad School ...

Misrepresentation of academic credentials includes presenting information known as false and with the intent of obtaining employment or admission to an educational program at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Statements made and documents supplied by University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences applicants and students must be complete and accurate. The University will not tolerate any misrepresentation by a student or applicant of past or current academic programs, degrees, or professional accomplishments. If unexplained discrepancies appear between statements or documents provided to University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences and information obtained otherwise, except in the case of misspellings and other such inadvertent errors, applicants may be rejected for admission and enrolled students may be dismissed.

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Ms In Speech Language And Learning Program

Northwestern Universitys masters and doctoral degree programs combine intensive classroom lectures and on-campus and off-campus clinical experiences that result in exceptional training for students. The seven-quarter masters degree curriculum features innovative and responsive courses that train students in evidence-based decision-making, critical use and application of concepts, and professional leadership. Every quarter addresses specific aspects of effective speech-language pathology practice, such as client context.

The immersive curriculum demands that students be fully focused on both academic coursework and clinical practice. Students must complete on-campus clinical rotations every quarter on campus and two full-time, off-campus, 11-week placements.

Every masters degree student must have an approved academic program as advised by an adviser and committee. Students must comply with the universitys strict academic integrity standards, including satisfactory academic progress. In general, students must complete their studies within five years of their initial registration or be placed on probation.

Tuition and Financial Assistance:

Northwestern offers several ways of reducing the cost of attendance for graduate students. Take note that the financial aid opportunities for graduate and post-graduate students are different Ph.D. students have more opportunities, such as tuition scholarships, stipends, and assistantships than masters degree students.

Did you know?

Case Western Reserve University

Master of Arts Speech Language Pathology

Cleveland, Ohio

Case Western Reserve University offers an MA in Speech-Language Pathology degree on campus. To complete this degree, students must complete 45 credit hours or coursework. And they must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA throughout the program. They will also undergo 375 hours of supervised clinical experience.

Students in the speech pathology program will also need to complete a thesis or pass oral and written exams. The thesis option requires six hours of thesis credit and an oral defense. In addition, each student will work with an advisor to create an individual plan of study based on their professional goals. Prospective students must have taken at least one biology, statistics, and physics or chemistry course for admission.


  • CAA Accreditation in Audiology and SLP

Tuition: $49,358

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Nashville, Tennessee

Vanderbilt University offers a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology degree. It is administered through the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. A total of five semesters and 49 credits are needed to complete the program. Students can generally earn this degree in 20 to 24 months.

Interested students can also conduct a research project in communication sciences and disorders leading toward their masters thesis if they desire.


  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
  • CAA Accreditation in Audiology and SLP

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Speech Pathology Masters Programs No Gre Required

Traditionally, advanced degree programs have been known to require applicants to take the GRE test. But some have stopped requiring test scores for admission. Studies have shown that GRE scores and student success arent directly linked, as was once believed. Some schools allow prospective students to waive test results if they have previous relevant work experience or meet minimum GPA requirements.

Here is a list of universities with SLP programs that dont require GRE scores, according to ASHA EdFind:

  • Andrews University
  • California State University, San Marcos
  • Florida International University
  • Universidad Ana G. Mendez Recinto de Gurabo
  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • University of Puerto Rico, San Juan

University Of Colorado Boulder

SLP Grad School – My Journey to Acceptance

Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology

Boulder, Colorado

Become qualified to work as a speech therapist in a diverse range of settings with the Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Colorado Boulder. The program combines a foundation of theoretical and clinical knowledge that students can apply to their careers. Completing the degree program qualifies students for the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Colorado State licensure to work in public schools. The two-year program concludes with one or two full-time internships and either a comprehensive examination or a thesis. Clinical experiences are typically held at the University of Colorado Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic. Supervised off-campus opportunities in the Boulder/Denver metro region are also available.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $11,484 / $30,384

Masters of Arts in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

East Lansing, Michigan

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $18,132 / $35,628

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Certifications And Licensure For Speech Pathology Majors

Many speech pathologists pursue certifications and licenses to enhance their expertise and earning potential. Although most speech pathologist positions do not require certification, earning certification makes candidates more competitive in the job market. Below, we outline three licenses and certifications for speech pathologists.

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What Is The Best Way To Get Into Slp Grad School

There arent really any shortcuts when it comes to getting into SLP grad school. If you earn a bachelors degree and maintain a good GPA, get an acceptable score on the necessary graduate entrance exam, and gain some volunteer experience in the field, you have a great chance of getting into SLP grad school.

Most Affordable Online Speech Pathology Master’s Degrees

AAC in the Schools: Best Practices for Intervention

Prospective speech-language pathologists must earn a master’s degree to practice in the field, and they may choose from several affordable online options. The demand for these practitioners is rising fast, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that more than 45,000 new jobs will emerge in the 2020-2030 period.

Below, we’ve ranked the most affordable online speech-language pathology master’s degrees, with annual tuition rates ranging from $4,086 to $22,496. We also provide information about the degree, such as common courses, the cost and funding options, and potential career paths for graduates.

You can read more about our ranked schools below or browse our rankings of the most affordable online master’s programs. View our methodology or learn more about OnlineU.


