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Best Maid Of Honor Speech

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Sister Maid Of Honor Speech

Best Maid of Honor speech

This sister wedding speech celebrates all of the fun of watching your family get married. The brides sister starts out with humor, telling family memories through a funny lens. However, she quickly gets emotional as she recounts how much her sister means to her.

Youve been a great mentor. Youve been a beautiful impact on my life, and you taught me that theres beauty in everyone no matter what they do.

Nail Your Delivery In 10 Easy Steps


You want to be sure you have one of the best maid of honor speech examples? Here are some guidelines to make your Maid of Honor Speech shine like silver.

  • Write it out in phrases, rather than complete sentences: Believe it or not, this will help your speech to flow better, rather than you reading word for word from a piece of paper and sounding stiff and dry. Do not try to memorize the entire speech by heart. Just make sure you practice it enough and have a pretty clear idea of everything that you want to say.
  • Keep it short: Most Maid of Honor speeches are about a minute long. No one wants to hear you ramble on forever.
  • Practice your speech aloud beforehand: Record it and play it back, read it to a friend, this way it will flow more naturally. You might want to read it to other bridesmaids because they know the bride well and can help you change the speech.
  • Speak slowly & clearly: Most people tend to talk faster when they are nervous. Speak slowly and enunciate.
  • Dont forget to breathe: Pause and take a breath at the appropriate moments. You dont want to sound rushed or out-of-breath. You can work on this when you practice beforehand. Recording yourself is a great strategy to get it right!
  • Have a relaxed stance: Dont stand with your knees locked, stand up straight and relaxed. Breath in and out before the speech and try to calm down a bit.
  • Jokes & One Liners To Include In A Maid Of Honor Speech

    • I met the groom’s parents earlier and they told me to cut some inappropriate stories out, so nothing about ex-girlfriends . alcohol . the police.
    • Well, what can I tell you about the bride? I’ve known her for about 10 years, she’s beautiful, intelligent, kind, caringsquint at cardsWait, sorry, wrong wedding.
    • I read somewhere the perfect maid of honor speech should last as long as it takes for the bride and groom to make love. So ladies and gentlemen, please raise a glass to the happy couple!
    • I’d like to give you and the groom relationship advice, but what do I know? I’m single and have a cat.
    • There comes a time in everyone’s life where they met their one true love, their soulmates. The person that’s going to love them and cherish them for the rest of their life. And that moment came for When she met me 25 years ago.

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    Reflect On Your Relationship With The Couple

    Think about your relationships with each person in the couple. This is your time to write down any personal moments you shared with them. These moments can bring on some tears or laughs, but either way, it shows the wedding guests how you know the happy couple. Maybe you and one of the newlyweds went on an epic trip to Europe together. Or maybe you and the newlyweds have known each other since high school and have plenty of silly and maybe some embarrassing stories from that time. No matter which memory you choose, pick your favorite story and have fun with it.

    The Dos And Donts Of Maid Of Honor Speech

    The Best Maid

    You have been given a chance to speak your heart out but hey, there are some things that you should not blurt out, especially if you have had some extra glasses of champagne that you shouldnt have had! Imagine the horror! So lets not let it come to that and concentrate on what are the dos and donts of maid of honor speech.

    Do Introduce Yourself

    This is something trivial but many times we forget to introduce ourselves before giving a speech, especially out of nervousness. And yes, you are the maid of honor but how would the guests know if you are the brides sister or her best friend or maybe a cousin. So make sure you do not forget to introduce yourself in the beginning.

    Dont Include Inside Jokes

    Yes, a couple of inside jokes are fine where you can share some secret smiles with the bride but you dont want to overdo it. You will be giving a speech to a room full of people, so dont make them feel confused over what you are saying. Or else you will lose their attention.

    Do Make It Personal and Lighthearted

    You are the maid of honor, which means that you share a special bond with the bride. She must know you inside out and you, her. You both might have had some funny and memorable incidents which you always reminisce of. Include those crazy stories but not the too crazy ones. You dont really want to tell the guests what you did one night when you both got too drunk Wink!

    Dont Be Cynical

    Do Carry Notecards

    Dont Mention Dreaded Ex!

    Do Praise The Groom

    Do Cheat A Little

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    A Child Bride And Other Games

    Bridget loved to play house, and she loved to play wedding. She was one of those little girls who walked down the upstairs hallway with one of Mom’s good pillowcases bobby-pinned to her hair, making the rest of us hum âHere comes the brideâ as she promised herself to Sam.

