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Best Man Speech Opening Lines

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Great opening line Jokes Sentimentality Speech A formal best man speech grabs the audience’s attention and leaves the guests with fond memories. Start with appreciating everyone around, compliment everyone. How To Make a Brilliant Best Man’s Speech Paperback. Fresh Best Man Speech Love Quotes What to Include in the Best Man Speech Icebreaker/Joke Introduction Telegrams and Messages Anecdotes and Stories about the Groom Props. How To Prepare A Best Man Speech There’ll be dirty jokes about the bride’s sex life maybe even the motherofthebride too. The truly great best man speeches balance sentiment.

Easy Best Man Speech Template To Follow

If youre starting from scratch, use this fool-proof, easy best man speech template. Follow along as you fill in your own quips and memories throughout your speech. Weve already inspired you with different examples and even some one-liners to fit inside now its time to start writing!

  • Welcome the guests
  • Talk about you and the grooms history / Introduce yourself
  • Add in a bit about the grooms personality, character, and accomplishments
  • Speak about the bride and them as a couple
  • Toast to a happy marriage

Best Man Toasts Examples

Its been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers.

Folks, I have been told I am not allowed to have a drink until AFTER my speech. If I seem like Im in a hurry to finish, its because I am.

I hope the two of you have the two essential things it takes to have a successful marriage 1) a sense of humor 2) selective hearing.

Psychiatrists say that girls tend to marry men like their fathers. That must be why mothers cry at weddings.

Love is not about how often you say I love you, but how often you show that its true.

Loyal, caring, sincere, honest, a great man but thats enough about me, Im here to give a speech about !

True love is our souls recognition of its counterpart in another.

You dont marry the person you can live with you marry the person you cant live without. Which is exactly what and have done, so lets raise a glass to them.

May your love be modern enough to survive the times but old-fashioned enough to last forever.


One-liners are sharp jokes delivered in one sentence. A good one-liner is concise and meaningful. It is instant but loaded with humor that can keep the guests laughing for a while. It is important that the best man speech jokes contain one-liners.

Funniest examples of wedding speech one-liners:

I am about to make the groom cry. I just received the food bill.

He is smart, tall, kind, generous.. Who am I actually talking about?

His colleagues describe him as a first-class banker I may have misheard them.

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Best Man Speech Jokes

There isnt much of a formula for this part. The only advice I would give you is to ensure that they are not ones that everyone has heard before. You dont want other guests to finish off jokes for you. Although some of the classics and one liners are repeated for a reason.

The best joke at one of the many weddings Ive been to was delivered to perfection in an emotional Father of the Bride speech. Playing the confused and forgetful angle, he mentioned that the Bride was off to Wales for the Honeymoon. After she corrected him he acted even more confused, and followed up that he was sure he overheard the Groom telling the Best Man he was going to Bangor all weekend. The delivery was so perfect even for an often repeated joke that it took a few seconds to drop.

Anyway, here are some of our favourites:

  • To prepare for this speech, I Googled the perfect best man speech. Unfortunately, you had to pay to read them, so I decided to wing it instead.
  • It was a toss up between and I who did the speech. As you can see I lost.
  • We all know the bride deserves the perfect guy. Well, its too bad that you dont always get what you deserve.
  • Did you hear the one about the best man who didnt end up with the best woman? Well, my friend gets the best woman today.
  • Im very happy to be part of the only 5 minutes that the Bride didnt plan out meticulously.
  • Ive just been asked not to cover any embarrassing stories about the groom, so there goes most of my speech. Thanks for coming everyone.
  • Crack A Joke Even A Corny One

    Best Man Wedding Speech Opening Lines

    Keep in mind the audience when determining whether your joke fits, but if you can get the audience to laugh in the first 30 seconds, youre in. To achieve this, Honsberger says to simply reach into your own bag of jokes or look one up online. “Id encourage you to first spend a little time reflecting on your own comedic ability. If youre coming up empty, then consult outside resources,” he says.

    “Hello, Im the best man . This entire day has been beautiful so far. In fact, Im getting emotional. The wedding cake has me in TIERS. .

    “Youre probably wondering why I asked you all here tonightwell, I can promise its not for my “Magic Mike” performance. Youll have to stick around to the last song for that.”

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    Best Man Speech For Brother

    Good evening, hope everyone is having a good time tonight. I feel very privileged and honored to be standing here tonight celebrating this lovely union. Two years ago, Matt gave the best man speech at my wedding and made a lot of awkward jokes. So needless to say, Ive been waiting for this moment for a really long time! For those who dont know, I am Matts brother, Mike.

    I first met Matt when I was two years old at our parents house in Boston. To be quite honest, I wasnt thrilled because I really wanted a sister. And I think he knew because Matt would do ridiculous things like throw my toothbrush in the toilet, pour water at me when I was asleep and run across the room naked when I had any friends over. This made me less popular than I already was.

