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The 11 Easiest Programming Languages To Learn According To Developers

BEST Way To Learn Programming Language (quickly and easily!) | Placement Series

Considering a career as a developer?

The first step is deciding which programming language to learn. Programming languages allow developers to tell computers what to do. Each language comes with its own advantages, and many of their functions overlap. And with over 600 languages to choose from, it can be hard to figure where to start.

The good news is, there are a few languages that stand out amongst developers as go-tos for beginners. So, to make your decision a little easier, lets explore 11 of the easiest programming languages to learn.

What Programming Language Should You Learn First

Thinking about learning to code but not sure where to start? One of the most common questions we hear is, What programming language should I learn first?

The answer is: it depends. As Web Developer Pat DePuydt explains in the video below, the tech industry changes fast. And, with over 600 possible languages to choose from, it can feel daunting to find the one that best suits your needs.

Still, it basically comes down to what you’re looking to achieve. Here, well explore some of the most popular languages so that you’ll have a better idea of which one is right for you.

But, before we dive into different programming languages, let’s first address some common questions.

Which Programming Language Should I Learn First

Python is one of the highly recommended beginner languages because itâs easily understandable. Users will also learn programming fundamentals without needing to obsess over the tiny details that hundreds of programming languages demand. Python can be used for web development, software development, and graphic user interfaces tasks.

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The Easiest Programming Language To Learn First

If youre new to the world of programming, Python is the best coding language to start with. Its a beginner-friendly code with a simplified syntax, using fewer lines than other coding languages, making it easy to read, understand, and use.

Python is a general purpose language thats good for a variety of uses, including:

  • Building websites
  • Game development

Not only is Python easy to pick up , its an open-source language which means that theres a large and thriving community where everybody can work on and contribute to projects and libraries.

In fact, there are an estimated 8 million Python developers, giving you a worldwide network when learning this language.

Once youre ready to put your skills to the test, why not start by creating a Mad Libs game or web scraper? These are both great beginner Python projects to tackle.

Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

4 Best Computer Programming Languages for Beginners in 2020
  • Difficulty Level :Easy

A programming language refers to the means of communication that is used by humans to instruct computers to perform specified tasks. These languages use particular coding syntax to create programs to perform specialized tasks. Software programming is a lucrative career option. As per the survey, programming jobs are expected to rise by 21% by the year 2028. Wikipedia claims that there are around 700 programming languages. So deciding which one to learn can be confusing.

To add to more confusion new and better programming languages are added to the list every year. But dont worry we are here to rescue you. After taking into consideration career perceptive, future demands, business requirements, and features of different programming languages we are here with our list of ten programming languages.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 programming languages to learn in 2022. So lets get started.

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Ready To Break Into Tech

Jumping into programming demands commitment. Before beginning, prospective programmers need to choose a programming language to focus on. Finding and organizing resources ahead of time is also crucial. The Internet holds tons of online resources about programming.

Once you are ready to ignite your programming career, itâs time to get some equipment and maintain the momentum. Learn and work until youâre confident in your programming abilities, which could lead you to more significant opportunities such as learning a more complicated, difficult language.

Learn Programming At Coding Dojo

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These short-term, intense training courses prepare you for a career in software engineering, software development, cyber security, UI/UX, and more.

If youre ready to break into the industry and gain programming fundamentals, Coding Dojo is prepared to teach you. We offer both full-time and part-time software development courses, as well as data science, cybersecurity, and UI/UX design bootcamps.

Our coding bootcamps at Coding Dojo will teach you the fundamentals of programming, give you the skills to code, and challenge you with real-world assignments while also helping you prepare your portfolio for a future career in programming.

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What Makes A Programming Language Easy To Learn

Quite often, it can be hard to pin down exactly what makes a language more accessible to beginners than others. A good place to start, however, would be results. How quickly can you start seeing the effects of the coding youve done? Languages such as HTML and CSS are useful in this respect, as you can quickly check the visual result of your coding.

Another important factor for newbie web developers in choosing a language is syntax. Just like deciding whether to learn a language like French or Japanese, how easy it is to read can be a major factor. The more difficult a programming language is with different numbers and symbols denoting different things, the harder it will be for humans to process it at first.

For this reason, languages like Python are good for beginners, as they include a lot of whole words in their syntax. Remember that a computer doesnt really care how simple or clean syntax or code isits humans that will struggle.

There are several other factors affecting whether a language is easy to learn or not. These include how big or receptive its community is for supporting learners, as well as whether a language is static or dynamically typed.