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What Does A Career In Speech Pathology Look Like

Rewarding Work
A degree in speech pathology positions individuals to make a positive difference in others lives. Speech pathologists get to use the information they learn to help individuals cope with challenges that impact their daily lives.
Higher Earning Potential

While individuals with a bachelors degree in speech pathology can often work as medical assistants in this field, they miss out on the higher earning potential that graduates with a masters degree enjoy. According to the BLS, speech pathologists earn a median salary of $79,120 per year, while medical assistants earn $34,800 per year.

Option to Work as a Traveling Speech Pathologist
Graduates with a masters in speech pathology qualify for jobs as traveling speech pathologists. These professionals get to see different parts of the country by switching employment locations about every three months.
Job Security

Since the BLS projects jobs for speech pathologists to grow 25% between 2019 and 2029, these professionals enjoy above-average job security.

Work-Life Balance
Speech pathologists typically only work business hours, unlike many other professionals in the medical field. Some speech pathologists who work for school districts even benefit from paid summers off.

Master Of Arts And Master Of Science In Speech

Pitt offers two masters degrees in speech-language pathology a master of arts and a master of science with each program resulting in advanced knowledge and skills necessary to become a top-notch speech pathologist. Both programs also feature a low 14-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio.

However, admission is competitive, with applicants requiring a bachelors degree with at least a 3.0 GPA. Preferential treatment may be given to applicants with a bachelors degree in communication and speech disorders since their education meets the programs prerequisites. Applicants with non-related bachelors degrees must coordinate with academic advisors to plan their academic paths.

Pitts program is ranked third in the United States, thanks to its rigorous curriculum that equip students with a keen understanding of the roles and responsibilities of speech pathologists. Students are also provided with a solid foundation in ethics, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the workplace, and empathy for patients.

Tuition and Financial Assistance:

Since Pitt is a public university, its graduate tuition and fees are affordable. The tuition for full-time, in-state graduate students is $27,590 per academic year and $13,795 per term. All students in the program will be charged tuition for four academic terms and summer sessions aside from the lab fees, medical requirements, and physical examinations.

Campus Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Accreditation: CAA

Graduation Requirements:

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How Much Does An Online Master’s In Speech Pathology Cost

The eight schools ranked above represent the most affordable options for an online master’s degree in speech pathology. The median annual tuition rate on this list is $14,950.

Online tuition can be more affordable than in-person tuition. Colleges often charge the same rate or lower for online degrees as for campus programs, and public schools may even charge the in-state rate regardless of an online student’s residency.

In addition to tuition, students will need to buy school supplies, such as textbooks, and pay assorted fees. However, online students don’t need to consider a college’s room and board costs or commute expenses.

After graduating, prospective SLPs need to pay ASHA for certification, which can cost $250-$550 a year. To help alleviate costs, online students should apply for as much financial aid as possible.

To Get Into Speech Language Pathology School Focus On Getting Involved

Speech Pathology Grad School – Get in with a low GPA!

If you know an SLP program is right for you, get involved in the field. Your GPA and GRE scores are important. But putting in the effort and time to observe, volunteer, work, and network in the field may help you stand out as a competitive candidate. Show the admissions committee you have knowledge and experience in the SLP field, and you are ready to move forward with this career.

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University Of Wisconsin Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison offers a practitioner track and a PhD track for its MS program, the MS in Speech-Language Pathology, and the MS in Normal Aspects of Speech, Language, and Hearing.

Graduates with an MS in Speech-Language Pathology can be licensed to practice or certified as teachers in the state of Wisconsin.

Students applying without all of the required prerequisite courses may apply to the Capstone Program at UWM for a certificate of completion in preparation for graduate coursework.

All applicants must meet UWMs requirements for graduate school. The department has eliminated the GRE as a requirement.

The speech pathology program at UWM shows a strong record of student completion, exam success, and employment.

First-year students complete at least 25 hours of clinical observation second-year requirements include a minimum of 100 hours of supervised clinical practice. A thesis is optional and may be replaced with research work.

What Can I Expect From A Master’s In Audiology And Speech Pathology Program

When preparing for graduate school, it is important to consider the requirements of the program and your own academic and professional goals. A master’s in audiology and speech pathology program typically requires students to complete 30-60 credits of classes in linguistic and cognitive development and communication disorders. In addition, students must complete required fieldwork and practicums.

Speech-language pathologists must be comfortable working with clients of all abilities and ages, have an inclusive mindset, and care about health and research.

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Applying To An Online Master’s In Speech Pathology Program

Master’s programs in speech-language pathology are often highly competitive. Over the last decade, ASHA reports that the field has increased in popularity, causing colleges to increase enrollment while staying selective. In 2019, schools offered admission to 39% of applicants. Please note that this data is not exclusive to online programs.

In 2019, schools offered admission to 39% of applicants.

It’s important to know that some schools only admit new cohorts into online SLP master’s programs every other year at the beginning of fall or spring. Therefore, applicants should plan accordingly. Furthermore, most colleges require the following items during the application process.

Prepare For The Slp School Personal Interview

Top Speech

Many SLP programs require prospective students to participate in an interview. If you have been invited to interview, it means you have met the basic eligibility requirements and the faculty believe you are a good candidate.

Interviews may be one-on-one with a clinical or academic faculty member. There also may be multiple phases in the interview process. Some interviews include a panel interview with multiple faculty members and current graduate students. Some SLP programs conduct group interviews with multiple applicants or require a brief essay. You also may be given a tour of the department and meet faculty and students.

If you are invited to interview with a school, research their interview process. Do not hesitate to contact the program with questions. It is best to be thoroughly prepared.

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