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Best Spanish Language Movies On Netflix

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Good Spanish Movies On Netflix To Learn The Language From

Best Spanish Movies on Netflix in 2020 (UPDATED!)

Your favorite activities, like watching Netflix, can become opportunities to sharpen your Spanish listening comprehension.

And when it comes to learning Spanish, there are tons of movies available in different genres, dialects, and levels of difficulty, so youre sure to find several movies that fit your specific language goals and entertainment tastes.

If youre hoping to use Netflix as a language learning tool, youll also benefit from the Language Learning with Netflix Browser Extension for Chrome.

Now, grab the popcorn and dive into this list of the best Spanish movies on Netflix to learn from.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the availability of these Netflix movies will vary based on your location. If you dont find what youre looking for, you can also type Spanish into the search bar to see Spanish movies available in your country.

On the list:

Who Would You Take To A Deserted Island

When you are living among friends, you feel like you are at the top of the world and can achieve anything. However, the reality out there is not as nice, and will often put you in your right place. This is exactly what happens to the four friends, who are the central characters of this film. They have all been living together, but when they are about to face the world outside, they wonder what are the challenges that await them. The film boasts of fine performances from the actors, along with an interesting approach to the cinematography by director Jota Linares. He uses handheld cameras so that there is a certain level of intimacy which we can form with the characters, thus helping us to get lost in their stories in the process.

Whisper Of The Heart 1995

Studio Ghibli has brought us moving, remarkable animated films such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Princess Mononoke. One of Studio Ghiblis most overlooked movies is Yoshifumi Kondous Whisper of the Heart, which finds magic in the ordinary every day. Shizuku is a young girl with great aspirations to become a writerthe only thing stopping her is herself. When she comes across a curious antique shop, she befriends a mysterious boy and his grandfather, who are just the push she needs to look inward and discover her own artistic capabilities.

If you have ever wanted to create something bigger and better than yourselfa story, a song, a poem, a painting, a work of artthen Whisper of the Heart will excite you, will call to you, will remind you to answer your hearts calling.

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Explore Netflix In Spanish

With tutoring, you can be fluent in Spanish in 3 months, but immersing yourself in Spanish-language entertainment brings the fun. What are the benefits of watching Netflix in Spanish?

Watching movies in Spanish is cool. Even if you dont catch 100% of the dialogue, you passively reinforce correct Spanish. Nothing beats a little edutainment, right?

Lite 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Netflix Spain Movies: The Best Titles to Watch Now

Three kids from a poor neighborhood win scholarships to the best high-school in Spain and later find themselves at the center of a murder. There is a lot that comes to the surface from the working-class kids clashing with the wealthy. Themes of money, power, religion, and even sexuality make this show so compelling that I never felt like I needed a murder to keep watching.

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Best Spanish Movies On Netflix In September 2022

Watching Spanish movies on services like Netflix is one of the ideal options to learn if you are interested in the language from polishing your listening and analysis skills to focusing on your dialect.

In fact, a ton of excellent Spanish-language entertainment is available on the platform, as mostly people think that these are the best movies on Netflix.

However, deciding what to watch and where to watch it might be confusing. To find good Spanish movies on Netflix, youll need to search them by title as they might not appear in the suggestions. So, here is the list you can start your search with.

Why Audio Description Is Your Best Friend For Improving Listening Skills

My personal favorite feature for learning Spanish is audio description, which exists for some but not all Spanish shows on Netflix. The reason I like this is that you can see the picture and know that the audio is describing exactly what you see. Therefore, the context will help your understanding and the Spanish audio description will assist your listening skills. This feature allows you to hear what you see, which improves comprehension and also boosts your vocabulary. It is an intense but fruitful way to immerse yourself in a language.

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So Here It Goes: The Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

The Fury of a Patient Man

This popular Spanish movie is a thriller that delves into the violent nature of humans. It is both tense and fascinating. This is a movie that has fantastically captivating and complex characters. Jose, a man who is ordinarily solitary and good-natured, gets caught up in the lives of a recently released convict, his girlfriend, and their son. This unexpected encounter takes them on a three-day journey that involves violence, emotional confrontation, and revenge. This award-winning cocktail of bitterness makes for a great Spanish movie, but it may not be one for the faint-hearted. You can look for other award-winning Spanish movies on Netflix with their search engine.

Holy Camp

Those who are looking for Christian Spanish movies on Netflix may be a little disappointed with this one. However, while this film is slightly irreverent at times, its intention is to be a funny Spanish movie rather than a production that criticizes faith. Its actually more entertaining than it may sound and ends up being a pretty good Spanish comedy. This musical features two naughty girls, Maria and Susana, who are sent to a Christian camp in the woods as a punishment. The movie, as well as providing genuinely funny moments, also includes an important air of sincerity that evokes a certain, but limited, level of reflection. This is probably what stops it from being just another trashy teen musical comedy of the Spanish genre.

