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Best Language Learning Apps For Speaking

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Learn A New Language And Have Fun Doing It

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This wraps up our list of the best language learning apps on the web. You have no reason to find excuses when there are so many tools that can guide you. Even the issue of cost isnt a factor, since many of the featured options are free language learning apps. Each one comes with an original touch on language learning and adopts a different teaching style.

Check the apps, try them out, and stick with what seems to be the most appropriate and effective for you. They will help you improve in areas where you need it the most grammar, vocabulary, spelling, speaking, listening, conversing, exchanging experiences, or learning about new cultures.

What do you think is the most effective app to learn a new language? We would love to hear from you. Answer via the comments section below.

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The Best Apps For Learning A New Language

If youre trying to learn a new language, using an app can help you to stay motivated and consistent with your studies. It can be difficult to find time to sit down and review vocabulary or grammar rules when youre busy with work or other commitments. However, most people have at least a few minutes a day where they can squeeze in a language lesson on their phone. With an app, you can set aside specific times for language study and review lessons at your own pace. You can also use an app to supplement other methods of learning, such as attending a class or using a textbook. If youre looking for a way to make language learning more convenient and fun, using an app is a great option.

You can book flights and do your weekly shopping by using an app that allows you to tune your ukulele and do your weekly shopping. There are apps that allow you to learn a new language with a simple tap of a button. Learning with an app allows you to set your own schedule and go offline if necessary. You can revisit areas youve struggled with using the review manager. After 5 hours of use, 73% of users say they feel capable of maintaining a small conversation in their new language. You will be able to speak as quickly as possible on the courses. Its impossible to introduce yourself, order a beer, or inquire about the location of the restroom right now.

A Good Intro And Good In Theory

If you’re looking to expose yourself to more native content or speakers in a language you’re learning, this is a great place to start! But actually finding solid advice and explanations is much harder haha.I’m learning English > Japanese so my experiences may not be universal among the community, but the user-base as a whole could stand to be far more critical when giving feedback. People will let small mistakes slip through and give learners a pass despite the fact that what they are saying IS incorrect, probably to try and seem polite. And I’ve seen more than a few people giving straight up WRONG advice- mostly non-native English speakers explaining English to others, but theres been a few native speakers who explain things poorly or give incorrect feedback as well. I think the moments feature is really hindered by the inability to edit comments or corrections after you send them, and the way comments are ordered under posts can be really confusing. The fact that you can’t reply to a comment, only tag them in your own under the same post, is mind boggling, especially because they’re in reverse chronological order. There’s also no way to “downvote” other peoples corrections in those instances where they’re giving the wrong advice, which can lead to misunderstanding and misinformation. You basically just have to take all the advice you get from this app with a grain of salt.

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Best For Personalized Learning: Busuu

Summary: Busuu has short lessons, personalized reviews and feedback from native speakers.

The Busuu app is a versatile language tool for language learners at any level.

A proficiency test will determine your level and then you can start on one of the 150 units available.

Plus, Busuu offers the option to have your exercises corrected by native speakers to give you an edge.

The Busuu app offers 12 language options. You can see our full review of Busuu here to see if its right for you.

Best Language Learning Apps For Speaking

Top 20 Apps to Learn Japanese Like a Pro [2022]

Try out Pimsleur for FREE

When it comes to language learning apps that help improve your conversational skills, Pimsleur is tough to beat. This audio-based program has been teaching languages for over 50 years!

Pimsleur gets you speaking from day 1 through its 30-minute core audio lessons. And you dont just speak you learn to speak like a native. Except for the narration/directions, you wont hear any English. All foreign words and phrases are spoken by a native.

This helps you develop familiarity with the right pronunciation, accents, and other nuances of the spoken language. And by habitually following the instructions to respond or repeat after the native speaker, you build confidence in speaking too.

Learn more from this Pimsleur review.

Key features:

  • Science-backed technique of learning and retaining learned languages
  • Trains you to speak right away
  • Helps build practical vocabulary

Learn a language on Babbel

There are few language learning apps with speech recognition engines that are as accurate, merciless even, as Babbels. While it offers well-rounded courses with engaging exercises and quizzes, the speaking drills are what make this app so effective.

Babbel asks you to get your pronunciation right. Sometimes, that means repeating the same phrase over and over again before moving on. Even better, Babbel tells you which part of the phrase youre getting wrong, so you know what to work on.