    Matt always excelled in school, was captain of the debate team and can make a mean steak. The truth is, despite him being an annoying brother at the time, I came out winning in the end. Because of him and this beautiful night, I am getting the sister I always wanted. Cara, youre beautiful and our family loves you so much. Thank you for making my brother so happy.

    Lets celebrate this amazing union and raise a glass to the newlyweds! On behalf of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, wed like to wish you a life full of love, happiness, and joy.

    To everyone who made tonight happen, thank you. Youve made this night very special.

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    Youre honoured to have been asked to be the best man but youve got no idea how to start your speech. We get ityour best man speech opener is the icebreaker your audience have all been waiting for. Theyre tired, they want food and they want you to sit down quickly. So this is your chance to get them on side, have some fun and create a special/hilarious wedding speech moment that the bride and groom will laugh at, love and remember.

    Keep our top tips in mind for your speech intro, length and tone and then head onto the jokes / opening lines / icebreakers!

    • Dont focus on you.
    • Keep it under 5 minutes .
    • Tell a short anecdote about the couple that celebrates their relationship.
    • And finally, choose 1 or 2 good jokes that showcase your humour and the tone of the day.

    So, without further adowe give you our top 40 best man speech intros, jokes and openers.

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    Seven Tips For Delivering A Best Man Speech That Doesn’t

    I’m Marc Blakewill, a professional speech writer who’s written hundreds of wedding speeches, receiving consistent star feedback. So why not follow my Best. Did Your Best Man or Maid of Honor Google Their Wedding, Which is why more and more best men are choosing to get professional help when it comes to writing their speech. That’s where we come in. how to end a best man speech: How to Write a Best Man Wedding Speech Toast rules for writing a best man’s speech so you don’t crash and burn. Preparation is key. Remember your audience. Watch your language. BEST BEST MAN SPEECH OF ALL TIME? Focus on the newlyweds. Most best men will include a story or two about their friendship with the groom, but don’t center the whole speech on it. We’ve heard amazing and not so amazing best man speeches being wedding planners. helps you write your best man speech for your best man! How to Write the Best “Best Man Speech” Ever! Best Man Speech Structure Introduction Introduce yourself to all the guests and explain your relationship to the groom. Formal Bit Reply on behalf of the. How to write a unique, appropriate, best man speech! Wedding Toast Writing. Ready, set, write! Here are some things to keep in mind when setting out to write your speech. The best man speech. How do you write a best man speech? Odd Job: Can you make a living writing other people’s wedding speeches? For, this writer will make your maid of honor toast more than.

    Funny Opening Lines For Wedding Speeches

    THE BEST Best Man Speech Ever! (Hilarious ending!)

    Note: can indicate yourself, the bride/groom, the couple as a whole, or another member of the bridal party!

    1. Gosh, what an emotional day its been. Even the cake is in tiers!

    2. Hi everyone! Im and its time for me to give the speech I frantically scribbled down 15 minutes ago!

    3. “The couple have requested that I don’t share any embarrassing stories… so that’s it from me! Thanks for listening!”

    4. “, I love you so much, and I really hope you’ll feel the same about me after you hear my speech.”

    Photo by Bronté Photography via One Fab Day

    5. “I just want to start by congratulating on their wonderful speech. I always knew it would be hard to follow and I was right, I couldn’t follow a word of it.”

    6. “The couple actually had a bit of trouble finding someone to make a speech today. They started by asking their funniest friend, and they said no. Then they asked their most charming friend, and they said no. After that, they asked their best-looking friend and, again, they said no. Then they asked me, and, after already turning them down three times, I couldn’t refuse again.”

    Photo by Olga Hogan Photography via One Fab Day

    7. “Ladies and gentlemen, today we witnessed a unique event in history – it’s the first and presumably last time anyone has trusted me to give a speech!”

    8. ” and I share the same sense of humour, so if you don’t like my jokes, you can blame them!”

    Photo by Amber Baruch Photography via One Fab Day

    Photo by David O’Sullivan via One Fab Day

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    Why Does It Have To Be In This Order

    First of all, many people at the wedding wont know who you are. So a stranger standing up and telling them an awful joke that they hate isnt really a great introduction.

    Only now that you have introduced yourself and given your credentials that is that you have known the groom for many years have you earned the right to take a small pop at the groom with a one liner.

    Just dont make it any of the one liners that I included above.

    Try to come up with something original and unique. Not something you found on Google. Here is a good rule for you:

    If you found a one liner on Google, then the chances are that every other best man out there found the same line and it has been used dozens of times in many speeches meaning it will come across as a bad, cheesy dad joke.

    If you cant think of anything, wed be happy to help you. Leave a comment below with some basic information about the groom and I will write a suggestion for you.

