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Best App To Learn Russian Language

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Learn Russian 15000 Words: Best App For Learning Vocabulary

ranking top language learning apps (tier list)

Designed for both adults and children, Learn Russian 15,000 Words by Fun Easy Learn uses flashcards along with a nice selection of games to help learners pick up new vocabulary in the form of words and phrases.

Since the focus is entirely on vocabulary, this is a great tool for intermediate-level learners who already know the grammar basics but are looking to be able to discuss a wider array of topics.

Vocabulary is grouped thematically, making it easy to select an area where you need growth and get to work. There are seven levels and over 120 topics and subtopics, including people, clothes, health, shopping, education, sports and transport, just to name a few.

The first few lessons are free. After youve completed them, youll have to buy a subscription to continue learning.

Hellotalk Language Learning Platform

HelloTalk is basically a Russian app that allows Russian learners to connect with any native speaker all over the world so they can practice their skills through online conversations in native language while learning vocabulary. It is one of the best apps for Russian Course.

Besides being able to talk about general topics, both users will also have access to virtual flashcards where theyll be able to find new vocabulary learning process divided by categories which means that HelloTalk was created to be a social media platform that focuses on the development of speaking skills.

For Whom

Since HelloTalk was created as a tool for language exchange, its best if you use it with people who are at an intermediate or advanced level.

Besides having conversations with real natives, users will also have access to different kinds of learning materials which makes HelloTalk a great Russian app option if you want to study Russian but dont have anyone nearby who can help you out.


Since both users will be able to talk about different aspects of their lives through HelloTalk, its best that those looking into connecting with native speakers do so from the beginning since this Russian app doesnt provide grammatical explanations and other kinds of basic lessons like Duolingo.

What makes this Russian app platform so special is its use of flashcards, which means that it focuses on the development of speaking skills instead of reading and writing.

How To Use These Best Russian Learning Apps In Your Life

If you want to learn Russian from home, its a good to install one of these apps for learning Russian. The last advice I want to give you is to try one single app at a time. How often have you installed 5+ different apps after reading an article like this?

Having an app on your phone by itself doesnt do anything.

You must use the app. So go through this article again, and pick one single app you plan on using for at least a week.

If youre unsure what the best app to learn Russian is in your case, leave a comment. Id gladly answer your question and help you out.

P.S. Do you struggle making daily progress on your Russian skills? I’ve got a 30-day Russian program that gives you a step-by-step system to follow to speak Russian well. Get more information about the program here.

About the Author

My name is Ari Helderman and I help people learn Russian through videos and blog posts where I share my experience. I have been learning Russian since 2016. I often get mistaken for a native speaker these days, so I’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t if you want to speak Russian well.

Ari Helderman

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Warning: Apps Are Not A Magic Bullet

Before we start with the best apps to learn Russian, lets discuss a common mistake beginner learners make.

For example, youve decided to learn Russian. Youve gone through this article and installed an app like Duolingo.

All goes well in the beginning. You set up an account. You follow the instructions. You diligently spend 10 to 20 minutes every day learning new words.

You learn a bit of grammar, and you start to feel success.

Maybe the Russian language isnt that hard?

But then you meet a native Russian speaker. You try to have a conversation. And you find out that you struggle stringing together a normal conversation.

This is common:

—————- Need more structure in your daily Russian practice? Let me help you make daily progress in my 30-day Russian program—————-

There are plenty of great apps to learn Russian. They do what they promise. They can make routine tasks simpler to execute daily.

But learning Russian is a complex skill. You need to:

  • Learn vocabulary
  • Have background knowledge of Russia

No app will be able to teach you everything.

Especially not the general language learning apps. You know, the ones that teach you new words, some grammar, and simple listening practices.

Still, those apps can play a critical role developing your vocabulary, grammar, speaking or listening skills. So lets find out which apps are great if you want to learn the Russian language.

Google Translate: On The Go Translation App

10 Best Apps to Learn Russian Language Easily [iOS &  Android]

Google Translate is a great app to have ready on your phone. Often youll hear or read an unknown Russian word, and you can then quickly look it up. This helps you in the moment to understand what is meant.

Another benefit is if you get into the habit of looking up a couple of new words every day. Learning a couple of words every day might not seem like a lot. But if you do this every single day, you will drastically increase your vocabulary with hundreds of new words per month.

I tend to use Google Translate nowadays if I quickly need to write a larger amount of text on my laptop. Im still slow at typing Russian, so I tend to write it in English. Then I translate it with Google Translate and do a manual check if everything looks how I want it in Russian.

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Best Apps To Learn Cyrillic For Beginners

Unlike in English, everyone is taught to write in cursive in Russian, alongside reading standard Russian characters. Therefore, the process of creating, much less finding, a genuinely instructive online app can be a tricky situation.

