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Ati Teas English And Language Usage

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The Postman Came To The House He Has A Letter For My Mother I Heard The Doorbell Ring I Took The Letter From The Postmanto Improve Sentence Fluency How Could You State The Information Above In A Single Sentence

ATI TEAS 7 English & Language Usage (using suffixes to determine word meaning)
A When I heard the doorbell ring, I took the letter for my mother from the postman who had come to the house.
B Having had a letter for my mother, the postman came to the house, where I heard the doorbell ring and took the letter from him.
C Coming to the house with a letter for my mother, the postman rang the doorbell, which I heard, and so I took the letter from him.
D When I heard the doorbell ring, I took the letter from the postman for my mother, who had come to the house.
Question 4

Teas 7 English Example Question

We talked briefly about your need to communicate any medical, scientific, and mathematical information to other medical professionals for the benefit of your patients health. Lets consider an overly simple example of a miscommunication: Patient XYZ is allergic to aspirin and could have the life-threatening reaction of anaphylaxis. You are to convey this information to other cohorts, and so you write, Patient XYZ must have aspirin for her pain. The simple omission of the word not before have might result in serious illness or worse.

As a nursing student and nursing professional, you must both listen to others and be cognizant of information that you are acquiring in every aspect of the field, and then convey it accurately and as thoroughly, yet succinctly, as required, for the safety, health, and general well-being of those in your care.

Use the excellent TEAS 7 Mometrix Test Preparation to the fullest. The purpose of the TEAS is to determine your academic knowledge in the four presented classifications. The test preparation wont make you an expert in all fields, but it will help you score well in your strong areas and it will help to reveal your weaknesses so your college education will begin with you on the right footing. That way, you will be taking courses most relevant to your strengths and needs.

New Ati Teas Version 7 Exam Resources

The 2022-2023 study manual has a new full-length, comprehensive practice test with rationales for right and wrong answers. And youll find practice problems throughout the manual including over 325 end-of-chapter questions and four full-length unit quizzes, all aligned to the ATI TEAS Version 7 exam both in question type and format. This includes the new alternate item question type.

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What Is The Ati Teas English And Language Usage Test

Considered easy for some test takers because English is used consistently throughout the day, the reality of the ATI TEAS English and Language Test is more complex. There are a lot of rules and terminology you need to be confident you understand when you take the ATI TEAS.

The ATI TEAS English and Language Usage Test assesses your communication skills, knowledge, and ability to use the English language.

You will have 28 minutes to answer the 37 questions on the English and Language Usage section. There are three topics, altogether worth 16% of the ATI TEAS exam score, on the English section:

  • Conventions of Standard English
  • Knowledge of Language
  • Using Language and Vocabulary
  • An additional 4 pretest items are included in this section

How To Study For The Teas Test English Section

Pin on TEAS Study Guide

Lets review the most important topics to study for the TEAS test English section. In the premium online TEAS Prep program, youll get a TEAS English study guide and tons of practice questions to help you master some of the trickiest topics.

Quotation marks

  • How to use single quotation marks and double quotations marks
  • How to use quotations with a signal verb
  • How to punctuate a sentence when the quoted material is a complete sentence and when it is a fragment

Medical terminology and word parts

  • Prefixes these are additions that start a word like pre-
  • Suffixes are word endings like -ful
  • Roots are the base of the words. For the TEAS, youll want to be familiar with medical terminology roots that indicate body parts and body processes

Read more tips about the TEAS English test English section.


  • Objective pronouns me, him, her, their, it, us
  • Subjective pronouns I, She, He, They, It, We
  • Possessive pronouns my/mine, her, his, theirs, its, our


  • Independent clause = a complete sentence. Contains a subject, verb, and complete thought
  • Dependent clause = an incomplete sentence. Often does not have a complete thought and frequently begins with a subordinating conjunction

Sentence structures

For your English TEAS test study guide, be sure to include punctuation rules for clauses and the types of conjunctions used with each clause.

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How Can I Prepare For The Ati Teas Test

We believe that different learning styles require different tools for success. We have compiled a list of the best study guides, flashcards, and practice tests that weve found on the market. Some of these guides have review videos, for you visual learners out there. Others have practice tests, which have been proven to increase student scores by a whole letter grade !

Ati Teas Test English Practice Test And Review

Many students have a hard time with the English and Language Usage section of the ATI TEAS test. It can be particularly challenging if English is your second language.

The good news is that English is based on a lot of rules, so if you can master a lot of these rules it becomes a bit more black and white rather than something that is open for interpretation like the reading section of the TEAS test.

