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Amazon How To Change Language

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Check Website Location And Language

How to use Alexa translations | Amazon Alexa

Amazons language may be reset to Spanish or other languages when you visit Amazon from a third-party website.

There are three plausible explanations for this:

  • The default location of the third-party website or search engine is a Spanish-speaking country.
  • The Amazon marketplace website, where the product vendor is registered to sell, has Spanish as its default language.
  • The default language for the third-party website or search engine is Spanish.

If you click on a product on Google and it redirects you to the Spanish version of Amazon, check the search engines location settings to ensure that the region is not set to a Spanish-speaking country.

Step 1: On a Google search results page, click Settings near the search box and select Search Settings.

Update language in Search Settings on Google.

Step 2: Scroll down to Region Settings and choose Current Region or a non-Spanish country. Click Save when you finish.

Select a non-Spanish country from Region settings.

Step 3: For Microsoft Bing users, click the hamburger menu icon, go to Settings and then Country/Region. Select your preferred country. If you select the United States, make sure to choose United States English and not United States Spanish.

Go to Country/Region settings on Microsoft Bing.

Customize Your Amazon Prime Experience With The Language Of Your Choice

  • Swansea University, Staffordshire University
  • Go to primevideo.com/settings/ and select the Language tab, then choose a language and select Save.
  • On the app, tap My Stuff > Settings gear> Language to change the language.
  • Some Roku devices automatically play Amazon Originals in Spanish, and a reboot only sometimes fixes the issue.

This article teaches you how to change the language on Amazon Prime Video via the website and app.

How To Change The Language Back To English On Amazon

Sometimes people tend to select wrong languages or the selected language becomes confusing for the user to operate. Do not worry, you can change the setting back to English even if you are unable to understand the chosen language. Just repeat the process by hovering on the globe as the icon does not change its place. Select English and then hit Confirm. You are back to English as your site language.

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Follow The Steps Below To Change Language On Amazon:

  • Open the Amazon app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  • Select the 3 horizontal bars all the way to the right in the bottom menu.
  • Scroll down and select Settings, then select Country & Language.
  • Select Language.
  • Find your desired language in the list and select it.
  • If the language you selected changes the Amazon region, select your desired region.
  • Select done to change language in the Amazon app.
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    How Do I Change The Language On Amazon Prime

    Amazon App Change Language : How To Change Country And Language In ...

    If you need to change the language on your Amazon Prime Video account, simply head to the Prime Video website. Now, open the Accounts and Settings page and click on the Language tab. Here, you can select your desired language from the list.

    Alternatively, if you do not use the Prime Video website in your country head over to Amazons main website instead. Once there, hover your cursor over Account & Lists and click Your Prime Video. Now, click the gear icon in the top right of the screen. Choose Settings and then Language. Here you can pick from a list of available languages.

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    Change Your Language Preference

    You can choose your preferred language on some Amazon sites.

    To change your language preference:

  • Select your preferred language.
  • Note:

    • Some website features or communications may not be available in your preferred language.
    • If you previously selected a preferred language but the website is displaying in another language, ensure that you are logged into the same Amazon website that you set your preferred language in, for example, Amazon.ca, Amazon.de, etc.

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    Change The Language On The Amazon Mobile App

    To make the Amazon app use a different language on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, first, open the app on your phone.

    At the bottom of the Amazon app, tap the three horizontal lines.

    In the menu that opens, tap Settings.

    In the expanded Settings menu, tap Country & Language.

    You will see a list of various region-specific Amazon sites along with the languages in which they are available. Tap the site and the language you prefer in the list.

    Thats it. The app will refresh and start using your newly selected language.

    And thats how you make Amazon even more familiar by making it use your preferred language!

    If you are a regular Amazon user, its a good idea to learn some to ensure your account remains safe and secure.

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    Changing The Language On The Website

  • 1Go to and log in. You can use any web browser to navigate to your Amazon account and change the language.
  • Depending on your browser’s location and the URL you use, you’ll get different languages. For example, if you use , you’ll likely get English and Espanol as choices. However, if you’re using , you’ll be able to change the language between English and French. So if you aren’t seeing the languages you want, log in and then change your country/region.
  • 2Hover your mouse over the flag icon. It’s to the right of the search bar that’s at the top of the page. After a second, a menu will drop down.
  • 3Choose the language you want. When the menu drops down, you’ll see languages that are available in your region that you can use.
  • For example, if your region is the United States, you’ll have English and Espanol available to you.
  • If the language you want is not listed, make sure your preferred region/country is set. Click Change country/region if not.XResearch source
  • Change The Default Language

    Best Way To Start Amazon FBA From Scratch! (EXACTLY What Im Doing)

    Step 1: The first step should be to ensure that your Amazon accounts language is not set to Spanish. If youre working on a PC, click the flag icon next to the search bar and choose your language from the drop-down menu.

