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Accredited Foreign Language Courses Online

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Free Online Portuguese Courses

One to One Accredited Online Language Courses with LanguageBird | Learn Languages Online

Pluralidades em Português BrasileiroUniversidade Estadual de Campinas via CourseraPluralidades em Português Brasileiro is a five-week long online self-access course whose aim is to expand intercultural awareness and develop upper intermediate/advanced reading and listening comprehension skills regarding Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language.

Lets Learn Portuguese LanguageUniversity of Malaya via FutureLearnEnhance your vacation and gain an understanding of one of the worlds friendliest and most vibrant countries through language.

Kings College London via FutureLearnBuild a foundation in Portuguese with this introduction to the language and open up your career possibilities.

Free Online Courses For Other Languages

University of Groningen via FutureLearnLearn to speak, write and understand basic Dutch, with this free, three-week, introductory foreign language course.

Introduction to FrisianUniversity of Groningen via FutureLearnLearn to speak, write and understand the second official language of the Netherlands with this free introductory language course.

Getting started on ancient GreekThe Open University via OpenLearnThis free course, Getting started on ancient Greek, offers a taster of the ancient Greek world through the study of one of its most distinctive and enduring features: its language.The course

Discovering Ancient Greek and LatinThe Open University via OpenLearnThe free course, Discovering Ancient Greek and Latin, gives a taste of what it is like to learn two ancient languages. It is for those who have encountered the classical world through translations

Getting started on classical LatinThe Open University via OpenLearnThis free course, Getting started on classical Latin, has been developed in response to requests from learners who had had no contact with Latin before and who felt they would like to spend a

Beginners Tamil: a taster courseThe Open University via OpenLearnThis free course, Beginners Tamil: a taster course, provides a brief introduction to the Tamil language and its scripts and sounds. You will learn how to greet people and introduce yourself, as

Benefits Of Taking Courses Online

Location.Remember those times when you had to travel halfway around the world just to learn something extensively? Today, this is no longer the case. The Internet has made everybodys life easier and more comfortable. Enrolling in a foreign language course online means you can learn something even if no teachers in that field are available in your area. You dont have to think about balancing your time since you can just study at your own pace.

Back then, some students have to travel overseas to enroll in an intensive course, which would mean additional expenses. But with an online learning course, you can study anywhere without shelling out an extra budget on moving elsewhere.

You can learn less taught and even uncommon languages.Have you got plans to know one of the many Scandinavian languages? Or maybe you plan to relocate to France, and you need to learn French. Its difficult to find French language institutes in most countries. Thankfully, you can find them online. Thus, no matter your location, no matter the language of your choice is, several online platforms will help you achieve that goal.

Online Classes are Efficient.A full-fledged learning management system to an online class, coupled with software and apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and the likes, can lead to effective learning. Without a doubt, technology has changed the way people study and learn a new language.


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What Kind Of Career Paths Are Possible With Language Skills

âSoft skillsâ of all kinds, including strong interpersonal communications ability, are in high demand for employers of all kinds. The ability to speak foreign languages is a particularly powerful case the ability to speak multiple languages is indicative of a higher level of communications skills in general, and for more and more businesses this capability can be a major asset. For example, in America, many jobs in areas as diverse as customer support and restaurant management may either require or preferentially hire applicants that speak Spanish.

Language skills are also foundational, and absolutely required, for a number of other career paths. A translator must be able to carefully convert the meaning and nuance of texts across two languages, whether theyâre translating literature, advertising copy, or film subtitles. Interpreters, meanwhile, need to be able to bridge two languages in real-time, requiring a high level of ability in both languages as well as the ability to think on your feet.

Find The Best College

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A foreign language degree is studying your chosen language to improve your understanding and proficiency of that language. Foreign language degrees are prevalent and in-demand, so popular that most US colleges and universities today offer several languages degrees, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Italian.

Some offer free online college classes for foreign languages from different online platforms. Foreign language degrees greatly vary across universities. There are even some that combine joint honor degrees.

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How To Learn A Language

Online courses and programs in different languages are available for every level of learner and for learners with different goals. There are courses designed for people who seek to do business in other countries, for students preparing for AP language exams, and for people that simply want to improve their grammar and writing skills.

For example, you can get started writing and speaking Spanish with self-paced courses that teach basic conversational skills and verb conjugation, before you advance to higher level vocabulary and grammar. Those who enroll will practice writing and speaking everyday phrases, while also learning about Spanish culture.

A beginner course in Mandarin Chinese may break down all the foundational elements of the language, including the characters and the sounds. You can learn about Chinese tones and language structure which will establish a solid foundation for more advanced courses.

