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Best Best Man Speech Ever

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Best Man Speech For Brother

THE BEST Best Man Speech Ever! (Hilarious ending!)

Good evening, hope everyone is having a good time tonight. I feel very privileged and honored to be standing here tonight celebrating this lovely union. Two years ago, Matt gave the best man speech at my wedding and made a lot of awkward jokes. So needless to say, Ive been waiting for this moment for a really long time!For those who dont know, I am Matts brother, Mike. I first met Matt when I was two years old at our parents house in Boston. To be quite honest, I wasnt thrilled because I really wanted a sister. And I think he knew because Matt would do ridiculous things like throw my toothbrush in the toilet, pour water at me when I was asleep and run across the room naked when I had any friends over. This made me less popular than I already was.

Matt always excelled in school, was captain of the debate team and can make a mean steak. The truth is, despite him being an annoying brother at the time, I came out winning in the end. Because of him and this beautiful night, I am getting the sister I always wanted. Cara, youre beautiful and our family loves you so much. Thank you for making my brother so happy.

Lets celebrate this amazing union and raise a glass to the newlyweds! On behalf of the groomsmen and bridesmaids, wed like to wish you a life full of love, happiness, and joy.

To everyone who made tonight happen, thank you. Youve made this night very special.

Top Tips For Giving A Best Mans Speech

If you are planning a best mans speech then dont miss our top tips:

  • Avoid in-jokes that most guests wont understand!
  • Keep it clean you dont want to be dropping the F-bomb in front of your best friends grandma
  • Pause for laughter – and if it doesn’t come, you can tell people they were supposed to laugh there
  • Add a personal twist see if any of these jokes can be amended to suit something that relates to the couple
  • Make notes – you might think you’ll remember it off by heart, but it’s handy to have notes to refer back to
  • Project your voice – don’t shout, but aim to be heard at the back of the room
  • End with a toast – it’s the best way to wrap it up

Best Man Speech Ideas

To come up with the best best man speech, focus on the groom’s personality and the times you’ve shared. Go through old photos, talk to family and mutual friends about memories or even ask the couple for best man speech ideas . Consider these questions while writing your speech: Will the groom mind if you make fun of them a little, or are they more serious or sensitive? Is there a heartwarming story you can tell that others might not know about? What people will be attending the wedding and what kind of humor will they enjoy?

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Use A Magnetic Opening Line

The opening words of your Best Man presentation should grab everyones attention. If you favor a romantic approach on how to start off a speech, you can start with a statement like, True love wins all, and then list the various ways the Groom, through his true love for his Bride, has won all her attention and affections.

  • If some of the Grooms favorite hip singer-songwriters date back to the 1960s and 70s, you can quote from Bob Dylan: Love is just a four-letter word, going on to mention the many words of just four letters that relate to feelings of true love like kiss, hold, keep and ever. Be intent and clever with the use of language, and you will achieve better engagement with your audience.
  • If your tastes are somewhat more classical, you can start by quoting the familiar line from Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How do I love thee, Let me count the ways. This popular line has been repeated in many variations by countless poets and songwriters ever since, so have no fear of labeling yourself as an egghead when quoting it. This opening line will also give you a chance to mention the main virtues and attributes of the Bride.

Funny Best Man Speech One

best man speech Archives

Chris is the kindest pal anyone could ask for a man whose philanthropy knows no bounds. Generosity should be his middle name. He would do anything for me in fact, he even wrote this section of my speech!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I have no problem admitting to you all that Im extremely nervous right now. And as the people sitting near the front of the room can attest, it is actually possible to smell fear.

For anyone itching to hit the dancefloor, the band will start shortly after the final toast. Which reminds me, 20 years ago, Chris was told by a doctor that he would never dance normally again. When the band starts, youll see exactly what that specialist was talking about.

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Tips For Giving A Best Man Speech

If you have the honor of being the best man, you’re probably wondering how to write a best man speech. The good news is that there are several great best man speech tips to increase your odds of success, says Dominic Bliss, wedding writer and author of Being the Best Man for Dummies. Study up on these helpful pointers below to minimize pre-speech jitters and ensure a smooth delivery.

Things To Include In Your Best Man Speech

Knowing how to write a best man speech is equally important to delivering it. Here are a few traditional things that you should include in your best man speech.

Oh! And before you let the anxiety about public speaking set in, experts say its best to keep your best mans speech to under 5 minutes. So, its really not that bad after all.

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Rehearse Before The Big Day

Experts say you should rehearse a speech 10 times before performing it. Research also shows that people who mentally prepare themselves before a speech by imagining it going well are more likely to perform fluently and easily. So before you get in front of an audience, be sure youve gone over your speech at least 10 times, either in your head or out loud. Better yet, practice in the mirror, on camera, or in front of a trusted friend.