    Change the default language of Amazon.

    Step 2: Alternatively, navigate to the , select your preferred language and click Save Changes.

    Change preferred language from Language Settings.

    Step 3: Mobile users can scroll to the bottom of Amazons homepage and tap the globe icon. Select your preferred language and tap Save Changes. Once done, Amazon will send you an email notification confirming the update in language settings.

    Step 4: Amazon app users can update their language preference by clicking on the hamburger menu icon. Go to Settings > Country & Language > Language and select the language in your region.

    Find the languages available in your region.

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    What To Do If Your Amazon Changes Into A Foreign Language

    Your Amazon might display web pages with content in Spanish as well as any language that is foreign to you based on the settings of your browser. If your browser supports multiple languages, like Spanish and other languages, then your Amazon will likely show pages in Spanish or in any other language it supports.

    Chrome, as well as Firefox browsers, are recognized for their support of multiple languages. It is possible to resolve the issue by going to the settings of your browser and eliminating Spanish as your preferred language. Examine whether this fixes the problem.

    Change The Language On The Amazon App

    If you have the Amazon app installed on your phone, follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Open the Amazon mobile app on your Android or iOS device and tap on the three horizontal lines icon at the bottom right.

    Step 2: Tap on Settings and select Country & Languages.

    This selection will display a list of region-specific language options too.

    Step 3: Now, choose the language option you prefer from the list.

    Thats it! You will now see Amazon in your preferred language. Additionally, Amazon will also notify you about the language update confirmation on your registered email.

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    Does Amazon Prime Video Usa Have Profiles Like Netflix

    Yes, it does. This feature was added to the Amazon Prime service in July 2020 and you can now create up to six profiles per account. Now multiple users can have a personalized profile, which includes saved lists and tailored recommendations. A profile-specific continue watching feature means each user can continue where they left off in a show or movie, even if another user is watching the same one.

    Why Your Amazon Page Is In A Different Language: Causes And Solutions

    Change Language In Amazon App : How To Change The Language On Amazon ...

    There are many reasons why the Amazon page on your screen is not in English. Here are some of the main causes of such a problem:

  • Your Amazon default language settings are set to a foreign one.
  • The preferred country settings in your Amazon account settings are set to non-English speaking countries.
  • Your computer has VPN settings that cause Amazon to display in a language you dont understand, thinking thats your language preference.
  • Youre visiting other region specific amazon sites.
  • You reached Amazon from a third-party website written in a different language.
  • Amazon cookies may be causing language problems.
  • Your browser language settings are out of order.
  • Your browser needs to be updated.
  • These causes may sound too technical initially, but setting these issues straight is not as hard as it looks.

    Lets analyze the possible reasons for your Amazon language barrier and discover how to change language settings to something youd understand.

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    How To Change Language In Amazon Prime Video On A Firestick

    When you launch Prime Video on a Firestick device, the display language is usually setto the country you registered your account in. However, you can sometimes bypass this by changing the devices language settings:

  • Select the Settings option.
  • Change the main display language.
  • To change the subtitles and audio track, where available, first launch your Prime Videoapp.

  • Select and start the playback on the video you want to watch.
  • Bring up the playback menu by highlighting the screen.
  • Select the CC/Speech Bubble button.
  • Make desired changes under the Language and Audio menus.
  • Is Membership Sharing Allowed With Amazon Prime Video

    Yes, but only in some regions. If youre in the US or UK, you can share your membership with one other adult in your household. To do this, you need to link your Amazon accounts together. Log in to your Amazon account and go to Accounts & Lists > Your Account. Under Shopping programs and rentals, select Amazon Household. Select Add Adult and follow the prompts.

    Yes, you could feasibly link your account with someone outside your household, but bear in mind that this involves sharing your payment information with that person.

    What about letting your kids have access to your account? You can also add up to four teenagers and four pre-teens to your Amazon Prime account.

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    How To Unblock Amazon Prime Video Us With A Vpn

    The steps to watch Amazon Prime Video US content with a VPN are straightforward.

    Heres how to change country or location in Amazon Prime:

  • Sign up with your chosen VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN, but weve also had success unblocking Amazon Prime Video US with these reliable alternatives: Surfshark, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost and PrivateVPN.
  • Download and install the relevant desktop VPN app and connect to a US server .
  • Log in to your Amazon Prime Video account in a desktop browser .
  • Search for your desired US content. When you find the title, it should have a Watch Now button below the title and blurb.
  • If a VPN is unsuccessful, the Watch Now button may be displayed, but trying to play the content will result in a proxy error.

