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Best Spanish Language Immersion Programs For Adults

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Spanish Courses In Peru

Basic Spanish Immersion class for beginners – Lesson 1 – Language Hub

AMAUTA Spanish School in Cusco offers a wide range of Spanish courses in Peru that will take your Spanish skills to the next level! Our Spanish immersion programs are for adults, young adults, teens and kids, and suited to all levels. Thanks to a variety of Spanish courses in Peru, such as Standard courses, Specialized courses, Spanish and Adventure Tours or Spanish and culture – all tailored to your specific Spanish learning goals. There is always the perfect course for you! We also offer Spanish for Young Adults, for Teens and Kids, for Travelers and Spanish with Excursions.

After Doing Even Brief Initial Research You Will Find That Our Trips Are The Absolute Best Short

Our student travel programs, and adult Spanish immersion trips are filled with adventure, service learning, Spanish immersion classes & host families. We lead several different Spanish immersion programs in Costa Rica and Ecuador annually. Each immersion trip focuses on improving your Spanish proficiency. We give much needed community service to underserved communities in the outskirts of San Jose and Quito & Cuenca. Working hard together, we have more fun than you can imagine with unique adventure-travel experiences.

Creating An Online Immersion Environment

In the digital age, immersion exists in spectrum.

Sure, youre more thoroughly immersed while navigating the chaotic Tokyo metro, but you can still immerse yourself in Japanese at home. For those times before, after, between and even during traditional immersion programs, technological tools can help make sure you keep your target language on your mind.

One way to create a home immersion environment is with your favorite language learning apps and immersion software programs. You can use these digitally-enhanced approaches to add some extra practice during your immersion trip, or to fill your every waking hour with the language you want to hear without even leaving your home.

For example, FluentU is a program that focuses on making authentic videos approachable for learners of all levels. It features videos intended for native speakers of your target language like music videos, movie clips, news segments, inspirational talks and many more.

If youve ever tried to use authentic content to study your language, you may realize how difficult it can be to tackle on your own. You never quite know what level of language to expect, how colloquial the content will be, or how accurate the subtitles are .

You can also study vocabulary with personalized quizzes that let you select, type or speak your answer. And if you download the iOS or Android app, you can take your studies on the go with you.

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Choose The Right Country

When looking for a program, pick a country and city that you want to get to know better.

It helps to be very interested in the place around you throughout your immersion experience. It will keep you engaged and inspire you to explore. And all that exploration will help you to expand your cultural knowledge as well as learn the language.

Remember that Spanish is a language with many dialects. If you are set on learning a specific kind of Spanish, then choose a program in that area. You will be learning Spanish around you, so wherever you are is the type of Spanish you will learn.

Why Learn Spanish Withmaximo Nivel

The 9 Best Spanish Immersion Programs Around the World

Maximo Nivel is very unique compared to any regular Spanish school. Our institutes include international travelers who are taking part in Spanish, Volunteer, Internship, TEFL, and University programs. As well, there are lots of local Costa Rican, Guatemalan, and Peruvian students who study in the Native English Program. This means there is always an awesome international-meets-local vibemaking Maximo Nivel come alive with language, culture, and adventure!

  • Spanish classes from only $60 per week
  • Choose from small group, private classes, or a combination of both
  • Professionally-certified, native Spanish-speaking teachers
  • Spanish programs available from 1-52 weeks
  • New Spanish courses begin every Monday
  • Friendly and open facilities

Maximo Nivels Spanish Immersion programs provide an authentic immersion experience that takes you beyond the classroomit is the most intensive and professional Spanish program available in Latin America. Schedule a call with a program advisor today!

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The 8 Best Online Spanish Classes Of 2022

  • Live classes offered: Yes

Baselang offers online Spanish classes at a great price with two distinct paths to fluency to meet the differing needs of clients. So whether you want to learn Spanish quickly in a structured learning environment, or move at your own pace, there’s a program at Baslang for you.

  • Varying class times to meet any schedule

  • Intensive program can be overwhelming

  • Must subscribe to view available teachers

  • No pricing tiers

Baselang is an online Spanish program based in Medellin, Colombia, offering unlimited one-on-one Spanish lessons for roughly $149 per month.

Baselang has two different methods: Grammarless and Real World. The Grammarless method, as implied by the name, does not use any grammar explanations, but instead requires you to start using and practicing new concepts from the beginning. The Real World approach uses a more structured format of learning concepts with examples and then applying them.

The Grammarless method is an 80-hour program , which is meant to be completed in one to two months, and you work with the same teacher the whole time. Alternatively, the Real World method is self-paced, so you can decide how long you want to take to complete it. Plus, you can choose to learn with the same teacher or change instructors as often as youâd like.