Key features:

Learn a language on Mondly

Key features:

Key features:

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Best For Learning Multiple Languages

As a regular Duolingo user, I enjoy the app’s colorful interface and short, game-like exercises. The app doesn’t restrict how many languages you can try to learn at the same time . I use Duolingo to practice Spanish and German.

To make sure you don’t get rusty on the basics, even if you’ve “mastered” a skill by reaching a higher level, the skill can still “crack” if you don’t review it consistently. Practice the skill again and it’ll repair itself.

I like Duolingo’s user-friendly layout, and the “streak” feature, which motivates you to keep going by tracking the number of days you’ve reached your point goal. In the app, you can access resources such as Duolingo Stories, which are short audio stories that allow you to check your comprehension skills as you go. Super Duolingo, the ad-free premium version of the app, costs $7 a month and includes progress quizzes, monthly streak repairs and more.

Language Learning And Leisure

Speaking more than one language improves your memory, enhances your perception of the world, and gives you greater command of your native tongue. It can help your business expand and introduce you to new friends.

Put simply, it’s a wonderful way to better yourself. With so many easy-to-use apps out there, there’s no reason not to dabble in Spanish, French, Gaelic, or even Mongolian.

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Q2 How Did We Decide On The Best App For Learning English Speaking

We decided on some of the best language learning apps by distinguishing them based on their approach, features, teaching methods, pricing, and the app stores’ average rating. We also considered various niches such as English learning apps, free language learning apps, free English learning apps, and the best app to learn English speaking fluently.

Best Language App For Learning Through Music: Lirica

BETTER THAN DUOLINGO: The 5 Best Language Learning Tools and Apps

The excitement of a new language can quickly fade after a few weeks. Choosing the perfect time every day can be challenging as a student, and you can easily miss your daily targets. But what if we told you there’s an app where you can learn a new language, all while listening to fantastic music? That’s the concept behind Lirica.

Lirica allows you to learn languages like German, Spanish and many more with exercises based on hit songs from famous artists like Shakira, Usher, P!nk, and Enrique Iglesias. That’s why it is one of the best Spanish learning apps and highly rated best language learning apps. Lirica also regularly updates its music playlists, enabling users to learn the monotonous language learning modules and challenge themselves every day with newer test modules.


  • Lyrical database is ample for various languages
  • Top option amongst best app for learning English speaking


  • 1 week free trial only after which the monthly subscription is applied starting $4.49 per month.

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How Much Does Lingopie Cost

As with LanguagePod101, LingoPie is also based on monthly subscriptions. It offers 3 plans.

The first two plans offer all the features I described above. The only difference between them is that the first plan is billed monthly, and the second plan is billed annually. In this case, the second plan is way cheaper per month, and it has significant discounts.

The third plan also offers all features described above, but you can . This way, itll be cheaper for each member of the program throughout the entire year.

Youll get your 7-day free trial to try the app and see how you like it. After, youll be charged for the plan you chose at the beginning. But dont worry, you can also cancel the plan anytime youre not satisfied or dont want to learn a language any more. Simply cancel it if thats the case.

This is the Lingopie language app with everything it offers. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced learners. The main point is for beginners to learn new vocabulary and get familiar with the language. And for intermediate and advanced learners to keep up with the language and constantly improve language skills by watching movies and having fun with it.

Which Language Learning App Is Right App For You

With all of the language learning apps available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. After all, the last thing you want is to pay for a subscription to a dozen different apps on your search for the right one.

First, decide ahead of time what language you want to learn. Each app has a limited number of languages available. Some languages, such as Spanish, French, and German, are likely to be available on any app. But other less common languages might be harder to find. Knowing what language you want to learn will help you to narrow down the app.

It’s also important to consider how you learn best. Some language learning apps take a more traditional approach to teaching, while others use more unique methods for alternative learners. Do you learn best by reading words on a screen? Hearing a teacher explain a concept? Or perhaps just hearing real-world use of a language and picking it up as you go? Each app is best suited to certain learning styles.

Finally, consider your ultimate goal with your language studies. If you enjoy learning languages and don’t anticipate using them in the real world, then you may have a greater variety of apps to choose from. But if you’re planning to use what you learn in real-world situations such as travel or interacting with native speakers, then focus on an app that caters to that purpose.

