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Best Language App For Spanish

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Best Flashcard App: Lingvist

Best Apps To Learn Spanish (Top Programs/Courses Reviewed)

Price: $$

Lingvist is the flashcard app, so if you enjoy this learning method, you have to try it.

Youll start by choosing the variety of Spanish you want to learn and whether you want to learn Spanish from English or German.

Your first task will be completing a level test. This will tell you how much Spanish you understand already and will adapt your decks accordingly.

You have the option of learning from the general deck, the thematic ones or even creating your own personalized deck, which makes learning the vocabulary you need much easier.

The flashcards wont teach you words in isolation. Youll be given whole sentences with their translation and some missing words youll have to add as you learn.


  • Teaches you new words in context
  • Includes grammar info and a thorough grammar tips section


  • Theres no native audio
  • Can get repetitive if you dont enjoy learning with flashcards

Brainscape’s Learn Spanish Flashcard App

We naturally have to start with ourselves. Brainscape’s adaptive flashcard app is the best way to learn the core components of the language: grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, and pragmatics .

Our custom adaptive learning technology helps you learns thousands of new Spanish grammatical concepts, vocab words and even pronunciations with the help of spaced repetition. It’s the best approach to language learning according to extensive scientific research because you spend more time on concepts you find difficult and less time on those you’ve already mastered.

What’s more, the curriculum was built from the ground up based on a careful ordering from the most basic, fundamental concepts you should know first, through to the most esoteric.

Brainscape is the only app on the market whose curriculum was specifically built for a spaced repetition algorithm. Together with our app and the cognitive scientific principles it’s founded upon, you’ll learn Spanish more efficiently and faster.


Cons: As you might have guessed, our Spanish product isnt available free of charge, but you can preview large portions of it for free, and it’s super cheap to upgrade! Also, you can always make your own flashcards for free.

Best For Helping You Remember Specific Phrases

Similar to Drops, Mondly is a fun, colorful app that has multiple features to take advantage of even if you don’t subscribe to premium. I tried beginner Hungarian on this app, and I liked how it offered to show you different conjugations if you tapped on verbs. The app packs images, translations and auditory aids to help your specific learning style.

The instructor also speaks the words and phrases in a rather melodic way that made it easier for me to recall them .

On top of that, Mondly is offering a huge discount on its Premium features for the next five days. Lifetime access to Premium is usually $2,000 annually, but it’s dropped to $90. If you subscribe to Premium, you’ll also get access to special kids lessons.

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Best Tried And True Audio Method: Pimsleur

Price: $$

Pimsleur is one of the most well-known language learning methods in the world.

Focused on conversational language skills, Pimsleur has traditionally been the audio course people would listen to in their cars while going to work or at home while working on any other undemanding activity.

The Pimsleur app is very loyal to the original method and keeps all the main audio-centered components. You can also choose between Castilian and Latin American Spanish.

Each lesson starts with a short audio dialogue that the whole lesson will revolve around. Each sentence gets dissected to the point of teaching you how to pronounce syllables. Youre prompted to listen, repeat, listen and repeat again during the whole lesson.

Its mainly a method to practice conversation. And apart from the audio of the lessons, you also get exercises in the form of reading , flashcards and quizzes.

Pimsleur will only give you the first lesson for free. If you want to have access to the whole audio course and all the exercises, youll have to buy the course for either a single price or a monthly subscription.


  • You speak Spanish words and sentences from day one
  • It allows you to learn Spanish hands-free


MosaLingua Website | iOS | Android

Price: $

MosaLingua is a platform thats designed to teach Spanish using several efficient methodologies, such as a spaced repetition system , ingraining words into long-term memory.



Why Use Italian Learning Tools

12 Best Apps for Learning Spanish like a Boss

In the past, language learners were restricted to a few scant resources. From heavy dictionaries to dense grammar books, they were difficult to use on the go. And while in-person classes and courses still have a lot of value for learners, they can be expensive and a big time commitment. By contrast, online Italian learning apps give you the opportunity to study at any time, and costs are usually much lower .

They can also bring learning to life, with multimedia resources that can make memorization and language practice much more stimulating. Many Italian learning apps use techniques rooted in neuroscience and educational research to ensure youre getting the best results. There are even tools that can connect you with other learners or native speakers, making Italian learning less of a solitary pursuit. Even if youre not able to visit a country where Italian is spoken, youll still have plenty of opportunities to engage with authentic material and practice the key skills.

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Speaking Spanish Is A Journey Not A Destination

Last but not least, Rosetta Stone has a realistic approach to learning Spanish that emphasizes practice and not perfection. Even a few minutes of language learning a day can keep you on track to becoming a confident Spanish speaker . Our goal isnt some hazy definition of fluency. Its to help you feel comfortable speaking for yourself in Spanish during real-world conversations. We build that confidence by providing language learning that never leaves your side.