How To Choose The Best Online Spanish Class For You

Learning a second language can be both exciting and intimidating. It can also be very time-consuming and, in some cases, quite expensive. Start by making a list of what you want to get out of this journey to learn another language. Do you want to be fluent in Spanish and understand basic conversations, or are you learning the language based on your professional needs?

Next, decide on your budget and timeframe. And, how do you think you will best learn a new language? Is an intensive course best for you or do you prefer live one-on-one or group instruction? Perhaps a self-led app-based program is a better fit for your schedule.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of as many variables as possible to save time, and money, and most of all, meet your Spanish-speaking goals.

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Mindset For Learning A Language

Before diving into the different ways and means of learning Spanish as an adult, lets just take a look at our mindset. When it comes to learning another language, some people get frustrated that new vocabulary or grammar just doesnt stick. Sometimes we might have unrealistic expectations for how fast we should be picking up a language.

So lets look at the idea of learning a language. It took us all years to learn our first language. In fact, sometimes you learn a new word or expression in your day-to-day life without thinking that you dont know English. Learning another language is an ongoing process, so we should cut ourselves some slack when it comes to learning our second or third one.

Spanish Language Programs for Adults

Today there is a huge selection of programs for learning Spanish aimed at adults. Most Spanish language schools have options for both traditional classes as well as intensive courses. The intensive courses usually have you meeting 4 or 5 times a week for about 4 hours in total .

Spanish immersion programs for adults

One of the most effective and most intense ways to learn a language is by doing an immersion program. While you can find plenty of summer camps for kids in Spain, there are also loads of Spanish immersion programs for adults.

Learning Spanish in Spain

And what better place to do an immersion course than in Spain?

Online Spanish Classes for Adults

What Is The Language Of Barcelona

Conversational Spanish Dialogues for Everyday Life â Beginners to Intermediates

Barcelona has two official languages: Catalan and Spanish . But whereas everyone in Barcelona speaks Spanish , only those born in Barcelona tend to speak Catalan. The large number of people living in the city, who arrived from other regions of Spain or from Latin America, generally don’t speak Catalan. Most foreigners living in the city also choose to learn Spanish when they arrive, and the everyday language of the city is Spanish.

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Online Private Intensive & Group Classes

Join our adult immersion classes to improve your communication skills in Spanish in a fun & natural way!

Our students are expected to speak from the very First day of class!

The same as if you were in a Spanish speaking country!We are the creators on developing this way of teaching!

You will get real results from experienced teachers!!!

Qualified Native Teachers Making Students Learn Spanish Fast!

Be Unique, Be Yourself, Be Original, Be the best you can be!

Text your QUESTIONS 529-1397

No voice message, or constant back & forth calls. Text us your questions if you have any.

Our programs offer the same benefits on-line as in-person instruction. Our live classes allow you to communicate with students and teachers, and ask questions like any normal class!!! Want to be part of our community?
Do you want to learn Spanish and enjoy talking to people? In our programs you will have time to learn, practice and participate in class with fun and interesting conversations.
Do you have a short period of time to learn Spanish? From many years of instruction we have developed programs that will help you to learn faster, you will enjoy learning, and practice Spanish while thinking in Spanish!!!

What Is Your Favorite Memory

It was maybe the first or second night of our taking the bus back from Maximo Nivel to our homestays when we realized after some time, that we had taken the wrong bus.

While we tried to figure out what we should do next, a stranger came up to us and told us in English that he was pretty sure we meant to take the bus to Vargas Arraya, and that we had to take the 51-53 to Barrio Pinto . He instructed us to take the bus back to where we hopped on as there was no other bus that would come around this neighborhood if we hopped off of it at that moment. He clearly had some difficulty speaking English, but he still helped us when he overheard our confusion.

When we got home, our host family asked us how our day was. Jonah and I attempted to tell them what happened with us in broken Spanish. They immediately understood what happened, and we all started laughing. They explained the bus system and disabused our previous notion of simply looking at the 51-53 tag on the side of the bus.

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Spanish Immersion Programs Around The World

How did you learn to swim?

You might have started by holding onto the wall. You practiced skills like kicking and blowing bubbles underwater.

Eventually, though, you had to let go of the wall.

Although it was a terrifying couple of seconds, you were swimming around the pool in no time.

In fact, it may have surprised you that you were able to swim better than you expected.

Now, how are you learning Spanish?

Are you practicing the basics like mastering grammar, building vocabulary and improving your listening skills?

All of these are amazing ways to practice your Spanish, but eventually, you will have to let go of the wall.

Participating in a Spanish immersion program is the perfect way to throw yourself into the deep end.