So, bearing those things in mind, weve picked out five of the simplest programming languages to pick up right now:

The Easiest Programming Language To Learn And Why

Top 10 Programming Languages In 2021| Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021 | Simplilearn

Posted onAuthorBrad Mitchell

Are you interested in starting a career in tech that involves understanding programming languages?

Maybe youre just interested in adding a new skill to your resume, picking up a new hobby, or change career paths altogether

No matter your reason, programming is an instrumental skill to have. Its not only great for career opportunities, but it also teaches you more than just how to code.

Learning a programming language enhances critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, perseverance and can improve even improve your memory.

Check out these 10 beginner-friendly coding projects that can help you apply your newfound learning.

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Top Programming Languages For Web Development

Now that weve gone over the different types of programming languages, lets take a look at some specific languages.

Web development is one of the most popular types of programming. If youre a developer in 2022, chances are high that youre a web developer.

There are a number of different languages that are commonly used for web development. In 2022, we think its smart to pick a first language that you can put to use in the browser, and our recommendations are informed by this philosophy.

Top Programming Language: Python

Python is undoubtedly one of the most popular programming languages to learn. Its best for beginners to indulge in the programming world as its not only a high-level language but also accessible with easy-to-use mechanisms. Many Popular social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are built on the basis of python.

It also has multiple uses, it can be used for web development, software development and even system scripting. It can work on different platforms, with quick prototyping and a broad standard library. However, python is considered a slow language which makes mobile app development impractical.

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Top Programming Language: C/c++

C language or the superset of the C language, C++ is utilized in almost all low-level systems, therefore if your interest is based on system-level programming, you should consider learning C/C++. It is extremely fast and stable with a standard template library. Not only does it offer good portability but also supports exception handling.

C/C++ languages are now considered low-level languages due to their complex syntax and difficult readability structure. It also has a smaller standard library and no garbage collection.

Choose The Best Language For Your Goals And Skills

4 Best Computer Programming Languages for Beginners in 2020

Choosing the right programming language depends on what you want to develop and how you learn. For example, if youre going to build a mobile application, you might start with Swift or Java. For those who want to develop for the web, JavaScript is essential. In all likelihood, if you become a software developer, youll need to learn multiple languages. That said, narrowing down what you want to do is a good way to choose your first one.

Also, consider how you learn. If you learn by doing, it may be best to start with something simple like Ruby or Python. If youre someone who likes to learn everything upfront and develop a strong foundation in coding, C might be more appropriate.

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Types Of Programming Languages

There are many different types of programming languages. Some languages are designed for specific purposes, while others are more general-purpose.

Examples of specific-purpose programming languages include:

  • SQL: SQL is a language used for managing data in databases.
  • HTML: HTML is a markup language used for creating web pages.
  • CSS: CSS is a style sheet language used to describe a web pages presentation.

Examples of general-purpose programming languages include:

  • C++: C++ can be used for a variety of purposes, such as system software, application software, and games.
  • Java: Java is a language that can be used for web applications, mobile applications, and big data.
  • Python: Python is a versatile language that can be used for things such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and web development.

What is a programming paradigm?

A programming paradigm is a way of thinking about programming. It is a conceptual model that dictates how we should write our code.

There are many different types of programming languages. Some are more versatile than others and can be used for a variety of purposes. Others are more specialized and are designed for specific tasks.

When it comes to learning a programming language, there are different types of programming paradigms that can be followed. These include:

  • Logic programming
  • Functional programming languages
  • Procedural programming languages

Object-oriented programming

Object-oriented programming languages include C++, Java, and Python.

Learning A New Language Will Help You Connect With Locals While Traveling And Expand Your Opportunities To Work And Study Abroad But Choosing The Right One Can Be Challenging Here Are The Most Useful Languages To Learn In 2022

Theres no doubt that learning a second language is beneficial. Bilingualism causes the brain to grow grey matter, improving memory, decision-making, and self-control. Beyond the physical benefits, bilingual travelers immerse themselves easier in countries where they speak the language. The benefits are undeniable, but how do you choose which language to study?

When picking a language, its important to look at your interests as well as travel, education, and career goals. If youre still stuck, however, weve got a few ideas as to which are the best languages to learn in 2022.

Read on to learn more about the best languages to learn in 2022!

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What Is Machine Learning

Machine learning is essentially teaching a computer to make its own predictions. For example, a Machine Learning Engineer might create an algorithm that the computer uses to recognize patterns within data and then decide what the next part of the pattern should be.