Watch as travel blogger Kristen Kellogg puts the Rosetta Stone Spanish app through its paces in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Why Use A Spanish Vocabulary App

Just like learning any other language, expanding your vocabulary is a crucial step to mastering the Spanish language. This is especially true when you consider how expressive Spanish can be.

There are plenty of ways to learn Spanish vocabulary but in this day and age, nothing beats the effectiveness of a good Spanish vocabulary app. After all, these handy apps allow you to study Spanish anywhere and anytime. Plus, many of these apps to learn Spanish vocabulary offer bite-sized lessons, which makes learning on the go even more convenient!

More importantly, Spanish vocabulary apps often come with pronunciation guides and example sentences. So instead of just learning one word, youll also learn how to properly pronounce it and use it in a conversation.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Apps For Learning Spanish

Theres never been a better time to be learning Spanish thanks to the wealth of resources available right from your phone.

Its important to remember that no matter what app you choose, language learning does not require a particular skill. Instead, its all about setting up the best conditions for learning.

Building a language learning routine that keeps you practicing your language is going to matter more than whether you learn the vosotros or save that for a trip to Spain.

With that in mind, give a few of the apps on this list a try. Most offer a free version or trial, giving you the chance to figure out which approach works best for you. Before long, youll be making the most of whats available without the time commitment or cost of a school.

That said, an app won’t do the hard work for you of speaking the language.

You can’t get fluent in Spanish just by using an app, in spite of the allure of the app villain.

For that, you’ll need something more comprehensive. That’s why I created

Best For Analytical Learning: Wlingua Learn Spanish

I Found The BEST Spanish Learning App In 2022! (This Will Get You Fluent!)

Website | iOS | Android

Price: Free

Wlingua offers Spanish lessons for beginner through upper intermediate , and lets you choose between Spanish from Spain or Mexico.

The Wlingua Spanish course includes full, structured instruction in vocabulary and grammar as well as practice exercises. There are also activities to practice your listening comprehension as well as reading comprehension with a wide variety of text examples such as interviews, emails and conversations.

While some apps teach by demonstrating the language and explaining very little, Wlinguas language lessons include full explanations like you could find in a textbook. Explanations are accompanied by example sentences in both Mexican and Castilian Spanish.

The app lets you access a fair amount of lessons and content for free, but some features are restricted to premium. A premium account lets you get diplomas awarded at the end of a course, download PDFs of lessons, get reviews of your progress and get unlimited access to all lessons.


  • Thorough Spanish instruction with detailed grammar explanations
  • Access to Mexican and Castilian pronunciation and alternate vocab throughout the lessons


  • Must complete 3-part lesson before starting a new one
  • The interface could be more user-friendly and intuitive

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Best For Natural Language Acquisition: Rosetta Stone

Price: $$ Free

Rosetta Stone is designed very differently than most language apps that are on the market today. Instead of learning Spanish through English, its designed so that you learn Spanish from scratch, just like a native speaker would.

On top of its learning component, it also has a platform where you can schedule lessons with a live tutor for every other lesson. So if you enjoy practicing Spanish by talking to native speakers, this might be a great bonus feature.

Speech recognition within the platform has also been praised due to it being specifically designed to recognize the pronunciation of non-native speakers.

Overall, this is a pretty intensive method, but if youre a language enthusiast , then this might just be what youre looking for. See more information on the official site here.

The free demo account only lasts for three days and will give you a small sample of all you can get with the monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions.

You can also purchase a lifetime account for a larger one-time price and get unlimited access to all the materials for all the languages on the platform.


  • Complete Spanish immersion from the get-go
  • Teaches grammar in a very non-demanding way


  • It can get repetitive for advanced students
  • The advanced material isnt very advanced

For more info on Rosetta Stone, check our full review of their Spanish program.

How Rosetta Stones App Teaches Spanish

Fun, technology-driven features help learners feel engaged, but the real secret to learning Spanish is context and practice. Like any challenging endeavor , you get what you put into it. Setting aside time daily to practice and speak Spanish will go a long way towards helping you accomplish your language learning goals.

To help you work smarter, not harder, Rosetta Stone backs language learning with a proven methodology that enables you to get the most out of your Spanish lessons.

Dynamic Immersion® puts Spanish in context

Rosetta Stone teaches Spanish in context by mimicking real-world conversations in a learning environment that mirrors everyday situations. Your lessons scale gradually, starting with the common Spanish phrases youd use in daily interactions and giving you plenty of chances to review and practice before moving onto the next concept.