It also helps to review the gist of the speech with the groom to make sure its alright with him. A few weeks before the wedding, you may pull him aside and ask, Hey man, is it OK if I tell the story about ____ in my best man speech? I think itll get some good laughs.

Although this example is long, this best man very clearly rehearsed his speech for a near-perfect performance without any notes:

The Funniest Best Man Jokes For Speech

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever!

1. Its been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers.

2. If theres anybody here this afternoon whos feeling nervous, apprehensive and queasy at the thought of what lies ahead, its probably because youve just married .

3. Weve now reached the point in the proceedings when we all get to see the shift uncomfortably in his seat and grip the tablecloth. Thats right. Ive been asked to give him the drinks bill.

4. All those amongst you who know well will know that she/he is a wonderful and caring person. S/he deserves a good husband. Thank God married her/him before s/he found one.

5. Just some last messages here to read out: one from football team to Apologies we couldnt all be there today, good luck with , we found him to be useless in most positions, but wishing you all the best for tonight.

6. Id also like to congratulate on a truly magnificent speech. I always knew it would be hard to follow and I was right, I could hardly follow a word of it.

7. please put your left hand flat on the table. please place your hand on top of theirs. Enjoy this moment because its the first and last time in your marriage that youll have the upper hand.

8. I do have to say though just how lucky you are. You will leave here today with a who is warm, loving and caring. And , how lucky you are as well. You leave here today having gained a lovely outfit and a wonderful bouquet of flowers.

26. Im going to keep this speech like short and not very funny.

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Thank The Other Speakers

It is always appropriate and appreciated if you thank the other speakers for the occasion. These speakers usually include the Maid of Honor and the Brides Father as well as any other members of the wedding party that the Bride and Groom ask to speak.

It is always good form to express your gratitude for their contributions to this special moment and event. Never criticize or make jokes about what they say or how they say it. Just thank them politely and continue with your own remarks since you know very well how to write a best man speech.

The Best Man With A Plan

Im just going to get up there and wing it the two people you LEAST want to hear this from are your surgeon and the best man.

Some best men have a gift. The ability to hold the attention of a room using nothing but the power of their vocal chords. This, combined with a mind that automatically places all of the right words in the right order, creates a sublime piece of oratory art. Crowds applaud. Women swoon and men hold up camera phones in an effort to capture something of this vocal marvel.

Im sorry to say, that you are most likely not one of these rarities. The majority of the time when a best man says Im just going to wing it, the following half hour is a meandering mess of misremembered misadventures and mistaken memories.

But fear not. With a little preparation, you can make it seem like you are Gods gift to the spoken word.

Planning and practice make perfect. Either write out your speech word for word or bullet point it on a few cue cards. Practice your speech in the mirror a few times. This will help you identify any sections that are going to trip you up and help get you familiar with your best man speech. It will also give you an indication of how long your speech is. The sweet spot for any speech is eight minutes, though youll probably go over a bit when delivering it. Just make sure it doesnt tip past the twelve-minute mark as thats when peoples attention begins to did I feed the dog?

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Creative Best Man Speeches

Youre the best man. What are you the best at? Creatively speaking. Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you rap? Can you write poetry? maybe a dirty limerick?

If you have some creative bones in your body use them. The best best man speeches Ive seen have been memorable for their creative moments.

A few years ago, I saw a speech where the best man wrote a short play detailing the bride and grooms relationship. Hed gathered a few of their closest friends to perform the skit. It made for a truly memorable addition to his speech. The bride and groom simultaneously laughed uncontrollably and cringing hard. Ive seen my fair share of Best men perform raps, songs and poems, theres even been a little illustration and painting thrown in the mix.

If youre good at something creative, maybe theres a way of getting it into your speech. Even if youre not great at the creative arts, adding in a little creativity is a good way of making your speech fun and memorable

Best Man Speech Opening Lines

The Best Best Manâs Speech Ever

Your opening lines are your best man speech icebreakers, so its important that they are good. Grab the attention of your guests with witty best man speech openers such as these.

  • I would like to begin by congratulating the groom on his excellent taste in best men. He has really outdone himself this time, and Im pleased.
  • I have been asked by the bride and groom not to share any embarrassing stories, crude jokes, or pranks during my best mans speech so I guess thatll be it from me! Thank you all for listening.
  • If you cannot hear me at the back, nothing to worry about. By the complete silence in the front row here, you can rest assured that youre really not missing much.
  • Is anyone here this afternoon feeling nervous and queasy at the thought of what lies ahead? If you are, its probably because youve just married .
  • All of you here who really know the bride must know that she is a wonderful person who deserves a good husband. Thank goodness married her before she found one.
  • Good-looking, loyal, caring, sincere, honest, not forgetting, a great man. But enough about me!
  • I have been asked by the venue owner, ladies, and gentlemen to inform you before I start that, for reasons of health and safety, nobody should get up on top of the chairs and tables during my standing ovation.
  • Im going to try to keep my speech short because every minute I speak is one extra minutes delay in my front row seat to witnessing how the grooms dance lessons worked out.
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    Best Man Speech Jokes & One

    Sometimes it can be difficult to think of jokes if you arent a natural born comedian, so we have compiled a list of short one-liners and best man speech jokes that may help you.

