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Best App To Learn Sign Language

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How Long Does It Take To Learn American Sign Language

What is the best app to learn sign language?

The apps in this list vary in course content and length. Some provide the basics such as 10-20 lessons in foundational topics. Others are updating constantly to include new features and bundles.

Generally, ASL takes between 3 months to 3 years to learn proficiently. You also need to account for practice time and how youre learning .

Most people agree that in-app lessons are more efficient when paired with real-life practice or 1-1 tutoring. This is something to bear in mind when considering how much you want to rely on app-based learning.

And, with most of these apps, you choose when and how often to commit and learn more or less at your own pace.

Challenge #: Making Language Learning A Routine

The design of the ASL Bloom app makes it easy to use. Since the lessons are short, you can do a few every day. There are also ways to track your progress. You get points when you complete lessons correctly and try to keep up your daily streak by completing at least one lesson every day. The app keeps track of how many signs youve learned. It was motivating to watch my number grow quickly!

Asl Bloom Alternatives And Competitors

ASL Bloom is a well-designed and helpful app, but there are other choices available if its not the right app for you. The ASL App and Lingvano are similar to ASL Bloom. Rocket ASL is a good choice if you prefer to learn about deaf culture in addition to learning the language. If you want to learn with a teacher, you can take online classes on the italki platform.

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How To Choose The Best App To Learn Japanese

Are you still wondering what is the best app to learn Japanese?

Well, maybe youre still not sure what to look for in an app.

First of all, your Japanese learning app should fit your goals, level, and abilities.

Most of the apps we mentioned today are great for beginners. So, if youre just starting out, you shouldnt have any problems in finding the right program.

But if youre already familiar with the Japanese language, you need to make sure the app has enough advanced content.

And dont forget that some platforms like to advertise that they offer lessons for all levels, but they actually dont have detailed, quality content for advanced students.

Thats why Japanese apps reviews are very helpful.

Furthermore, you need to be aware of your time commitment. Do you want to get daily bite-sized lessons? Or do you want to study once a week for a couple of hours?

Luckily, most of these apps are self-paced and flexible when it comes to schedule. However, some of them are meant to deliver quick results, and others dont require continuity in learning.

But it all comes down to your expectations and goals.

Are you planning to visit Japan and do you want to know how to read Japanese letters? Or do you want to delve deeper into Japanese grammar and eventually become a fluent speaker?

All apps are created with a specific learner in mind. Also, some of them cover all language skills, and some of them are focused on one element of the Japanese language.

Best Learn Sign Language Apps


Would you like to study Apps to learn sign language on your iPhone or iPad? These are the top iPhone and iPad applications available anywhere for learning sign language. One of the most widely used languages for communication is sign language. Even for individuals who dont use it regularly, having some knowledge of it, such as American Sign Language , is helpful.

Even a few words of sign language can be useful if you have a friend or family member who is deaf or hard of hearing. Learning to sign can be done through a variety of sites, including Lifeprint and YouTube. However, you may also choose from a huge selection of iOS apps that enable you to learn anywhere.

Despite the fact that sign language is not widely used, ASL dominates the app industry. Here are the top ASL learning apps for your iPhone or iPad. Remember that sign language is much more complex than oral language and uses a different syntax. If at all feasible, practice signing beside a native signer, then use these iOS applications to round out your instruction. You will learn the language by immersion if you do this.

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Q& a With The St Marylebone School Apps For Good Team

What does your app do and how did you come up with the idea?

Sign Time is an app that teaches sign language through visual learning and educational games. Our app breaks down communication barriers and teaches signing in a simple yet entertaining way.

We designed this app for personal reasons, as one of our team members has a partially deaf cousin. Her cousin found that learning to sign was frustrating because he was handed boring, non colourful sheets of paper that weren’t helpful and didn’t teach him properly. He often said that he would rather have instructional videos and colours to make his learning more fun. Deaf children all around the UK experience the same problem, so we were inspired to create Sign Time as a way to educate and entertain.

What’s next for your team?

We are excited over a number of things! First of all, simply winning the award opens up so many incredible opportunities, and we have both decided to join the fellowship after learning more about Apps For Good. Furthermore, we are obviously very excited about our mentoring session with Holly Branson at Virgin Red! The opportunity for the mentoring session entails is very exciting.

What suggestions do you have for someone looking to build their own apps?

Also, don’t just stick with one specific idea! As a team, we had to go through countless ideas before we settled on Sign Time, so it is good to have many ideas and compare them all to get the best one.

Why and how do you use Balsamiq?


How We Choose The Best Apps

  • Broad Search

    Our unique algorithm scoured the App Store and Google Play Store by searchingasl, learn sign language and sign language. From there, we retrieved a total of 613 unique apps as potential candidates.