Talk like a local with TruAccent

The kind of guidance you get from a native speaker who can help you correct your pronunciation is invaluable. Thats why Rosetta Stones voice recognition engine Tru Accent recognizes and evaluates your ability to duplicate the cadence, pronunciation, and inflection of native and non-native Spanish speakers. By embedding TruAccent in every Spanish lesson, you get plenty of chances to perfect your accent until you feel confident speaking up for yourself.

Our customers have plenty to say about our award-winning learn Spanish app

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The Best Learn Spanish App

If youve tried to learn Spanish years ago and got stuck at hola, you should reconsider Spanish lessons with Rosetta Stone. Todays language learning apps are gamified experiences, but all those bells and whistles should be approached with some caution. Many learn Spanish apps focus on vocabulary games that appear to encourage engagement but dont actually result in building confidence in speaking the language. After all, knowing ¿Qué tal? is great, but if you arent sure which situations its appropriate to use the informal greeting or how to pronounce it, its not helpful in a real-world conversation.

Rosetta Stone understands that the key to speaking Spanish is about learning the language, not just the words. The backbone of our Spanish lessons is a unique approach of teaching words in context, scaling up to concepts in learning environments rich with audio and visual cues that mirror everyday situations.

Rosetta Stones Learn Languages app delivers contextualized learning alongside customization options and technologically advanced features. As a user of our learn Spanish app, you benefit both from activities powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as a proven instructional method built on 25+ years of language learning experience.

Best For Quick Daily Study: Drops

5 of The Best Android Apps for Learning A New Language

Price: $

Drops premise is very simple: learn Spanish five minutes a day, be consistent and reach fluency.

Drops is completely based on visual learning. It gives you drops and you have to pair images to them and do a series of gamified exercises until you master the word category.

The app lets you visually associate pictures and words in your target language without having to use your native language.

There are dozens of topics you can learn. Some examples are Nature & Animals, People & Health, City & Shops and Science & Wisdom.

In turn, each topic is divided into subtopics or categories, with a total number of 162 .

Drops will give you five free minutes of practice each day. If you want to enjoy unlimited learning time and have the possibility of learning offline, youll have to go premium.


  • You can learn both Mexican and Castilian Spanish
  • The app is perfect for kids and total beginners who are visual learners


See our full review of Drops to learn more.

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Womens Brains Process Language Differently

Some researchsuggests that womens brains may process language in a different way than mens. When learning languages, womens brains light up in areas to do with language encoding, but mens brains tend to light up in areas related to sight and sound. This might mean that women find it easier to learn a language because they need fewer stimuli to commit it to memory. Whereas men need to both see and hear the words.

Womens brains also tend to light up on both sides during language tests rather than just the logical left hemisphere, which is common for men. More connections in the brain lead to more learning. Finding language learning a little easier might make women more enthusiastic about taking on more languages.

Top Spanish Apps For Kids

I know that apps for kids can be hit or miss! You can waste a lot of time searching and downloading, only to find theyre not what you expected or the free part only includes one game. Youll find this list is different because I actually tried each one out with my kids, and here Ill give you all the info on compatible devices and pricing. Where possible, I also included video previews so you can quickly decide which language apps might work for your family.

This is an extensive list, so if theres something specific youre looking for, click on that section below. Otherwise, take your time and browse these suggestions!

If you find any information here is outdated or incorrect, please let me know in the comments so I can keep everything up to date. Lets get started!

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Why Lingoda Is Best For Live Spanish Classes

The short story here is that Lingoda is not a traditional language learning app per se. Rather, think of Lingoda more as an online language school. Their program is all about live classes with certified fluent teachers. So if you want more of a Spanish class than an app, Lingoda is going to be your best bet among all the online class platforms.

The 6 Best Apps To Learn Spanish As A Beginner

I Found The Best App to Find Language Exchange Partners – Learning Spanish

Looking for the best app for learning Spanish? We got your back. Here are our 6 favorite beginner apps for learning Spanish.

You’re here because you want to expand your horizons by learning a new language¡Español!using all the cheat codes you can get your hands on. I’m talking, of course, about the best apps to learn Spanish and, great news, you’re in the perfect place to discover some super helpful learning tools!

We here at Brainscape spent over 10 years developing our flashcard software specifically for Learning Spanish, while leveraging the key cognitive science principles of language learning. So, yeah, we kinda know a little bit about what Spanish apps are out there and which ones are the best for expediting your learning journey.

We also wholeheartedly support the use of apps for language learning, particularly since we all spend so much time on our phone . But instead of swiping left on Bumble or scrolling through your Insta feed, why not squeak in some productive learning on your daily commute with these 6 best apps for beginners to learn Spanish.

You’ll be on your way to hablar en español in no time!

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