    If the groom is a bad singer:

    We all know that Tim is a great singer . I love listening to him sing solo. So low, no one can hear him.

    Some light innuendo:

    It sure is a perfect day for a wedding. Its nice out. So nice out, should leave it out until they get back to the hotel.

    If the groom played football:

    Just some last messages here to read out: one from football team to Apologies we couldnt all be there today, good luck with , we found him to be useless in most positions but wishing you all the best for tonight.

    If the groom has a lot of hobbies:

    Kayaking, tennis, 5k running, model airplane building, fixing sinks is there anything you can do?

    If the groom is short:

    Im going to keep this speech like short and not very funny.

    A good, general roast:

    Id also like to congratulate on a truly magnificent speech. I always knew it would be hard to follow and I was right, I could hardly follow a word of it.


    Youve got no idea how much Ive been looking forward to today. After all the time Ive been friends with , he has at long last admitted that I am in fact the best man.

    If youre super nervous:

    What Not To Talk About In Your Speech

    While you may be writing to make your groom laugh, you need to remember your audience is diverse. You have children, elders, and teenagers so you wouldnt want to write something inappropriate.

    Generally, its best to avoid things like these:

    • Any previous relationships.
    • Anything about drugs, alcohol, gambling.
    • Perverse topics, or anything of a sexual nature.
    • Harsh negativity.
    • Inside jokes that are too specific.

    The idea is to avoid anything raunchy or disheartening during your speech, even if it might be hilarious in your head, youll have to avoid it in your best man speech.

    Think about how upset Grandma would be if you happened to talk about how her little Jimmy actuallyhasntbeen saving himself for marriage – what horror!

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    A Best Man Speech To The Ultimate Single Inspiring Couple

    First up, we have an example of a pretty simple, straight-to-the-point best man speech. Its light in tone, offers excellent praise for both the bride and groom, and has a great closing.

    Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

    For those of you who dont know me, my name is _____ , and I have the honor of being ____s best man. I have known him since we were kids, and I have seen him grow into the amazing person he is today. Looking at him getting married today seems surreal because it feels like yesterday when we were kids, doing the most embarrassing things possible dont worry, I will not tell anyone about it. ?

    We all know the accomplishments of but what you guys dont know is that he is an invaluable friend. He is the kind of person who asks you how your day was and would be a great listener. He is someone you can lean on, who answers the phone when youre having one of the lowest moments of your life or pick you up at 3 in the morning to drive you back home safely without any questions. Thank you for being the best friend I could ask for. And I believe that you will excel at your role as a husband as well.

    Thank you for being the most fantastic couple and being the ultimate inspiration for all of us singles out here! I wish you both prosperity in the years to come.

    Lets toast to this beautiful couple!

    Now Some Things That You Shouldn’t Do

    BEST Best Man Speech ever! and by a 7 year old

    Bring the bride to tears, your best friend to hiccups, and knock every other persons freaking socks off when you follow these six simple steps for delivering the greatest best man speech, ever:

    Step one: Dont plan ahead so youre good and nervous. That way, the second your buddy says I do, you can start to pregame like your colleges biggest rival is about to step onto the field.

    Step two: If youre not staggering as you grab the mic from the DJ, you didnt do step one right, so grab a shot to gulp on your way up. Once at the front of the room, take a deep breath and remember: this isnt a tribute. This is a battle. A battle to determine who is the most badass, hilarious, self-absorbed best man ever.

    Step three: Make sure you tell the story of that time in Amsterdam, circling the clock tower on magic mushrooms. Bonus points for describing the various women you cat-called and anything that took place in a bathroom.

    Step four: Mention an ex-girlfriend of his. Like the one who wore a cheerleading outfit everywhere, even though she wasnt a cheerleader .

    Step five: To make sure your speech is awkwardly long, ramble. Say I love you man! more than once. If you lose your train of thought, dont worry. Fill in space by yelling, The bridesmaids mostly look great!

    Step six: Mic drop. It never fails to be a classic way to propose a toast. Now sit back and enjoy the accolades.

    1.Give yourself a few weeks – if not a month or two – to write your speech.

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