But fret not! Below you can find some of the most methodical apps for learning to write and read Cyrillic.

Tip: While these apps teach you how to write Cyrillic on an electronic screen, it is useful to have a notebook by your side to apply the same instructions on paper.

If you are beginning to teach yourself Russian, you might feel unsure as to how you should get around to writing those beautiful, but mostly alien characters, especially if you come from a non-Slavic language background.

This app gets straight to the point, standing as one of the most practical apps to write Cyrillic. Without overloaded pictures and pesky in-app purchases, you will become quickly proficient in using the Russian alphabet through easy-to-follow animations and practice exercises.

More specifically, you learn how to construct each letter with its uppercase and lowercase character with step-by-step strokes. Each letter is accompanied by its phonetic pronunciation.

This app is best for:

  • Absolute self-taught beginners who are looking for a no-frills app to focus only on writing and pronouncing correctly the Russian alphabet.

Heads up: You are taught how to write lowercase characters in cursive, but uppercase characters are shown in a non-cursive, printed format.

Lingvist To Learn Russian

Lingvist app is a fairly new online platform that specializes in teaching its users the Russian language with the use of effective and innovative methodologies in Russian Course.

For Whom

Lingvist app will work great for people who want to study on their own because this app does not require one to have any preexisting knowledge of Russian Course, which means its also an excellent choice for beginners. Free trial is available for apps features.


The apps learning languages lessons were broken down into different sections where each section has tons of different Russian alphabet, which means that Lingvist really stands out when it comes to having both memorization and refinement sections within each lesson plan, grammar course.

One of the things that makes this online platform so effective is its use of machine learning. What this does is help users study the Russian alphabet in a more convenient way since Lingvist will predict which lessons youll be having trouble with.

This opens up new possibilities for revising cyrillic phrases within these lessons.

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Best Language Learning Apps For 2022

Learn a new language at home, no matter your style.

Shelby Brown

Staff Writer

Shelby Brown is a writer for CNET’s services and software team. She covers tips and tricks for apps and devices, as well as Apple Arcade news.

Want to learn a second language? There’s an app for that. Whether you’re planning an exciting trip abroad or you want to spend your down time doing something enriching, a language app can help you build your vocabulary, develop proper grammar, and eventually become fluent through lessons that are easy to digest — all from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.

The best language-learning apps are also economical, especially when compared with formal schooling or tutoring with a language expert. Many have speech recognition, which is key to ensuring you have proper pronunciation. Others offer several language options, which is ideal when you want to pick up multiple languages.

Here are the 10 best language learning apps that make it easy for you to learn a language at your own pace. You’ll sound like a native speaker in no time!

Best Online Russian Courses In 2022

8 Best Russian Learning Apps 2022
  • Donovan Nagel

Finding the best online Russian courses can be difficult for most learners.

Content options have only slightly improved since I learned Russian a few years ago, so theres still room for a lot more.

Russian is definitely one of the less popular major foreign language choices in the world, but of all the languages Ive learned, it was by far one of the most rewarding.

If youre just starting out, I can assure you that youve made a great decision.

There are many great reasons to learn Russian travel to Russia is totally worth it, but it also opens up lots of business and career opportunities in many sectors.

For those living in the US, there are huge Russian enclaves in parts of the country, so speaking Russian enables you to communicate with your neighbors in those places.

Plus its just a really fun language to speak with a rich history.

Read my earlier posts on my immersion experience in Russia.

So today, Ill share the best of all the popular online Russian courses for you .

Ill give you my informed opinion as a fluent Russian learner/speaker.

Below youll find pros and cons for each course, pricing and a brief summary. If theres a review written about a product on this site elsewhere, Ill link to it.

Some are affiliate linked most arent.

NOTE: Some of the items listed below probably arent necessarily courses for Russian per se. The reason Ive included them is that theyre popular enough Russian tools to be included.

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What Is The Best App To Learn Russian

Russian is a highly marketable language, and learning it can open doors to a world of new experiences. Unlike most of Europe, in Russia, less than 1 in 3 people speak or understand English, making Russian very important to know if you are traveling there. The best app to learn Russian , or any new language, is available at Rosetta Stone. Our Dynamic Immersion® method uses interactive and contextual lessons blended with Extended Learning features. This will teach you more than just basic vocabulary, and enable you to use your Russian skills with confidence, whether you are traveling or working with international co-workers.

A variety of speaking-focused lessons and features are available with Rosetta Stones mobile app, which sports a nearly-perfect 4.7 rating in the app store. You will also receive instant feedback on your pronunciation with the patented TruAccent speech-recognition engine . Rosetta Stones mobile app has a proven track record of getting people speaking confidently! Everything is available at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, through any device, online or off. You wont have to choose between the mobile app or desktop as both come with your subscription, and are always in sync, allowing you to switch between devices with ease.