  • Additional Review by Editorial Team

    Finally, our editorial team checks all apps in ourbest 10 list one by one to make sure these apps are of the highest quality.

  • Filter only high-quality apps

    We then selected the highest quality apps fromthe 613 apps listed. We compared the number of stars,downloads, and reviews along with the velocity of these apps to create a list of the Best Apps for Learning Sign Language for both Android & iOS.

If you are interested in learning more about our process, find out here.

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How To Learn Sign Language Online

Nowadays there are different ways to learn sign language. One who wants to learn ASI Online can use any of the options and learn this wonderful language free:

Learn by watching free online videos.

Take an online course.

Use an App to learn.

Watch a DVD.

Join a deaf club or visit a deaf cafe.

Take a sign language class.

Appoint a private, qualified sign language tutor.

Ask your Deaf friends and family to teach you.

Learn by pdf which is available on the internet.

Okay But Not My Style

New app helps community learn sign language

I am a hearing person brushing up on my college ASL from 10 years ago now that I have laryngeal problems that limit my ability to speak. That being said, I dont like that the demonstrator voices in the videos. On top of that, the way they voice is loud and forceful. Overall extremely distracting. The signing is just as forceful, making it seem awkward like theyre demonstrating rather than just signing what would be part of a conversation but I may be biased since all my college instructors were deaf and non-voicing. Im also not a fan of the hand illustrations used for the alphabet and numbers. Theyre distorted and would be better demonstrated through video, particularly the numbers that require movement. Around number 11, the instructions stop telling you which direction to point your palm and become increasingly convoluted. I can tell a lot of work went into this app, so if you can get past the things I mention or the developer makes changes, it may be useful.

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Here Are The Best Apps To Learn Sign Language On Iphone

  • ASL Sign Langauge Pocket Sign
  • Price: Free

    Compatibility: iOS 9.0 or later

    Hands On ASL comes first in this list of the best sign language learning apps for iPhone because of the versatility and ease of use it offers. This interactive application makes it easy to learn sign language both receptively and expressively. And unlike most similar apps, it comes with 3D models to portray the gestures more accurately and eloquently.

    This sign language app for iPhone is also available on iPad as well. Learn and review alphabets of sign language and practice with games and quizzes this ASL learning app is all about hands-on experience. The easy and flexible features also make it the best sign language app for babies to teach them effortlessly.

    Lingvano: Sign Language Asl

    Lingvano is unquestionably among the greatest ASL learning apps available on the App Store. It is well-liked by users and provides all the features and resources required to teach sign language with simplicity. For instance, to learn more quickly and efficiently, practice with real-world conversations, look up words in a dictionary, and master syntax and vocabulary.

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    Challenge #: Understanding & Communicating

    Understanding the signs is easy. The videos clearly show you how to sign and the practice questions reinforce the new material. I also enjoyed the conversation lessons that show you how to put everything together. You can turn the captions on or off during the conversations to test your understanding and practice signing along.

    The Best Apps To Learn Asl

    The best apps for learning sign language

    Learning any new language, including ASL, isn’t easy. But hopefully these iPhone and iPad apps can help guide you on a successful journey.

    Don’t forget that your iOS device can help you learn more languages than just ASL. Make sure to take a look at other apps that can help you learn a foreign language.

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    American Sign Language Finger Spelling Game

    American Sign Language Finger Spelling is suitable for children and adult beginners who wish to learn the alphabet, number signs, and basic words.

    It comes with more than 140 practice cards and in excess of 80 finger spelling and sign language activities and games.

    American Sign Language Finger Spelling Game is available on Android for free.

    Apps may not be an effective way for everyone to learn a language. Some people may prefer to learn sign language through other options, such as websites, online courses, or group classes.

    Some alternative options to ASL apps include:

    • StartASL.com: This site gives people access to three complete courses for three ASL levels. It also offers paid courses for advanced ASL.
    • Gallaudet University ASL Connect: People can access free ASL videos in several categories alongside interactive lessons on this site. They can also pay for online ASL classes.
    • Handspeak: Handspeak is a free online dictionary resource containing a range of sign video clips. It also has lessons, tutorials, and tips for ASL learners and a childs wordbook that features children signing.

    Many local ASL groups are available throughout the U.S., often in association with local deaf community organizations. People can search for local classes to learn ASL in person or connect with other people who use ASL.

    The Best Sites For Learning American Sign Language In 2022

    When it comes to learning new languages, ASL presents unique challenges and rewards. We’ve vetted the top sites to help anyone who wants to learn get started.