    Sam was a very patient cat.

    Bridget got âmarriedâ in kindergarten and I think again in second grade. But she wasn’t one of those girls who had the pretend wedding, ate the pretend cake, then went back to believing that her beloved husband had cooties. She would ask the kid to play house with us and insist that he be the dad, and she be the mom. She would even share her pudding snacks with him at lunch.

    Wait, Bridge, Mom knows about this right? Oops…

    Point is, Bridget loves to have someone to love. But she’s never found anyone that she loves quite so much as Sam. John. Frank? … You know I’m kidding, Will, I love you. New bro.

    What Is A Suitable Gift To A Bride From Her Maid Of Honor

    Most wedding attendants always want to give the bride and groom a gift that they will love. Of course, as the brides maid of honor, there is a part of you who wants nothing but to hand an extra-special gift to your sister.

    She selected you as her right-hand woman on her once-in-a-lifetime occasion, her wedding day, so a creative and meaningful present is a method to exhibit how significant she is in your life.

    If you are currently searching for an ideal gift for the bride, we listed the best presents a maid of honor can give to lessen your work.

    • Personalized Kimono Robe with the brides initials
    • Custom-made sister necklace
    • Personalized Mr. & Mrs. champagne flutes

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    Brides Best Friend Delivers Simple & Short Maid Of Honor Speech

    Sometimes less is more. Remember there are other speeches at the wedding and the guests will be ready to eat or get the party started. So, they will appreciate your short speech. In this example, the maid of honor reminisces about their 15 years of friendship and acknowledges the grooms love for her best friend.

    If you havent gotten around to meeting me yet, my name is . and I have been best friends for about 15 years. We met in high school gym class and didnt really like each other at first. But as you can see, things changed for the better. And I cant imagine not being here for this event.

    When I think about our friendship, I remember all the slumber parties, girls night out, shopping trips, and comforting each other when something went wrong. Well, these activities were pretty frequent until her lovely groom, and the love of her life came along!

    , since the day I met you, I knew you were good for . The way that you looked at her showed me that you truly loved her. I hope that you will treasure and respect my best friend as I have over the years. And of course, you will continue to love her all your life.

    I raise my glass to the happy couple.

    Examples For How To End Your Maid Of Honor Speech

    Best Maid of Honor Speech

    The ending of your MOH speech should include an action for guests to take and a wish for the couple.


    • Lets make a toast! To the gorgeous bride and her partner for life. I love you both!

    • Cheers to many more happy memories and a love that only gets stronger with every passing year.

    A great way to end the speech is if you can include something in the last line that points to a concept you talked about earlier in your speech.

    For example, lets say at the beginning of your speech, you told several stories about how your sister always made you laugh. Then, this could be a great ending for you:

    Everyone, please raise your glass. Heres to my sister and her new wife. May you two share a life together full of endless laughter.

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    Choose The Stories You Want To Tell

    If you know the bride well enough to be the maid of honor, you probably have lots of stories about her, but not all of them will be appropriate for this particular setting. Weddings tend to have elderly relatives, children, co-workers, and religious leaders. This might not be the place to talk about that drunken New Year’s Eve when you and the bride made out in her brother’s car. Stick with family-friendly and safe-for-work kinds of stories.

    Great Examples Of Maid Of Honor Speeches:

    Celebrate and commemorate each day together as a treasured gift from heaven.

    Being happily and successfully married is generally not so much a matter of marrying the right person as it is being the right person.

    A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes and a promise to never give up on each other.

    Thank you so much for letting me be your maid of honor.

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    Short Examples Of Maid Of Honor Toasts

    A good Maid of Honor toast should be short, but to the point. After all, you want your speech to be memorable rather than long-winded. Youll also want to make sure that any jokes you use are appropriate for the audience and venue if there are children present at your wedding, its probably best not to tell any raunchy jokes!

    Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it before writing anything down on paper or in a word processor. Its best if you keep your speech short: A good rule of thumb is that each sentence should only contain one idea or thought no exceptions! If necessary, have a friend practice reading an early draft of your Maid Of Honor toast so she can give feedback on whether it works well for her own tastes.

    Be prepared to speak in front of a large audience as well as small groups . During these situations, its important not only that whats written sounds natural coming from someone else also consider whether there may need editing changes made before speaking aloud.