Semesterrus: Best For Passing Russian Proficiency Tests

SemesterRus is the perfect app to learn Russian and prepare yourself for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language .

This free app can be used by any student regardless of their level. However, the material included is demanding because of the very purpose of the app. So complete beginners might feel very lost.

There are three levels included in the app and they are divided into several lessons.

Lessons revolve around a dialogue read by a native Russian speaker. After the dialogue, there are several subsections where students can learn the vocabulary and grammar of the lesson, do exercises and test themselves.

There is also an exam section, which is devoted to practicing for the TORFL exam. It contains exercises similar to the ones included in the exam.

There is also a dictionary section which contains a deck of flashcards with Russian audio, English translations and sample phrases/sentences.

This app is perfect if youre getting more serious about your Russian studies, whether youre planning to take the test or not.

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Best Apps For Learning Russian

So Ive been learning Russian for 5 years now. I started studying it in the beginning of 2016. I never took any classes.

The internet played an integral role in my succes. I could not have repeated what I did if I wouldve been born in 1973 instead of 1993.

Contrary to some other articles about Russian apps, Ive actually tried all the apps below. So I have a good idea of what the best learn Russian apps are.

Some of them Ive used a lot. Some of them less. For all goes that throughout the last couple of years Ive kept an eye on the industry. Im a frequent visitor of the learn Russian subreddit. Its a forum where other learners share how theyre learning. So you wont find the same 5 apps repeated ad nausea here.

Tandem: Find Language Exchange Partners

10 Best Apps to Learn Russian Language Easily [iOS &  Android]

Tandem is a language exchange app. You can sign up and chat or speak with other language learners from around the world. That means that you can teach someone your native language, and others can help you with your Russian.

Pros of Tandem

Tandem is good if you cannot practice speaking Russian in real life. To speak Russian well, you simply must put in the hours practicing conversations. Real life would be ideal, but you cannot just go out and find someone to talk Russian to in most situations.

With Tandem you can:

  • audio call
  • video call

While you can do all those things with Zoom or WhatsApp, its more difficult to find someone there.

Thats where Tandem comes in. You create a profile and add standard profile information. They you say that you want to learn Russian. After that you can get matched with Russians that want to learn your native language.

Cons of Tandem

Tandem can be a bit annoying with getting you to pay for the app. An example of this is that after you sign up, you get a notification that you need to wait for 1 week while they check your profile.

Checking profiles is good, of course. It weeds the bad people out. But the offer to skip the line if you pay leaves a bitter taste.

So I suggest you wait it out. Ive read that sometimes they still regardless approve your profile after an hour. So it maybe wont take you a week to get approval.

How to use Tandem?

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What Makes It Good

After you read these criteria, scroll down to part 2 and youll see the 6 best programs for learning Russian.


1) Gives you conversations to learn: Not textbook examples. Not one phrase audio clips. Not Russian YouTube videos. But simple conversations that you can listen to and imitate.

2) Gives you audio/video and text: Audio/Video so you can hear actual Russian. And text so you can read along and understand every word. Otherwise, you will be confused.

3) Provides all levels from Absolute Beginner to Advanced: So you can progress and take on harder lessons. You cant grow and improve if you dont have harder lessons.

  • Unfortunately, many programs sell levels separately. So, youd have to buy a Beginner Level and then Intermediate.

4) Provides lots of Review & Repetition: The best way to learn forever is through repetition and review. So, any program that repeats grammar rules/examples, vocab, and conversations is good. Because youll never learn things by doing them just once.

5) Guidance: A good Russian language learning program will guide you through all the most difficult aspects of the language.

6) Motivation: Besides from teaching you Russian, it should also keep you motivated and allow you to track your progress.

Now that you know what things to look for, here are some of the best Russian learning programs out there.

Italki: Popular Language Learning Platform

iTalki was started as a language exchange app for people who wanted to learn different languages or teach their native tongue.

On the price front, the language exchange app has since evolved and now offers paid subscriptions and in app purchases to its service, which provide users with the ability to take part in conversations with native Russian speakers plus find a tutor and access thousands of lessons available online through video course, audio course, and text course.

For Whom

If you want to practice speaking the Russian language but dont have many opportunities within your everyday life, then iTalki might be right up your alley.

On the price front, you can sign up as a student or tutor on the site for free, but those looking for more guided lessons will need to purchase one of iTalkis premium price subscriptions. The tutor are available at different pricing like $6.99 per month or more.


There arent any lesson plans included with the app features, but if you purchase an iTalki subscription or individual tutoring session, then your tutor will provide material that will help you progress as a student.

You can schedule face-to-face lessons or use iTalkis messaging features to communicate with your tutor over the platform.

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