Choose this language app…

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Pros And Cons Of Language Learning Apps

language learning apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a convenient and affordable way to learn a new language. However, there are both pros and cons to using these apps. Some of the pros include being able to learn at your own pace, having access to a variety of learning materials, and being able to track your progress. However, some of the cons include not having a personal interaction with a tutor or native speaker, not being able to receive immediate feedback, and not being able to practice speaking the language.

To learn a new language, you must put in the effort, devote the time, and be patient. Apps for learning a foreign language are becoming more popular all the time. Which is the best solution? Should I learn Romanian by using an app? One of the advantages of this method is that you can take your lessons whenever you want. An app works and structures material in a certain manner based on a set of pre-defined conditions. The goal of their marketing is to appeal to the broadest possible audience, but they must also remain as relevant as possible.

Best Language Learning App For All Languages: Duolingo

13 Best Apps to Learn Czech Fast in 2022

It’s hard to have not heard of Duolingo’s name during your hunt for the perfect English learning apps. Duolingo was founded as a simple go-to and free English learning apps for learning multiple languages in a fun way. After many sleek updates, the app offers over 35 different language speaking modules prepared by native speakers. It is also a well-regarded language games app and one of the best Spanish learning apps of all time.

One of many Duolingo apps’ USP is its community-bonded social groups, which allows you to join global chat options, daily & weekly challenges and 81 language-specific courses. The app is free to download from Play Store and has all its content available in both mobile and desktop versions.


  • Free language learning with premium starting as low as $6.99 per month
  • A large number of lessons


  • Limited opportunities for real-life conversations

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Best Languages To Learn At Uni

You might be looking to study a language at degree level. Or maybe youre thinking of some shorter courses. Either way, language learning is always a great idea and can boost how much you earn in the future.

Learning a new language means youll be joining a significant percentage of the population worldwide with multilingual skills. This is more dense in some areas than others. In the US, for example, only 20% of students learn to speak a foreign language. But in some parts of Europe this figure stands at 100%.

Its a practice thats catching the eye of employers worldwide. With our economy becoming more global by the day, speaking a second language can help you land high-skill jobs in countries all over the world. In fact, it was found that having a foreign language on your CV can increase your salary by 11% to 35%.

Besides improving your job prospects, learning another language has other benefits too. For example, some studies indicate a link between multilingual skills and preventing dementia. Others show that speaking a foreign language can help with your multitasking abilities, too.

However, is there an ideal language to learn that is more valued over others?

You can pick up a new language at your university. Source: Brandon Bell/AFP

Q1 Which Language Learning App Is Best For You

Every language learning app is best in many ways and comes with several unique features. They can be either Free or Paid and can differ in the modules and number of languages they allow. Some of the critical things to look for while selecting a language learning app are:

  • Number of languages offered
  • Paid vs free language learning apps
  • Mode of learning
  • Your goal of learning a language
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    Top 9+ Language Learning App: In A Nutshell

    If you dont have much time to go through the entire article, no worries! We have listed a table to give you a quick idea about each course.

    Sr. No.
    Best for speaking language fluently
    4. Best for Providing high-quality lessons
    5. Offers more than 300 languages
    Best for speech recognition features

    Faqs About The Best Language Learning Apps


    1. Can you really learn a language from an app?

    Absolutely! Apps fall under the Mobile-Assisted Language Learning approach to language learning. This approach has been receiving a lot of attention from linguists because it offers a number of important benefits that other approaches dont offer, such as easy customizability and instant immersion.

    2. How to choose the best app for learning languages?

    The best app for learning languages should meet several important criteria: it should be affordable, easy to use, customizable, and, above all else, provide learners an extensive collection of high-quality learning material.

    3. Is there any app to learn languages offline?

    Yes, there are many offline language learning apps. One such app is Encore!!!, and you can download it free of charge on any Android or iOS device.

    4. What are the best free language learning apps?

    In our opinion, Encore!!! is the best free language learning app out there. With the ability to make your own playlists and learn while going about your daily routine, Encore!!! is an app that will get you results and progress.

    5. What is the most effective language learning app?

    The most effective app is the one that you will use and devote time and dedication to. It doesnt matter how good an app is if it doesnt work with your learning style and you lose interest. Our top option to fit most peoples potential learning styles is Encore!!! due to its flexibility.

    7. What are the best language learning apps in 2022?

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