The other good bit of news is that all of the English topics on the test are things that were taught in high school, so you will just be revisiting those topics again and hopefully not for the first time.

The English section of the ATI TEAS test has 28 questions in 28 minutes.

Dont let the smaller number of questions fool you, that is to say just because it has fewer questions and a shorter amount of time than the other sections doesnt make it easier.

The challenge is if you answer more of the questions wrong, because you have a smaller number, it actually brings your score down pretty quickly, as opposed to say science, where you have 53 questions and if you answer a few wrong, it doesnt bring your score down as much.

If you drop five of the English questions with incorrect answers, thats going to have more of an impact. As a result you should take this section pretty seriously, because just for that reason you dont want to lower your score unnecessarily.

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Vocabulary And Medical Term

This type of question concentrates on choosing the right context and tone, the synonym of a word, and working with prefixes and suffixes.

Moreover, youll face various questions on medical terminology. You will also have to indicate which suffixes can show different parts of speech. For example, a word that ends with the suffix -ly is often an adverb.

6 scored questions involve the following sub-contents:

  • Common prefixes
  • Common roots used in medical terminology
  • Identifying the right definition with a sample dictionary entry
  • Finding the best synonym given a tone and context
  • Choosing the right meaning of a word based on part of speech and context clues

Lets take our free TEAS English practice test packs to familiarize ourselves with the test question format!

Taking practice tests is the best way to memorize all the grammar rules. You might need to spend a few weeks studying for this section before taking the real test. Ensure you get a deep understanding of independent and dependent clauses, punctuation rules, and agreements.

Ati Teas Test Technical Requirements

ATI TEAS English and Language Usage

It is pertinent that you meet all technical requirements prior to registering for the TEAS. If you run into technical issues on the day of the exam, you will need to reschedule for another date when you can meet those technical requirements.

  • Microphone: Any microphone, either internal or external
  • Webcam: 320×240 VGA resolution internal or external
  • Desktop or laptop computer with the ability to download Google Chrome. You will not be able to take the proctored assessment with any other browser.
  • Have a school or government-issued ID card available.
  • Ensure your internet speed is between 0.5 1 Mbps. You can test your internet speed using www.speedtest.net.
  • Find a full list of ATIs technical requirements at atitesting.com/technical-requirements

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English Teas Test Faq

Is there a TEAS writing practice test?

You do not need to write anything for the TEAS. The English TEAS test is multiple choice. Some nursing programs do require you to write an essay as part of your admissions testing. This is typically separate from the actual TEAS, so check with your schools admissions office first.

How long is the English TEAS test?

On the TEAS 7 English section, youll have 37 minutes to answer 37 questions. This is the last section of the TEAS, so even though it is the shortest section, you will likely be tired! Take a few deep breaths before you begin this section it means you are almost done!

What is a passing TEAS English score?

A TEAS English passing score is around 70%. In order to score above the 80th percentile, youll need to get at least 80 percent of the questions correct. Read more about how to pass the TEAS test.

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Ati Teas English And Language Usage Study Guide Online Prep

Isnt this a lot for only 37 questions?! In the premium TEAS prep course, we cover all the TEAS test grammar you need to know. Youll get targeted quizzes, practice questions, and lessons. Its like having the best ATI TEAS English and Language usages study guide, online and at your fingertips.

I show you exactly which words to know how to spell, how to analyze tricky sentences, and give you tons of examples and practice for TEAS test grammar.

Join the thousands of students who have already studied smarter to score higher on the TEAS. Yesina, a Prenursing Smarter student, said this about the Prep Program: After reviewing the English portion of your program like crazy, my score went from a 54% to an 83%!!

Stop feeling overwhelmed with your TEAS prep. Enroll today and prep with confidence.

English Teas Test Review Program

Ati Teas English and Language Usage Test Unofficial Practice Review ...

Would you want more ATI TEAS English and Language usage practice test questions? Check out my TEAS study program! Students who use Prenursing Smarter for their English TEAS test prep increase their assessment scores by an average of 19 points.

Prenusing Smarter student Yesina said that she was most worried about her TEAS English language score: After reviewing the English portion of your program like crazy, my score went from a 54% to an 83%!! Thank you so much for creating this program. It has kept me on track with my studies and made all of the concepts so easy and understandable!!

Youll get:

  • 180+ sample TEAS English practice test questions
  • Video lessons covering some of the trickiest English TEAS test concepts like collective nouns and agreement.
  • Two complete TEAS English practice tests
  • Worksheets and study tips for TEAS test English prep

Ive helped thousands of students study smarter for the TEAS, and Id love for you to join Prenursing Smarter today.