And English learners can improve their conversational speaking skills with self-paced online courses designed to teach unique words and phrases common to basic conversation. Learners will hear and participate in English dialogue and discussion, which will help to build their understanding of spoken English, as well as cultural norms.

Get started on your language learning journey today. Explore all of the courses that edX offers to learners interested in studying a new language.

What Skills Or Experience Do I Need To Already Have Before Starting Language Learning

There is no specific experience required before starting language learning. Learners should have an interest in the language at hand and a willingness to commit to the time needed to learn the new language. People who work in the environment where the language being studied is spoken may have an easier time picking up the language than others. Excellent listening skills are a must, as well as organizational and reading comprehension skills.â

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Job Opportunities For Multilingual Employees

Learning a second or third language can lead to a variety of exciting job opportunities. Fluency in multiple languages can be beneficial to those who seek careers in politics, international development, and foreign affairs. Translators can be necessary for diplomacy, or they could be deployed on the frontlines of international crises helping refugees and migrants.

With the growth of international trade and globalization, companies also need employees that can both speak the language and understand the culture of the country or countries where they do business. Multilingual professionals can find roles in business development, marketing, hospitality, healthcare, science, information technology, and engineering at multinational companies. Effective communication across geographic and cultural boundaries can be critical to success in many of these positions.

Being fluent in multiple languages can be a great asset for your professional career. Build your language skills with edX today.

Arizona State University Via Coursera

120-hour TEFL/TESOL Online Course from ITTT –

You will be introduced to foreign or second language practices and theories for speaking, teaching and assessing listening, and pronunciation in this free online program. Your instructors will also introduce you to the basics of language acquisition and its pedagogical implications.

You can apply this course to different Professional or Specializations programs. When you complete this course, this will count on your learning in any of these two programs: TESOL Certificate 1 Part 1: Teach English Now! Specialization, and Arizona State University TESOL Professional Certificate.

Best Features:

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Free Online Sanskrit Courses

Spoken Sanskrit: Basic and Intermediate LevelsIndian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur via SwayamThe objective of this course is to give students a taste of Sanskrit as a living language by introducing them to its basic grammatical structures so that they can start understanding simple texts as well as allow them to use it in daily life.

Secondary : Sanskrit NIOS via Swayam

Sr.Secondary : Sanskrit NIOS via Swayam

Georgia Institute Of Technology

This free online course is designed to help you enhance your professional English speaking skills, especially if youre a non-native English speaker. The system will let you explore how to clarify, agree or disagree, restate, and summarize certain situations. You will learn and practice specialized statements and vocabulary for use in presentations, discussions, and interviews.

This 5-week course will teach you how to pinpoint and create a solid personal introduction. Your speaking skills are further developed and demonstrated in group discussions. By the time you complete the course, you will:

  • Improve your English fluency and pronunciation
  • Change how you communicate English
  • Boost your English vocabulary
  • Identify how culture can influence ones speech
  • Exude the best body language for various cultural settings

Best Features:

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What Should You Study In High School If You Plan To Pursue A Foreign Language Degree

Ideally, its best that you already have a background in the foreign language you intend to enroll in college up to an intermediate level during your high school years. However, its worth reaching out to your chosen university for entry options, in case high school subjects related to language are not credited when you enter college. However, there are still institutions that allow their students to study a foreign language ab-initio.

Some schools also acknowledge those who already took up beginners modules before enrolling in the foreign language degree. Modules are also often supported through regular assessments, seminars, presentations, and encouraged independent study.

Other subjects that can complement a foreign language degree are some subjects in humanities and arts. This includes history, politics, English literature, and language. Still, you cannot find any definitive list of the subjects that you can study alongside foreign languages.

Evaluating Online Foreign Language Degrees

120 Hour TEFL Course

When its done well, an online degree in a foreign language can be just as good as an on-campus qualification. However, youre still going to find a lot of shady, for-profit universities that are eager to take your money. So before you invest in an online language degree or certificate, check to see if your school has:

  • Regional accreditation
  • Programs that arrange internships, practicums, or overseas experiences where you can practice your language with native speakers
  • Strong brick and mortar reputation
  • The same faculty who teach on-campus courses teaching online
  • Interactive technology/software
  • Dedicated distance learning support services
  • Career centers with job placement figures

Avoid schools with low completion rates and high student loan default rates.