Like Water for Chocolate

Smoke and Mirrors


Vampires Vs The Bronx


Vampires vs. the Bronx is a unique comedy-horror in more ways than one. Set in the New York borough of the Bronx, it follows young Miguel Martinez, a big-hearted kid helping to raise money for his struggling local bodega. But it’s not just new designer clothing stores threatening to move in: Creepy pale residents with a taste for blood are eating up people and their properties. A commentary on gentrification with goofy charm, twists and thrills, Vampires vs. the Bronx is a fresh, entertaining spin on the genre.

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Best Spanish Movies On Netflix For Spanish Learning

Most Spanish language learners hear it all the time, “You can’t just learn Spanish by reading a textbook”. To learn any language you must think of creative ways to immerse yourself, especially if you do not live in a country where the language is spoken. This article will guide you through how to learn about Spanish language and culture by watching Spanish movies on Netflix so that you can speak Spanish like a native.

Muchos Hijos Un Mono Y Un Castillo


Synopsis: This documentary follows director Gustavo Salmeróns mother Julita and her over-the-top lifestyle.

Among her dreams? Having lots of kids, buying a monkey, and living in a castle.

Believe it or not, she achieves them all.

This film is a peek into the world of a Spanish family. Its Spanish at its fastest, with plenty of colloquialisms and informal vocabulary thrown in the mix.

Ive added Muchos Hijos, Un Mono, y Un Castillo to the list for advanced Spanish learners who are up for a real challenge.

This is a far cry from your textbook Spanish. But, even if you dont catch everything, the antics of this family are still delightfully entertaining.

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Palm Trees In The Snow Palmeras En La Nieve

Released: 2015 Directors: Fernando González Molina Genre: Drama, Romance, Historical

âPalm Trees in the Snowâ tells two stories: one in the present, and one in the past. After her fatherâs death, a young woman finds a letter that sends her to investigate her familyâs story. The letter takes her to Equatorial Guinea, where her father and uncle lived over 40 years prior.

Palmeras en la nieve is a good Netflix choice if you want to:

  • Learn about a part of the history of Equatorial Guinea. Many tend to forget that Spanish is one of the official languages in Equatorial Guinea and that the country was colonized by Spain.
  • Pick up some dialogue in Aragonese, a dialect from the Aragon and Huesca regions of Spain.
  • Work on your comprehension of regular Castillian.

Palmeras en la Nieve is based on the novel with the same name.

Can You Learn Spanish By Watching Movies

12 Best Spanish

You might not learn everything you need to know by watching movies in Spanish.

Still, Spanish movie nights can help you practice listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Use phrases from the movie as discussion points with your teacher.

Or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your language learning efforts .

With so many Spanish films available to stream, it can be hard to commit to one movie.

If youre looking for something shorter, check this list of the best Spanish sitcoms to watch.

Now, theres nothing left to do but press play and get learning.

Whats your favorite Spanish movie on Netflix?

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Genre Social drama

Length 2 hours 14

Synopsis Roma is a cinematic homage to the complexities of Mexico City life in the 1970s. It is set in the Roma neighbourhood, which was then a working-class neighbourhood, but is now an artsy, hip area, found on every visitorsMexico City itinerary.

The film centres around Cleo, the live-in housekeeper for a married couple Sofía and Antonio, and their four younger children.

Cleo discovers she is pregnant, though her lover denies its his. At the same time, Sofía finds out her husband Fernando has a lover of his own, and deals with telling their young children as she sorts through her own feelings.

Besides the unrest in the lives of the two women, theres unrest in Mexico City with a deadly clash happening between student protestors and the Los Halcones paramilitary group.

Roma won 10 Oscars in 2019, including the Best Director honour for Alfonso Cuarón.

Starring Yalitza Aparacio, Marina de Tavira

Director Alfonso Cuaron

Genre Romantic Comedy

Length 1 hour 18 mins

Synopsis Despite Everything is a fun and a little unconventional Spanish comedy with a bit of romance about four estranged sisters, each with totally opposite personalities and living completely different lives.

Close Your Eyes And Listen

Take a moment to turn away from the television screen so you can focus on the dialogue taking place. By losing the aid of visuals, are you able to understand whats being said?

At the end of the scene, jot down what you think the characters were talking about, then rewind and compare your answer to the visual, subtitled movie scene.

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Watch With Spanish Subtitles

Add Spanish subtitles to the movie youre watching so you can read along and improve your Spanish reading skills.