Patterns can come in many different settings and can be used for a variety of purposes. Common examples of machine learning include:

  • Speech recognition: Any application that utilizes speech recognition uses machine learning to identify the words you’re saying and translate them into text the computer will understand.
  • Social media: Probably the most well-known machine learning application, social media platforms generate ads and suggestions based on your likes and interests.
  • Virtual assistants: Every time you ask a question or speak to your smart devices, they’re learning your habits and better understanding how to answer you.
  • Image recognition: You help computers learn the difference between different images each time you’re asked to click the image that’s right side up to verify your identity.
  • Streaming services: Every time you watch an episode of your favorite show or click on a new movie, the system recognizes your activities and uses the patterns created to recommend similar content.

Learn A New Language In 2022

Which Programming Language To Learn First? | Programming Language For Beginners | Simplilearn

At the end of the day, the best language to learn is the language that you are most interested inthat will keep you motivated to study and practice no matter what challenges you face along the way. So whether your dream is to close business deals in Mandarin or make friends with the locals in Egypt, know that your hard work will open up a world of opportunities for you. So why not learn a new language in 2022?

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Which Programming Language Should You Learn

Some programmers are able to build a career out of being an expert in one language, but many programmers learn new languages frequently, Gorton says. Its not uncommon for a professional programmer to be fluent in three or four different languages, he adds.

The type of software you want to develop is one consideration for which programming languages to learn. While there are no concrete rules for what language is used to write what software, a few trends offer some guidance:

  • Web-based startups are more likely to be programming in Python and JavaScript.
  • Larger companies tend to develop their internal software applications using C# or Java and their Web applications using PHP.
  • Programs for data analytics typically use the R and MATLAB programming languages.
  • Embedded devices, such as those in the automotive and healthcare industries, run software written in C, C++, or Rust.
  • Applications that run on the cloud are increasingly written in Go or Scala.
  • Mobile applications are increasingly written in Swift or Kotlin.

If youre looking to start a career in programming, the Master of Science in Computer Science Align program at Northeastern can help you develop expertise and fluency with the popular programming languages that align with your skills and interests.

About Brian Eastwood

Top Nine Computer Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

The ability to build a computer program is one of the most valuable talents you can acquire in todays environment. Every industry has been affected by computers, from plane autopilots to the digital speedometers on bicycles. Computers are now incorporated into nearly every product or service on the market. So, which programming languages are the best to learn? Theres no denying that the development and programming communities are evolving at an unprecedented pace. A wide range of new Computer Programming Languages and frameworks are emerging to meet the needs of many developers and applications .

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What Are The Most Popular Programming Languages In 2022

According to the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, the most popular programming technologies in 2022 are:

Each of these languages has different benefits that make them well-suited for different purposes. To choose the right language for your needs, you should consider what you want to use the language for.

If youre interested in web development, then JavaScript or PHP might be a good choice. Python might be a good choice if youre interested in data science or machine learning. If youre interested in game development, then C++ might be the one for you. And if youre looking for a versatile language that can be used for a variety of applications, then C# is worth a look.

No matter what your goals are, theres a language out there thats perfect for you. So dont be afraid to experiment and find the one that fits your needs.

Other Programming Languages To Consider

4 Best Computer Programming Languages for Beginners in 2020

The following programming languages arent quite as popular as the 10 listed above, but they are also worth considering if youre looking to expand your programming options.

  • Dart is optimal for programming applications that need to run on multiple platforms, such as Windows and iOS.
  • Kotlin is used to develop applications for the Android OS.
  • MATLAB is a proprietary language developed by MathWorks and used for scientific research and numerical computing.
  • Perl got its start for programming text, which makes it easy to learn and popular for developing a proof of concept.
  • Ruby is losing traction as compared to other languages, but the Ruby on Rails framework was influential to other, later Web application frameworks for Python, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Rust emphasizes high performance and security and is useful for applications where many things are happening concurrently.
  • Scala, named as a play on scalable language, is compatible with Java and is useful for cloud-based applications.

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Learn A New Programming Language In 2022

All of the languages above are staples in the industry and have a fairly good chance of continuing to grow and generate jobs. That means you can pick one you like and have fairly good prospects with any of them.

If youd rather take a risk and try out a brand new but less reliable language that could potentially earn you a high-paying job, you should take a look at indexes like PYPL and TIOBE. These can point you in the right direction.

Just remember that, while its important to pick a programming language thats likely to help your career, theres no such thing as wasted time. Every new technology you pick up leads to a deeper understanding of programming and another thing on your resume.

Plus, you never know when a language could surge in popularity and put you ahead of the competition.

Which programming language will you learn this year? Tell us what youre thinking of trying in the comments, and start looking for courses and tutorials to help you get started.

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