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Students Who Complete First And Second Year Spanish Will Be Able To:

  • Use the alphabet, spell words, and pronounce words correctly.
  • Learn vocabulary to sustain basic conversation.
  • Express dates and times.
  • Use verbs in the present tense.
  • Understand more fully the cultural orientation of an assortment of Hispanic communities and identify the similarities and differences from the various communities we belong to.
  • Converse about climate, geography, family, traditions, leisure, etc.
  • Write about topics using grammar and syntactical structures introduced in learning material.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate

Careers in foreign language can be blended with each professionals unique passionwhether it is for journalism, childhood development, or science, to create the perfect path. Professionals that specialize in foreign language must be expert communicators: they must be able to listen, read, write, and speak with confidence. Further, they must have the cultural sensitivity to work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Successful professionals in the foreign languages are resourceful and able to think on their feet when confronted with challenges, as well as patient enough to balance the interpersonal needs of their career.

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What Topics Can I Study That Are Related To Language Learning

Cross-cultural communication skills can teach you not only vocabulary and grammar rules but also how to effectively use tone and style in both written and spoken communication. Finance and economic language courses may teach you to effectively craft an email, give a presentation, and write reports using vocabulary and language skills commonly used in financial settings. Media literacy courses may help you navigate both traditional and social media with a focus on advertising and the meaning of bias. If you want to delve even deeper into media literacy, topics that explain journalism may help language learners understand how and why news stories are written by digging into the principles behind the research and writing of the news today.â

University Of Colorado Boulder Via Coursera


This free online course offered by the University of Colorado Boulder, and delivered via Coursera, is designed for language teachers who want to learn more about building and teaching a blended language course. Upon completion, you can receive 1.5 GRTE .

The program is divided into four parts. In the first module, you will discuss the efficiency and origins of the blending learning model. The second module is where you will look at considerations on a course level, like how to pick the ideal blended format or how you can correctly build a syllabus designed for a blended course.

In the third part, you will focus more on the unit level. This is where you will start planning a blended unit and present this content, coupled with the right strategies of blended assessments and activities.

Finally, in the final module, bring your attention to the teaching part of your combined learning experience. By the end of the program, you can opt to practice what you learned through a peer-reviewed assignment, although this is just optional.

Best Features:

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What Can You Do After Earning A Degree In Foreign Languages

If you hold a degree in a foreign language, its relatively easy for you to land a job in different sectors because of your acquired transferrable skills. The most popular career in this field is teaching, whether teaching English as a second language or teaching the chosen language itself. Another notable career many language graduates can try is interpretation and translation.

While these are the most common career options for language degree holders, there are still other career paths waiting for those studying languages. The industries that welcome foreign language graduates are PR, the media, finance, tourism, banking, or consulting. You can also work internationally with a charity or be a part of an international trading business.

Because of the communication skills you acquire during college, its easy for you to apply these in-demand skills across so many sectors.

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How Do I Know If Language Learning Is Right For Me

People who desire to speak a second language are best suited for language learning. Language learning is about broadening your horizons and finding ways to communicate with people you may not have been able to engage with before. If you travel to other countries, language learning can help you navigate not only a workspace but restaurants, hotels, and other daily arrangements. People who want to improve communication skills, send clearer emails, and feel confident speaking to colleagues are great candidates for language learning.â

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Scholarships For Foreign Language Students

There are many resources for students seeking foreign language major scholarships. Scholarships for foreign language majors include Boren Scholarships, a National Security Education Program initiative that provides funding for undergraduate students who want to study unique language abroad. Many scholarships are also available for online students.

Apply to foreign language scholarships for college for specific languages and from awarding bodies in your region. This may give you a better chance of getting the scholarship. There are many foreign language major scholarships that go unclaimed because students never hear about them. Do your research to find scholarships for foreign language majors that get you the best chance of success.

Foreign language scholarships for college make school more affordable and demand high academic standards of recipients. This may help students stay motivated to keep your grades up!


Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Accredited TEFL/TESOL Certification

Students coming from diverse backgrounds get to participate in designed group activities that tackle how they can reflect on the assumptions and values related to their cultural and linguistic heritage. This free online foreign language class lets you see films that deal with Cubans, Mexican Americans, Columbians, and Puerto Ricans.

Part of the program is a team project that students entirely undertake. This program has one of two options. First, you can make a class website discussing history, politics, arts, music, or literature. The other alternative is conducting interviews with Latino immigrants based in Boston or with MIT students from Spanish-speaking countries.

This free online course is primarily designed for intermediate heritage learners. However, students interested in particular content areas, like Latino identity, immigration, education, ethnicity, and media representation, may also join the class.

Best Features:

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