    The above steps should allow you to access content in APVs standard US library. However, if you want to purchase additional content , you will need a US payment method. A workaround for this is to purchase an amazon.com gift card and use that to make the payment.

    If a VPN is unsuccessful, the Watch Now button may be displayed, but trying to play the content will result in a proxy error.

    The above steps should allow you to access content in APVs standard US library. However, if you want to purchase additional content , you will need a US payment method. A workaround for this is to purchase an amazon.com gift card and use that to make the payment.

    How To Change Amazon Language

    Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial (Step-by-Step Amazon Associates)

    Amazon is an online commerce site that allows the purchase, but also sale of products. First, of its kind, this site has perfectly known how to succeed in the world of computers. Amazon allows us to erase the border limits of each country. Because being an international company it acts on the whole globe. We understand that Amazon must have a wide range of language options, so if you are more comfortable with one language than another, you can simply select it. In fact, thanks to its incredible diversity of languages. Amazon allows us to choose our language from a wide range of possibilities. On top of that, depending on our location, we get more language options.

    But yes, there will always be a but with a big company like Amazon, you can well imagine the number of errors that can occur with a company present in more than 188 countries with an estimated number of employees of about 1,468,000 people.

    And yes, today we are going to intervene in a linguistic problem, in fact, we will see how we can change the language on Amazon.

    Before we start, you have to know what are the causes of this problem of language or different languages. Then we will intervene in this problem at the level of the Amazon website, after seeing the solutions. We are going to study the concern on the Amazon website on mobile, and finish with the Amazon application.

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    Switch Language On Amazon Prime Video Using Web Browser

    Step 1: Open Prime Video on your web browser, and if prompted, sign in to your Amazon account.

    Step 2: Click on the arrow and select Account & Settings.

    Step 3: Now, click on Language.

    Step 4: Select the Language you prefer and press Save.

    The steps are more or less the same to change the Language setting on the Prime Video app. Heres how to do it. Besides the language, you can also for added convenience.

    How To Change Language On Amazon Here Is An Extensive And Simple Guide On How To Use Amazon Language Settings

    Amazon is a vast site with numerous pathways and links. It becomes hard for many people to navigate through the site if it is not in their first language. This is why some of the many versions of this e-commerce website are available in multiple languages. For example, amazon.com is available in English and Spanish. Here is an extensive guide on how to change the language on Amazon.

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    How To Change The Language On The Amazon App:

    Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your phone .

    Step 2: Then tap on the three-line menu at the bottom right.

    Step 3: Now scroll down and tap on Settings.

    Step 4: Tap on Country & Language.

    Step 5: Finally, now select the language you want to use.

    Note: If you choose a language that isn’t available in your country or region, you’ll need to choose a different region.

    Change Country / Region

    Amazon App Changed To Spanish / Change Language Settings On Amazon ...

    Amazon currently serves 20 countries, each with its own set of languages, prices and delivery options. If your preferred country/region on the website is set to Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries, like Mexico, Amazon will display products and pages in Spanish.

    Step 1: On your browser, click the flag symbol and select Change country/region. Just in case the website isnt in English, its the link at the bottom of the drop-down card.

    Update Amazons language from country/region settings.

    Step 2: Select your preferred country from the drop-down menu, then click the Go to website button. Your browser will open a fresh Amazon browser tab in the selected countrys default language.

    Step 3: Select a country under the Countries/Regions Available in English section on the mobile app by tapping the menu icon and going to Settings > Country & Language > Country/Region

    Select a country with language as English on the mobile app.

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    How To Change Country Or Language On Amazon


    Amazon is a truly global business: it has numerous different versions for different countries, ships to even more places around the world, and operates in a variety of languages too. Oftentimes, the people who use Amazon can be just as international as the company itself: maybe youve moved abroad or are visiting a different country. Or perhaps youre keen to explore what ebooks are available from a Kindle store overseas – for example, you could be based in the US but want to browse the UK Kindle library, which has a different selection of books.

    With the right knowhow, Its not hard to do: read on to find out how.

    How To Change Language And Country In Amazon App On Iphone

  • Launch the Amazon app on iPhone.
  • Tap the three-linemenusymbol at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Now, scroll down below to find the Settings option. Here a country flag will symbolize your home country. Tap the down arrow to expand the menu.
  • Then choose Country & Language.
  • Go to the Country/Region tab to set your preferred country.
  • Enter the Language tab to choose your preferred language.
  • Once finished, return and hit Done.
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