    I’ve been contributing to PCMag since 2011, at times as an analyst and columnist, and currently as deputy managing editor for the software team. My column, Get Organized, has been running on PCMag since 2012. It gives advice on how to manage all the devices, apps, digital photos, social networks, email, and other technology that can make you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack.

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    American Sign Language Apps For Children:

    ASL with Care Bears is a fun, colorful way for children to learn American Sign Language. Children will learn common signs, popular phrases, the unique sign names of Care Bears and the ASL alphabet.


    • Teaches children American Sign Language
    • Includes over 400 signs and phrases related to feelings, hobbies, family, friends, and more
    • Free to download with In-App Purchase:
    • The free bundle comes with:
    • Welcomes YouWelcome to the world of Care Bears! For the first time, American Sign Language is being taught with Care Bears. This free bundle will introduce you to the main Care Bears and their favorite sayings.
    • Meet the Care Bears Teaches children how to sign the unique names of each Care Bear
  • In-App Purchase teaches:
  • Popular phrases
  • 2. Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy:

    The popular Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy is available as an interactive QBook in this app. It is narrated by Doctor Whos David Tennant, but also features video narration in three sign languages: New Zealand Sign Language, Australian Sign Language, and American Sign Language!


    • Interact with the popular story as its being told or signed
    • Paint Mode allows users to color the pages of the book
    • Paint Mode has a paint palette, brush width, move and zoom, and undo abilities
  • QBook includes narration, text, and user interface in this language
  • The My Narration function allows users to read and record the story by themselves and customize their book
  • 3. Signed Stories:


    Learn By Watching Dvds

    Lets Sign: Resources and Apps to Teach Yourself ASL

    You can also watch DVD or pre-recorded sign language learning videos for learning purposes. Some organizations have created DVDs especially to help you learn the language properly.

    So, Here is a list of DVDs you can buy:

    • Sign Language 101: A Beginners Guide to American Sign Language
    • American Sign Language for Kids: Learn ASL Beginner Level 1, Vol. 1
    • Common Expressions in American Sign Language, Vol. 1-2 Set
    • American Sign Language Interpreter Training: Receptive & Expressive Skills Practice Set, Vol. 1
    • Idioms & Phrases in American Sign Language, Vol. 1-5

    Some other popular DVDs

    • 13-DVD Complete American Sign Language DVD Library
    • American Sign Language for Kids and Adults, Vol. 1-2 Complete Set 2 DVDs
    • American Sign Language 10-DVD Collection Kids Series, Idioms Sets, ASL Interpreting Training Sets
    • ASL in Motion Dictionary
    • American Sign Language Learning System

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    Asl Kids Sign Language

    • Language: American Sign Language
    • Price: Free, in-app purchases available

    ASL Kids Sign Language is a great app for teaching signing and the ASL alphabet to deaf children. The app was developed by a couple whose son had hearing loss.

    Their goal was to help their son and other kids learn sign language easily. The app is thus designed so that it can easily be used by kids without an adults help.

    The app uses interactive visual material to speed up the learning process. It also features kids from the ages of 1 to 12 who teach 50 free easy-to-learn signs from the ASL dictionary along with baby sign language.

    This encourages young users to imitate their peers and learn even faster.

    If you want to get access to more than 150 extra signs and increase your childs ASL knowledge, you can also buy the optional pack.

    Kids can go back to a lesson video and replay it by simply tapping the screen. The large, tappable, and clear images accompanying each hand sign make learning much easier.

    The app is easy to navigate through its intuitive interface and a user-friendly menu and buttons.

    It also has an audio button that stimulates speech and hearing and helps kids hear how a word is pronounced. It is also free of complex text and includes fun quizzes.

    The 7 Best Apps To Learn American Sign Language

    Langoly is supported by our readers. We review products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions if you buy through links on this page.

    This article is a guide to help you find the best apps to learn ASL or American Sign Language. There is no accurate count of people who use ASL, but there are more than 500,000 people in the United States that are deaf or hard of hearing. In the past, learning ASL could be challenging due to a lack of resources, but now, there are more apps than ever available to help you learn ASL quickly and effectively.

    Best Overall ASL App

    American Sign Language is the recognized language of deaf and hard of hearing people in the United States. Unlike other languages, ASL is a purely visual language. In addition to using hand signs, body movements and facial expressions are important to convey your message clearly. If you arent sure of a sign, you can use fingerspelling , where you spell out a name or a word using the manual alphabet.

    ASL is also unique because, as the name suggests, its only used in America. If you travel to another country they will use a different type of sign language. Even within certain regions in the United States, there can be variations for certain signs.

    As the National Association of the Deaf says, Learning American Sign Language takes time, patience, practice, and a sense of humor. So lets take a look at some apps that can help you start on your ASL journey!

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