    For example groom likes XYZ team, hates XYZ, been engaged for way too long, bride dislikes that he does XYZ.

    Dont Get Too Personal

    Telling intimate and personal stories about the groom is a surefire way to put a dampener on the wedding. Always be aware of the tales you tell. For example, anything involving sex or a strip club probably isnt appropriate for the grandmother of the bride.

    Also, dont be too soft. Adults appreciate a best man who doesnt pull his punches but knows where to draw the line. If youre unsure about a particular bit, it is always a good idea to run it by the rest of the groomsmen to see what they think.

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    Rules For Writing A Best Man Speech For Brothers

    1. Use the fact that your brothers to your advantage as it will make your speech unique

    2. Dont add too many inside jokes as it could leave people confused

    3. Dont swear

    4. Keep it clean, remember your parents and grandparents will be listening

    5. Speak slowly and pause for laughter

    6. Dont be afraid to use cue cards if you think you might forget some parts of the speech

    Best Man Talk For Adam And Kate

    Best Man Opening Jokes

    Adam and Kate What a great day to get married! Marriage carries new responsibilities.

    Kate from now on, you should never argue or disagree with Adam, because he is now the head of the family and the king of his castle. You will be expected to keep your hair and make-up perfect at all times to dress in a way that pleases Adam. You should cook his favorite meals every night and encourage him to go out with his friends on a regular basis.

    Do these simple things and your marriage will be blessed with many years of happiness. Kate I know that Adam loves you very much because he spent a long time writing this speech for me.

    Congratulations to the both of you!

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    Thank The Other Speakers

    It is always appropriate and appreciated if you thank the other speakers for the occasion. These speakers usually include the Maid of Honor and the Brides Father as well as any other members of the wedding party that the Bride and Groom ask to speak.

    It is always good form to express your gratitude for their contributions to this special moment and event. Never criticize or make jokes about what they say or how they say it. Just thank them politely and continue with your own remarks since you know very well how to write a best man speech.

    Short Best Man Speech

    Since I have everyones attention Id love to say a few words to this amazing couple sitting right in front of me. For those who dont know me, Im Ed. Mikes closest friend and sidekick. Weve known each other for about 11 years and have been on many adventures together. During that time, I got to know him well and can honestly say, he is the most selfless and stand-up guy Ive ever met. I am thrilled to be standing here and celebrating him and his beautiful bride, Linda.

    I am sure this union between two honest and caring people makes you all smile. Lets raise a glass for everlasting love! Thanks for making us all part of this beautiful day.

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    Tips For Giving A Best Man Speech

    If you have the honor of being the best man, you’re probably wondering how to write a best man speech. The good news is that there are several great best man speech tips to increase your odds of success, says Dominic Bliss, wedding writer and author of Being the Best Man for Dummies. Study up on these helpful pointers below to minimize pre-speech jitters and ensure a smooth delivery.

    Examples Of Funny Best Man Speeches

    Funniest Best Man Speech Ever!

    Relieve a bit of the pressure from creating a chuckle-inducing best man speech using these three examples below as inspiration. Whether you focus on the bride a bit or pick out the most embarrassing story of the groom, you know, some solid one-liners scattered throughout your sentiments will get the job done.

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    Deliver A Hilarious Joke With A Straight Face

    Saying something downright hilarious and absurd with a straight face will always get the crowd to laugh . If you can pull this off, youre on your way to an unforgettable wedding speech.

    As Abraham Lincoln once said, and thats what brings us all together tonight to celebrate .

    Thank you all for joining us here to celebrate the joining of two beautiful souls. I promise my toast is going to be like a mini-skirt, long enough to cover the goods but short enough to hold your attention.

    Try Some Best Man Speech Jokes Or Quotes

    So suppose youve got your speech together, but you have a placeholder like:

    in 3-4 spots, and you really have no idea what to put in there.

    We got you covered.

    Here are some best man speech opening lines you could work with and personalize for whatever you may need, because the opportunity for wedding jokes is a rare thing! These make great icebreakers to warm your audience up.

    Well, where do I even start? is just incredible. Hes brilliant, funny, caring Anyway, I cant really read your handwriting , so just tell me whatever the rest was after.

    , you really are an incredible woman. You deserve an absolutely incredible husband, so Im not going to stop until I figure out whats wrong here.

    Thank you everyone for bearing with me, I Googled best man speech jokes and every site asked for my credit card before showing me any examples, so here goes nothing.

    Im the last person to give a decent speech, I just found out what a toastmaster was and its not a revolutionary kitchen device.

    For those of you who know the bride, shes really a wonderful woman who deserves a wonderful man. So good job, , for marrying her before she found one.

    For anyone who finds this speech particularly not funny, I got all of my jokes from so please, blame that guy.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I wasnt given a microphone tonight and I deeply apologize. To anyone in the back, If you hear silence at the front, be sure that youre not missing anything.

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