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Teas English Practice Test

Take one of the practice exams below. You will find 3 different TEAS English and Language usage practice exams.

Make sure to utilize the answer explanations at the end of each exam. These will help you learn why an answer was correct or incorrect.

Want to practice other sections of the exam? Visit our TEAS practice test home to find more exams.

What To Study For Teas English And Language Usage

In the TEAS English and Language Usage subtest, youll be tested on grammar, parts of speech, punctuation rules, and agreement rules, as well as the steps for the writing process.

There are 28 questions in total, while 24 of them are scored and the 4 remaining questions are unscored. They will be shuffled and you can not know which one is unscored. The specific types and number of questions are listed below:

  • 9 questions about standard English
  • 9 questions on knowledge of language and grammar
  • 6 questions on vocabulary and medical term
  • 4 unscored questions

Students have 28 minutes to complete 28 questions in this section. That means youll have exactly 1 minute to answer a question. This section is 28 minutes, and youll have a total of 28 questions. Our free TEAS English practice test questions will allow you to identify where you need to pay more attention before test day.

Once you take lots of practice with ATI TEAS English and language usage practice test questions, you can identify some rules that help you quickly find the correct answer for a question. We also offer a free TEAS English study guide to help you know all the essential information about this subtest.

Now, lets have more details about each type of sub-content you might meet on your TEAS English test.

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Ati Teas English And Language Usage Knowledge Of Grammar And Language Use

This section is all about grammar. One of the biggest areas to focus on is agreement. Lots of students get these questions incorrect, and if you can excel at agreement questions, you are well on your way to a better TEAS score.

Agreement questions involve either subject-verb agreement or pronoun-antecedent agreement. These topics can sound scary, but it pretty much means knowing if a subject of a sentence is singular or plural and then picking the right verb or pronoun to match it.

This can get tricky with collective nouns and indefinite pronouns, which are nouns that can be either singular or plural.

Youll have 11 scored questions on each of the these topics:

  • Pronoun-antecedent agreement
  • Using consistent verb tense
  • Correctly linking phrases and clauses using transition words
  • Identifying formal and informal language
  • Correctly inferring the meaning of slang and colloquial language using a sentences context
  • Applying the writing process like outlines, paragraph development, and revision

Try These Teas English Practice Test Questions:

ATI TEAS 7 English & Language Usage Lesson (determining meaning using word parts)

Updated for the TEAS 7.

  • Medical Terminology and Word Parts
  • Word Meaning and Context Clues

Work on your TEAS test English prep with these questions:

Youll have exactly 1 minute for each English TEAS test question. This section is 37 minutes, and youll have a total of 37 questions. Working with TEAS English and language usage practice tests will help you with sentence structure, punctuation, and pronoun questions so that you can manage your time.

Its a great strategy to do lots of practice with TEAS English and language usage practice test questions so that you can identify which rules you need to learn and practice applying these rules. Be sure to grab trusted resources to help you understand these grammar rules inside and out.

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Teas English And Language Usage Vocabulary

This section is all about selecting the right word given context and tone, working with synonyms, and applying prefixes and suffixes. This section builds on the previous TEAS English language sections because identifying parts of speech can help you match vocabulary and definitions.

Memorization is also important here because youll have several questions on prefixes, suffixes, and medical terminology. You will also need to recognize which suffixes can indicate different parts of speech. For example, when a word ends in the suffix -ly, it is often an adverb.

Youll have 10 scored questions on each of these topics:

  • Common prefixes
  • Common suffixes
  • Common roots, often used in medical terminology
  • Selecting the correct definition using a sample dictionary entry
  • Selecting the best synonym given a sentences tone and context
  • Selecting the correct word meaning by applying part of speech and context clues

Flashcards and practice are super handy for this part of your TEAS test English prep, so I encourage you to check out my TEAS 7 Question Bank. Youll nearly 200 TEAS English practice questions on medical terminology roots, prefixes, suffixes, spelling rules, and parts of speech, and all the tested TEAS English concepts. Plus, the question bank covers all sections of the TEAS.

Subject And Verb Agreement

Every sentence must include a subject and a verb. The subject tells who or what, and the verb describes an action or condition.

Here is whats important to know about subject and verb agreement:

  • Every sentence has a subject and a verb. The predicate is the part of the sentence that contains the verb.
  • The subject and verb must agree in number and person.
  • The third person singular subject takes a different verb form

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