While learning with video content can be great , this can often be a passive Spanish learning method. We convince ourselves that were learning when really were just watching a movie .

Spanish subtitles can ensure that youre following along with the speech, even if it may be muddled somehow and hard to discern with your ears. If there are any words in the captions that capture your interest, you can jot them down and study up on them later.

Good Family Movies To Watch In Spanish On Netflix


Are you on the lookout for high-quality family movies in Spanish?

Netflix has an impressive amount of fun, entertaining, family-friendly films, and watching them helps you improve your Spanish!

Whether youre a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish speaker, these movies can help you and your family hone your Spanish listening and speaking skills.

So, grab a bag of popcorn and get comfortable in your favorite chair. Here are 15 good family movies in Spanish to Watch on Netflix!

Join 559 million people on the planet who speak Spanish!Learn more about our 5-star K-12 Spanish programs.

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Practice With Shorter Videos

Watching an entire movie can be pretty exhausting if youre learning Spanish, so its a good idea to practice first with shorter videoseven better if theyre in authentic Spanish.

For example, has plenty of Spanish videos online that are five to fifteen minutes long.

Another resource would be FluentU, which has a library of authentic clips from Spanish movies, TV shows and other native media. They come with interactive subtitles that explain in context the words used. Heres a video from FluentU thats about the movie La tribu:

You can also review vocabulary with the programs personalized flashcards and quizzes, which include speaking exercises based on new words.

Aside from web, FluentU has a mobile app too.

Spanish Affair 2 Ocho Apellidos Catalanes

Released: 2015 Director: Emilio MartÃnez-Lázaro Genre: Comedy

âSpanish Affair 1â isnât available on Netflix, but you can still watch âSpanish Affair 2â without problem. It follows the efforts of Koldo and Rafa as they try to stop Amaia from marrying a Catalan man.

Ocho apellidos catalanes is a great Netflix choice if you want to focus on:

  • Spanish humour, including the stereotypes associated with certain regions.
  • Some Catalan and Basque.

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How Can Watching Movies On Netflix Improve Your Spanish

  • Improve your pronunciation: Movie dialogue will allow you to hear the natural sounds of Spanish words and phrases.
  • Hear and understand the structure of Spanish sentences: The more you expose yourself to fluent dialogue, the more familiar youll become with how natural sentence structure should sound.
  • Learn new expressions and local slang: Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and each of these countries has its own dialect and vocabulary. By watching movies from these countries, you can hear their accents and local slang.
  • Immerse yourself in the language: When you dont live in a Spanish-speaking country, it can be difficult to familiarize yourself with the language and achieve the immersion you need to become fluent. Movies can be a way to bridge that gap.

We listen to understand, we listen to engage and we listen to take part. By using Spanish movies on Netflix, you can further develop your language skills in an entertaining way.

Remember to enjoy the movies for what they are: a way to get away from the textbooks, relax and learn some authentic Spanish!

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7

Spanish Movies and Shows: The Best of Netflix for Adults and Kids

An Aaron Sorkin drama based on a true story? The Trial of the Chicago 7 lives up to its pedigree, following the real-life trial of a group of anti-Vietnam War protestors charged with conspiracy to incite riots. With a stellar ensemble cast, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, The Trial of the Chicago 7 is both topical and full of compelling theatrical energy.

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Spanish Movie Lists By Genre Or Country

25 Mexican Movies in Spanish

This collection featured movies made or filmed in Mexico that can be found on Netflix currently. Some Mexican movies are probably Olvidado, Enamorada, Ahí esta el detalle , Amores perros . Not all of those are on Netflix, so see my list of Netflix Mexico movies here.

Romantic Movies in Spanish

This is my most popular list: the best romantic movies and rom-coms in Spanish, on Netflix. Some of all-time the top titles are Los abrazos rotos, Ocho apellidos, Y tu mamá también, Como agua para chocolate, and Nuestros amantes.

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

The Coen Brothers kick up the western dust with an anthology film that gives you six vignettes all set on the American frontier. One of them is about the titular Buster Scruggs, a chipper singing cowboy who casually sets off a shoot-up in a cantina. But there’s a dark twist that keeps you on your toes. Sewing the rest of its stories together with a constant black humor, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a Coen Brothers winner.

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The 5 Best Spanish Movies On Netflix

Have you ever tried to learn Spanish at home by watching movies? Online Spanish lessons can get you pretty far, but supplementing classes with more entertaining learning methods is also smart. Weve talked about podcasts, books, and social media accounts to follow for learning Spanish. How else can you learn Spanish online? Its time to Netflix and chill. Yes, we literally we mean chill out and watch Netflix in Spanish! Total immersion via Netflix is the new black. Here are the 5 best movies in Spanish on Netflix.

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