    Great Maid of Honor wedding speeches often includes great quotes. Of course, you want to make sure to make it personal as we mentioned above by introducing yourself, complimenting the bride and groom and the rest of the family, a cute story, and an invitation to the guests to raise their glasses. But, famous quotes have a way of painting a picture that our own words cant seem to do on their own.

    These beautiful maid of honor toast examples are sure to inspire.

    Best Maid Of Honor Toasts Come From The Heart

    Maid Of Honor Speech: 32 Best Examples In 2021

    Giving maid of honor toasts is a tradition honored at many weddings. Offer the bride and her new husband wedding wishes in a toast that honors the new life they are embarking upon. If you’re still looking for more inspiration for your toast, consider adding a meaningful sister quote to what you plan to say. It’s perfect if the bride really is your sister, but you can adapt a quote if you’re simply as close as sisters can be.

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    Maid Of Honor Speech Topics Blueprint

    Here are our maid of honor speech tips in a sample template plus the speaking dos and donts in a matrimonial ceremony based on their complimentary life styles. You are invited and do not know what to say?

    Use our template for outlining thoughts, ideas and facts about the bridal couple. I will show you what you should mention and what the text should focus on. If you are not an experienced talker: relax, you do not have to say much, less is more is often said and well put!

    But always: public speeches should be from the heart! Be enthusiastic and sincere, but do not exaggerate.

    Tips For Writing Winning Bridesmaid Speeches

    The maid of honor speech is an important part of any wedding because its a time for the maid of honor to tell a few jokes and share some light-hearted memories about how she feels about the bride.

    A maid of honor speech can be great if youre funny, but it can also turn out less than desired if youre really not that comicalbe sure to know your audience, and dont force anything so its not awkward.

    Choose your humor style wisely: Be careful to choose something that matches your personality. If you are not that funny, dont attempt some sort of stand up comedy routine on stage when all eyes are on you. Youll only end up making everyone else uncomfortable and embarrassed for you.

    Keep it short: This is not a time to tell old stories about how you two met 10 years ago. This is a time to tell the bride and groom how much they mean to you, why they should marry each other and how happy you are for the both of them.

    Dont be afraid to get personal: While people will expect light-hearted jokes and funny stories, theyll also want to hear about the person standing up there and not just some comedian pretending to be funny. Tell the bride how close you are, tell her why you feel she deserves someone like him that will love her as much as he does, and try not to cry while saying all of this.

    Memorize it: If you feel comfortable doing so, try memorizing your maid of honor speech. This will also help you get rid of any jitters that you may be feeling as well!

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    What Not To Put Into Your Speech

    Before you go ahead in the writing process check the content you’ve generated.

    Remove any:

    • stories that would embarrass the bride and anyone listening: eg. tales about past relationships, wild nights out, participating in illegal activities of any sort…
    • inside jokes or references that only a few people will understand
    • references to money or the costs involved in the wedding
    • critical comments about the wedding planning, the people involved with that, and any of the lead up activities
    • language or crudity that may offend the wedding guests
    • strings of clichés. For example: she’s most beautiful bride in the whole wide world. The groom swept her off her feet. It was true love at first sight and now they will live happily ever after…

    Introduce Yourself And Explain How You Met The Bride


    Guests want to hear if youve been BFFs since kindergarten or if youre cousins who grew up down the street. Talk about why shes such an amazing friend and how lucky you feel to be standing beside her. This can be as sentimental or silly as you make it, depending on you and the brides personalities, but remember that sweet never fails while attempts at humor can occasionally fall flat.

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    Nervous Maid Of Honor Short & Sweet Speech

    Its pretty normal to be nervous when speaking in public. But when youre the maid of honor, you just have to get past it and get it done. Keeping is short & sweet may help. In this maid of honor speech example, she does just that.

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy you are all here today to celebrate the wedding of my best friend, Im the maid of honor, Suzie, and Ill be honest, Im kind of nervous . You know girls are always competitive, but we were never like that I recognized she was so wonderfully exceptional in many ways and was happy to be in her shadow. So today, I am beyond delighted that she has chosen to get married and embark on this wondrous journey.

    I knew Robert was the one because every time we talked, she referred to him on every topic. It was always Yeah, Rob likes or Well Rob said It didnt take long for me to realize that she was madly in love and one day wed be here.

    Please join me in a toast. To Suzie & Rob, the most exceptional couple I know. I wish you a lifetime of love & happiness. And, remember, Im only a phone call away!

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