You will be surprised how well the knowledge you have been building will help you navigate in a Spanish environment.

And you do not have to do it yourself: The 12 Spanish immersion programs in this post will give you the support you need to stay afloat and improve so much, you will never need to rely on metaphorical floaties again.

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

How Much Does It Cost To Learn Spanish

Here are the best intensive Spanish immersion programs Mexico for ...

In Barcelona, the cost of intensive courses range from 150-200 a week, while extensive courses can range from 25-60 a week. The high number of language schools make the prices competitive vs. some other locations in Spain.

Hopefully this page has inspired you to sign up for some lessons and start your journey towards mastering a language spoken by over half a billion people worldwide. If you want a little head start check out our guide to Spanish.

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What Is One Piece Of Advice You’d Give To Someone Going On Your Program

This trip will give you everything you could ever hope for in terms of quickly advancing your Spanish skills if you give it everything as well. In the beginning of my trip, one of my monitors, Olivia who I am currently in touch with, told us, “There are those who will leave this trip and have had an amazing time, and then there are others who will leave this trip having had an amazing, life changing experience.”

It really matters how much effort you are willing to commit towards bettering your Spanish. If you put in the work, and try your best to speak Spanish even in the moments when it’s the last thing on Earth you want to do, you will return from Spain a different person.

In The Words Of Our Students

I was originally apprehensive about learning a different language, especially as an adult learner. However, my instructor made my learning experience fun, engaging, informative, and challenging. Now, I always look forward to our next class and am eager to continue learning more.

Leslie Chan, Shopify

I have been learning Mandarin at Toronto Mandarin School for over 8 years. My teachers are both knowledgeable and encouraging not only guiding me in the use of day to day Mandarin, but also in my occasional flights of fantasy to delve into less mainstream topics. Learning a new language as an adult is not an easy undertaking, but if you come to TMS you will find the undertaking easier than you expected.

Peter Eberhardt

I’ve started studying Chinese at Toronto Mandarin School this year, and I’ve been very impressed with their high level of professionalism. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, and it feels like you’re part of a family. The teacher knows a lot about Chinese language and culture, and puts a lot of heart into teaching, and the way she explains everything is really great. She makes it very easy for me to understand and pick up the concepts. Would definitely recommend it!

Dinu Merca

Jenny Jiang

Tristan Potter, Shopify

Freda Song

Ashleigh Au

Yishu Zhang

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The Best Ways For Learning Spanish As An Adult

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? A lot of people are interested in Spanish but after getting out of school, its hard to know how or where to start learning a language as an adult.

If any of that sounds familiar then youre in the right place! While children can learn languages like little sponges, after about 13, the process is different for most people. On top of that, we dont want to learn languages like children. We want to be challenged and given material that interests us. Since youre never too old to learn another language, lets look at some tips and tricks for learning Spanish as an adult.

Today, adults wanting to learn Spanish are spoiled for choice with things like:

  • Spanish immersion programs for adults
  • Learning Spanish in Spain
  • Online Spanish classes for adults

Best Spanish Immersion And The Experience Of A Lifetime

2 Hours of Daily Spanish Conversations – Spanish Practice for ALL Learners

My summer with the LITA five-week South Program was an incredible experience. LITA is an amazing program committed to providing its students with a unique experience and to create personal connections with the Spanish Culture and Language.

From the moment I was first introduced to the program in late 2021, Jordan and his team made an effort to build a relationship with me, to make sure that any questions I had were answered, and to prepare me as much as possible prior to the trip in June of 2022. The back and forth zoom calls and email check-ins over those months made it clear how attentive Jordan was to the LITA applicants and the programs mission to provide the best possible experience for me in Spain. There was not a single concern I was unable to voice and get a thorough answer to before the flight.

Once we landed in Spain, every activity from then on was elaborately planned, and every day was a unique experience in which we learned new aspects of Spanish culture. There were new goals each day. Every person we met had something to teach us, and every town we visited had plenty of opportunities for us to learn. I remember our group leaders telling us that every day on this trip, we would have the opportunity to learn, and that remained true throughout the entire five weeks.

Definitely recommend!!

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How Do I Prepare For My Spanish Immersion Trip With Common Ground International

Proper preparation is key if you want to arrive to your destination ready to soak in all the benefits of Spanish Immersion. If you dont spend time preparing and you just show up, you will waste precious time in-country trying to ramp up and acclimate yourself to a new culture, establishing realistic expectations, and learning things that you could have known already. We value every second you have in-country so you will spend approximately 10-15 hours in a specifically designed online pre-departure course for your immersion program. This will help you hit the ground running when you arrive and maximize your language growth and cultural experiences while on immersion.

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